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“Are you sure? I wouldn’t want to bother your dorm mates.” Ashton slid a hand around my waist.

We were almost at the Slytherin common room entrance, “I’m positive, plus it will only take us a few hours to complete the assignment, I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

He nodded.

Rounding at the front door, I whispered, “Pureblood.”

The common room door slowly opened. Gosh, it was cold in here. Quickly surveying the room, I spot Pansy, Theo, and Draco sitting by the fireplace.

Dragging Ashton behind me, we made our way up a few stairs before Theo’s rough voice called out, “Well hello to you too.”

Turning slightly to give him an innocent smile, all their eyes were on us. We started walking towards my dorm again.

Pansy laughed, “My purple box,” Even though I couldn’t see her, I know she has a smirk coated on her face.

There were a few questions from Theo, asking Pansy about the box. Nothing from Draco though. Then the realization hit. He’s the one who had been asked to go into Pansy’s purple box, a favor, he knew exactly what Pansy was implying.

No- we had work to complete. Finish the assignment and done. Nothing more. Maybe a few more times of repeating it would remind me that certain urges weren’t called for at the moment.

We reached my dorm and shut the door close. He sat on a single stool across my bed where I took a seat.

He looked around the dorm, maybe very much surprised at the cleanliness. When the party happened, the room was the representation of rubbish. At least this time my life looks a tad bit put together.

I started, “Right, well about the basics-”

“Don’t worry I don’t know them either.” He laughed.

That is indeed extremely helpful to our situation.

“For starters, I understand that the movement is a ‘w’”

Ashton nodded, “Very academic of us to be learning the basics of a lesson when we have an entire chapter to cover.”

“Oh yes very intellectual of us for sure.” My cheeks felt hot.

We spent much time aiming for the blue flash of light to conjure from our wands, but nothing more than a single spark appeared. It was always a single flare of white- a little lighter- down goes the attempt. In order to make us feel better, we took a break.

We sat on the couches with some food. Ashton was eating a chicken leg while I stuffed myself with my fourth cornish pasty. He picked up a napkin, “I say we continue trying until we get it right,” He wiped his mouth, “Wouldn’t want to disappoint McGonagall.”

Even though I shouldn’t partake in any failure of this test, my mind did not allow me to stay focused on any topic we tried discussing. All the words mix in my head and formed incoherent sentences. Nothing of which I will manage to remember on the day of the exam.

“I think we should continue our break,” I suggested.

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He leaned back and lay against the couch. His posture was slumped and his chest slowly rising and dropping.

There it was, that small intimate feeling I couldn’t pinpoint. The one that switched something inside me, but then again- Admitting it might be fine. It was the same feeling I felt that day in the empty classroom after walking out of the great hall.

Maybe if you fuck him, you would forget about Flint and move on.

Ashton shifted in place. Leaning my weight beside him, he slid a hand above my leg, landing halfway above my thigh.

My hand gently reached out to play with his fingers above my leg. He didn’t look up from his hand tangled in mine, but as I stared up at him, his rosy cheeks told me all I needed to know. “I like the way your hand fits in mine,” His voice wavered.

My cheeks blushed. Without separating our hands I moved to sit above his thighs. He let out a gasp at the movement but only tightened his grip on my hand.

I wanted to feel every part of him now, It felt different than what we tried doing that day in the bathroom. This time we had space, and time.

He lifted his opposite hand and raked it softly through my hair. Ashton’s thumb neared my cheek, his rough finger pad caressed my skin. I spoke, “My lips seem to be missing something.” Ashton caught onto my want and bent in for a kiss. My eyes fell shut as I savored his- his candy rose-flavored lips?

I let myself ignore it. I let my hand tangle in his hair while his was drawing small patterns above my thigh. Ashtons arm wrapped around my back and pushed me forward onto his chest. He dropped his head in the crook of my neck and started kissing my skin, his hot heavy breaths made me shiver.

With small nibs and swirling of his tongue, his lips were kissing their way down onto my collarbone. He pulled away and rested both his hand above each side of my waist, his grip was weightless. He was gazing at me for seconds before I quirked my head and asked, “What?”

He was smiling, “You look beautiful.”

I closed my eyes to try and focus, there was a hot red blush rising to display onto my cheeks. Once I looked up, Ashton was staring at the clock.

“And what else do you want to do besides stare at me?” I tempted.

His eyes lingered on my thighs, “I have a few ideas.”

Our lips connected. He felt no different, but there was a sharp inhale once my hips began grinding against his thighs. His teeth caught my bottom lip and bit it gently.

Ashton’s hand pressed me softly onto his chest. My breasts pressed up against him as his hands found my back.

Like he was agreeing to something, Ashton was nodding his head desperately. I broke away from our kiss and placed both my hands on each of his shoulders. My hips started rolling against his thighs in a much more natural flow. I shifted my weight, trying to find the right spot.

“Fuck-” he breathed. He lowered his head onto my neck again. His lips rolled above my skin, sucking and biting on my collarbone. Each of his breaths was hot. His hand raised to caress my breast through the thin fabric. It then lowered to trail a path down my back. His touch was light, ghosting my skin, I needed more. I was aching for his touch.

