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Tease ~ D.M

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"You're playing my game now." His lips so close to hers, one simple breath away, "I came to play didn't I?" Nyla Moore, a Slytherin 7th year. Two boys, completely different, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. One of them gets her attention more than the other, not for the reasons expected though. Does she love them both? But isn't 'love' another simple word for keeping a fake promise together?

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Face Claims:

Lucy Hale as Nyla Moore

Tom Felton as Draco Lucius Malfoy

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Ashton Ledger

Scarlett Bryne as Pansy Parkinson

Louis Cordice as Blaise Zabini

Lorenzo Zurzolo as Theodore Nott

Hii guys!! I do not own any of these characters except for Nyla Moore and Ashton Ledger!! The rest were all created by Dobby aka JK Rowling. This does not follow any Harry Potter theme! At the beginning of chapters, I’ll make sure to write any specific trigger warnings, since this book may contain sensitive topics for some,

I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I’m going to enjoy writing it!! And without further ado, I present to you...



“Hurry up!” Blaise yells. “For merlin’s sake what is taking them so long” he whispers over to Pansy.

The bag compartment on the train was way too small. Her two simple luggage’ clearly didn’t have space to breathe. Being 5′4, Nyla needed a little help in placing and removing her bags from their box. She wasn’t short, but the train made her seem and feel short. Blaise, along with Pansy, was already standing outside the train and waiting for their other two group members.

For god’s sake, Blaise was extremely impatient and Pansy would only get more annoyed with him by the second. Being one of the last’s ones on the train, Nyla got a clear view of someone that looked clearly taller than her, meaning they could help with bringing down her bags.

“Hi!” she said waving her arm into the air, “Sorry but would you mind helping me lower my bags? You see these compartments are truly not meant for people shorter than 6ft” Nyla tried sounding enthusiastic even though she was dying to rush out of the train.

The tall guy turned around. He had a muscular figure. She noticed the way his shirt fit tightly against his toned arms, the way his hair was slicked back, his yellow suitcase - if she had to guess, he was a Hufflepuff - his eyes brown with his blond hair. Yes, she was observant, but for him, she noticed the even smaller things, the way he had a small heart-shaped sticker on the palm of his hand and the way his luggage had a tiny sticker name on the front... “Amara.”

“Clearly.” he agreed to your statement with a little chuckle, “I’m Ashton by the way” he passed her the bags.

“I’m Nyla,” she paused to take the bags from his hands, “Thank you, Ashton,” she said giving him a small smile before turning her heels and walking out of her train booth.

As she walked out of the train, Blaise was waiting with an annoyed face, his elbows reclined onto his cart -containing both their packed bags- and Pansy, who was wearing a “kill me now please” face, was holding her pet owl’s cage in her hand.

“And why did you take so long” Pansy sneered looking directly at her.

“Please, if it’s the same thing as Malfoy’s excuse...” Blaise got caught off by another raspy voice to his left,

“So I was just supposed to pass up the hottest Ravenclaw girl? No chance.”

Nyla looked in Draco’s direction. He looked flustered. His face a little pink, his hair not as perfect, he had two undone shirt buttons, and his robe was missing; it was just him in his white dress shirt with his Slytherin tie and school black pants. I mean, did he ever look good in general? No. He was an annoying selfless prick that will only take everything to his advantage. Him helping you?... deniable, that would only happen if it’s in his favor.

“I’d never realized how tall they placed the bag compartments,” she said breaking the silence.



3 Hours Later:

Pansy and Nyla separated from the boys to head for their dorm. This year, just like every other miserable year, they were roommates. It’s not like she didn’t like Pansy; it’s just that her, Blaise, and Draco, were the only ‘friends’ she had because they’re the only other Slytherins she could actually tolerate. Beside’s trying to fit in with Slytherin, Luna was really nice. She was always there for Nyla, in the times the others wouldn’t have understood

She had unpacked all her bags now. In her mind, she had a vision for this year’s room theme. Pansy did not agree with it at all, but Nyla had convinced her. Nyla’s side of the room had emerald silk bed sheets, dark green window curtains, a single poster of her favorite muggle band hung up next to her floor mirror. Her closet was opposite of Pansys, so was her bed. Pansy’s side of the room followed their dark green theme, kind of. She had dark green bed sheets with gray and white decorative pillows. Nothing else. Pansy didn’t really do room decor, she was more of an extra when it came to clothes.

It was almost 9 pm when they both had finished. Helping Pansy unpack her bags was probably the longest part. She had probably brought all her clothes, which would equal a store in total. On the other hand, Nyla kept it simple, a few going out outfits, a variety of pairs of uniforms, and other simple comfy clothes.

“kNocK KnOck” they heard someone say from outside their bedroom door. Again someone spoke, “AnYoNe hOmE?”

Pansy headed for the door. As she held it open in awe, Nyla got a chance to look at the source. Draco and Blaise stood outside. Blaise was standing, barely. His eyes looked red... just like Malfoy’s. Draco was leaning against the room wall. His hair messy and his facial expressions numb. Both the boys looked completely out of state.

Without another word, Draco walked into their room and plopped himself onto Pansy’s bed. His stomach face-forward. Blaise simply walked in and immediately went over to their shared bathroom. Nyla found herself alone in a room with Draco now. Pansy had gone into the bathroom to try and talk with Blaise.

“Are you guys high?” she spat in an annoyed tone.

“Yes.” was all Draco said. Not 5 seconds after he started laughing.

“And your laughing because?”

He only started laughing even harder. Before she could get another word in, Pansy walked out of the bathroom with Blaise dropping down her shoulder.

“Would you ladies want some?” Blaise looked up and smiled, “Take’s care of all your issues.”

“No. It would only give me more problems. Now please leave I was about to take a shower-” Nyla got caught off.

Pansy scoffed and sat Blaise down on her bed, “I want.”

Blaise and Draco managed to look at each other and they both smirked, “Alright, I have some leftover in the bag over there,” he pointed towards a black sack placed above Nyla’s bed. “Feel free to keep extra incase Nyla ever needs” he smirked.

“Moore, could I join you in that shower?” Draco asked before turning to Blaise and breaking into laughter with him.

“Fuck off Malfoy.” Nyla spat.



She tried to take long in her shower. Maybe they would all finally be gone after she got out. Taking her chances, Nyla turned off the shower and went in reach for her clothes. They weren’t there. Fuck.

“Pansy I swear” she yelled, “I’m going to have you falling off the astronomy tower, by accident”

Pansy opened the bathroom door without even knocking. Nyla tightened her grip around the only towel covering her at the moment. Pansy stuck her head in-between the tiny gap she had created from the door and the wall,

“Blaise took them” she smiled. Again, Nyla observed how she had a rolled-up white sheet of paper in-between her fingers. Pansy’s eye’s had a slight hint of pink. She gave Pansy an annoyed look which caused her to close the door behind her as she left the bathroom. Great, not only was everyone still there, filling her room up with the smell of weed and smoke but to top it off, she didn’t have her clothes.

Nyla stormed out of the bathroom with a grip on her towel stronger than she anticipated too. She looked around the room. Pillows had been messed around and thrown, Blaise was laying down in her bed while Pansy looked technically dead in hers. Draco was sat on the floor in front of Nyla’s bedpost, a smoke puff blew out his mouth as he passed a white rolled-up paper to Blaise.

“I’m going to kill all of you. The room smells like shit.” you paused to take in their faces, filled with trickery, “Exactly like Blaise’s room.”

“Please let’s not bring my room into this. Where else am I supposed to... have fun”

Draco and Pansy cackled at his remark while she gave them all a disgusted face. Pansy quickly stood up to go into the bathroom almost as if she was urgently waiting to go this whole time. Nyla walked over to her closet so she could finally get dressed. She picked out a tight black shirt with gray sweatpants. Comfortable. She was facing her closet the whole time while her towel was draped over her back. This way, she didn’t have to flatter every one of course. She quickly turned around to face the people still left in her room,

“Turn around.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Blaise laughed, “we aren’t looking”

She scoffed. I mean they did look completely out of it. Like fish out of water. Or maybe out of air too. Nyla quickly slipped on her underwear and bra, slipping on her sweatpants right after. Movement, as she started changing, had caused the towel to fall from her back. Revealing her in sweatpants and her back completely bare except for her bra. She didn’t turn though. First, they said they were not looking. And second, it was just her back, turning would be stupid. As she kept changing, she swore she could feel Malfoy’s eyes piercing into her bare skin but she must have imagined it.



The Next Morning:

Not realizing it, Nyla had woken up in her bed. Even though she was 99.9% sure she had fallen asleep on the couch in front of their room’s fireplace. Looking around the room she saw Blaise tucked into Pansy’s bed. Had Pansy fallen asleep with Blaise or had she fell asleep on the couch just like her?

“Morning!” she heard Pansy say enthusiastically walking out the bathroom.

Blaise let out a low snort and raised from his laying down position. Nyla caught the exact moment where there was a bit of confusion hidden behind his eyes and when he had quickly scanned the room, clearly in search of someone.

“Where is Draco?” he asked without acknowledging Pansy at all. Pansy turned Nyla’s way, eyeing her closely. Almost as if she held the answer to his question. Her face was full of confusion now as well. Pansy turned back to Blaise, almost as if sparing her this question, “I think he went to eat break-feast already.”

Blaise stood up from Pansy’s bed a little dizzy. Nyla noticed his eyes pink now, not the same fuming red from yesterday. He looked a mess. He got dressed in yesterday’s clothe and gave both girls a nod before walking out of the room. That was probably the fastest she had seen someone get dressed and leave. Simply leave. Pansy looked a bit disturbed, upset. Nyla opened her mouth to ask her what was wrong; why he had even slept here in the first place. Why he looked angry. And why had they slept in the same bed? But Pansy cut her train of thought before she could even decide which question to ask,

“Why are you staring at me like that” she paused, “And no, nothing happened-”

“You look terrible” was all she could say.

She scoffed and rolled her eyes before turning to her closet. More thoughts and questions started to peek into Nyla’s mind. Where was Draco? How did she randomly wake up in her bed after falling asleep on the couch? Had Pansy and Blaise.... never mind.



Leaving her dorm-room a few minutes before Pansy, she decided to take advantage of these few spare minutes she had before Snape’s morning class in Potions. Walking down the empty great hall, she noticed how the air seemed fresher and the morning coffee scent lifted her senses. Maybe this day would be a lot better than their first day here. Or maybe not. Someone had bumped into her from the front. Nyla looked up at the source and immediately noticed the puffy eyes, untamed curly hair, almost all red robes, and blushed cheeks. The person’s three single books were now spread across the floor in front of her feet. Hermione seemed pained, sorrowful. Clearly, today was not the day. It could’ve been perfect.

“Move out the way mudblood” she spat. Already annoyed someone had to ruin her mood.

“Excuse me?” Granger spat.

“I’m not a fan of repeating myself” Nyla looked her up and down. Her eyes looked glowy. At that exact moment, she thought Hermione was about to break, her tears almost flooding her face but Nyla noticed the moments she tried to stiffen her back so she wouldn’t crack. Not the most preferable state to pick a fight with someone. It was obvious something was bothering her, and she knew this was not the right time, not the right time at all to be fighting with her. As Nyla was about to walk away, clearly doing Granger a favor, Hermione slapped her across the face. Leaving a red, sore, handprint on her right cheek.

Her hand swiftly came up to cup her own face, this bitch damn well knew how to annoy the fuck out of someone. ”What the fuck Mudblood?!" she raised her voice. Hermione looked her straight in the eyes. But something else caught Nyla’s gaze. The empty halls, not so empty, random whispers suppressing them in a circle, a circle made by students she never would have acknowledged. But something else made the rage in her stop. Snape was rounding the halls in search of what all the commotion was about.

Today was not the day for detention either. She scoffed and turned her back to Granger, she lifted her hand forcefully in the air while flicking up her middle finger as she walked away. “At least she knows how to give a proper slap.” she rolled her eyes while shoving people apart to create an opening to leave the circle formed around you both. About 10 steps away, she hears a low laugh coming from a far corner. Clearly meant for her to hear though. Turning her head to face the imbecile. Of course, it was Draco Malfoy. He swiftly walked over her way.

“If that’s all you do in defense... please, let me not hesitate on the thought of slapping you,” he said with a smirk.

“Of course, how could I ever forget, Malfoy doesn’t do ‘nice’” she paused, “all he knows how to do, and let me add, skillfully, if you may” she smiled in a cocky manner, “is slap women in his defense.”

At that exact moment she saw the rage rise behind his grey eyes, the grey eyes she had never intently looked at so deeply before. The way his jaw clenched, the way his hand had formed into a fist, the way his eyes were burning straight through her.

“My bad, did I upset you?” she faked a pout.

Nyla was definitely not having it this morning. Hermione’s issues and Draco’s annoyingness in simply existing was irritating her. His hand fell from its fist. Instead, it smoothly went to cup her face. His fingers tracing her right jawline, where Hermione had slapped her. The softness of his touch slightly melting away the pain. His metal rings that fit so nicely around his fingers felt cold. He didn’t dare look up at her eyes, he only followed everywhere his fingers went. Trailing his gaze over her - soon to be bruise -, her jawline, and her neck. His eyes traced her showing collarbones in ogle. Looking into his eyes, there was something that was definitely not there before. It looked like he was trying to fight something back.

His face lowered next to hers and all she felt was his steadying breaths against her ear, “Not at all.”

Thoughts raced into her mind. This idiot. She was going to sneer something back, something that would finally get him as annoyed as she was, but before she could, Flint came in and wrapped a hand over Malfoy’s shoulder,

“Watch it you two.” he winked at Nyla, “Don’t need another Blaise and Pansy” he laughed lowly. He turned Draco from her, shoving for him to walk away. As Draco left, Flint gave out a little laugh, “What was that all about?”

Flint was Draco’s friend, wasn’t he? Without another thought into it, she said, “Want me to show you?”

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