My back arched onto his chest, my nipples peaking. The soft feel of a feather was his hand on my back, tracing a path onto my hair before gripping softly and pulling my face closer to his.

With each thrust of my hips, his breath would hitch.

My hips found the perfect spot. His groin hit perfectly against my clit making my hips roll further. A low groan escaped my throat at how hard he was.

“Oh god-” My head dipped onto his forehead. With his hands, he shoved my hips against his. The desperate movements and the harsh breathing made my urges grow. I let my hands roam his body. I traced a path through his back and onto his stomach. When they reached his lower abdomen, Ashton shivered. His short reaction made me want to do it again in order to see it last longer.

“Are you sure?” He rasped between desperate kisses.

I nodded, deepening the embrace. I bit back a needy moan. The air felt cold, but with his body pressed up against mine, everything felt hot.

He let out a groan when my hands placed above his thigh. Slowly, I moved my fingers towards him. My shakey fingers unbutton his trousers and pulled his zipper down. Once his pants were off, my hands gripped onto him. Ashton tilt his head back onto the couch.

With slow movements, I moved my hands around him. He groaned, that sound so pleasant to my ears. My lips stayed connected to his as my hand kept moving on him. I ran my tongue over his lips. His hands were placed right below my waist, teasing my skin with his touch.

His breaths were heavy, I let out a soft moan at hearing his words mix together under my actions. I ran my thumb above his tip and teased his skin with my finger.

My other hand lowered and joined the movements. Gently, I let my hands twist in opposite directions. He moaned and his eyes fluttered shut”Yes- right there-”

He had an arm holding himself up on the couch while his other was toying with the fabric on my body. He played with the edge of my shirt until it finally released from its hold under my skirt. Quickly, he slid a hand under the fabric and made his way towards my chest. When he started rubbing onto my skin with his palm, his hips jerked up.

He was breathing as heavily as I know. When my lips when to touch his, his hot tired breaths entered my mouth and drowned down my throat. Ashton’s opposite hand ran up my thigh and under my skirt, he came in contact with the laced fabric. Not once did he open his eyes from his lust-filled state to look at my reactions. He was gently tugging at my underwear, asking to have them off.

My breathing got disoriented.

I portrayed myself a little higher I might say. I believed I would at least reach the part where he actually does something new to my body. I had the expectation actually. That because of me not being able to happily move on with my life, I would not be able to pass this point. Surprisingly, I let myself believe I would be able to with Ashton. Foolish of me, shouldn’t I be over this already? I don’t even know the answer to my own question.

“Nyla- you don’t seem alright,” Ashton questioned, his tone showed off he was worried. No need to be worried for me.

“Ashton, I’m fine.” I smiled. “Are you ok?”

He nodded then smiled, a smile almost not there, a smile that was trying to be hidden and not shown.

“We can continue later if you like- we should get cleaning up anyways.” He signaled a hand towards the mess of food we left scattered above the table.

I was thankful he didn’t push any longer. He let the subject go immediately. I should be more grateful, truly. “Right,” I said simply.

While I helped wipe the table and hide crumbs of food under the couch, I looked up at the clock, it was two in the morning. Certainly, if the headmaster caught Ashton out of the Hufflepuff common room by this hour, he would get in major trouble.

“I’ll finish up cleaning don’t worry about it.” I sympathized.

He looked up at the clock and realized. “We’ll learn Avis another day.” He chuckled with a yawn.

My cheeks turned red, “Expectingly we should.”

Once he was out the door, I cast a few more cleansing spells and put on my coat. Fuck, I hope he’s still there. Who am I kidding? Of course, he won’t be.

Making my way up the flight of stairs, I opened the doors to the Astronomy tower. The pale moonlight was always the most capturing sight. Even though it did light up most places, some shadows still overcast their presence.

Walking slower now into the darker parts of the tower, fear stirred in me. He usually sat in that place far back. So cold and lone, but this time extremely dark too.

Now I considered my vision useless. It’s pitch black. Making my steps shorter and my breathing lower, with the cold, I could see the small puffs of air leaving my mouth. I took another small step and my foot hit against a metal bar.

The noise created from the pounding of my foot against the solid object made my heart drop. The noise filled the entire room with ear retching sounds. It must have been hollow since the noise was much too loud. It was similar to an ancient act when someone would bang a beater into a standing gong drum.

I could’ve died right that Instant. Fucking bar- you scared me fucking shitless. I hit it again with my foot, aiming to hurt it -while forgetting the bar does not have feelings- This time it rolled off my grip. It was quiet for a few seconds before it hit against something else which sounded hollow.

A loud noise against something hard was heard. The bar had rolled over to the metal railing encircling a gigantic pole structure.

I would have expected for it to at least be new, the railing must’ve been rusted since every single pole it had, started sliding from its place and onto one another. Each one dropped with a loud thud. It was like a domino effect, one fell and the rest dropped along with it.

“I wouldn’t question it if someone predicted the entire tower fell apart by tomorrow.” A voice called out.

I placed a hand above my mouth and felt my cheeks turning red while I tried to contain my laughter. There was still a pounding in my ears but all I could see now, was Draco’s shadow moving into the room. He had cast a quick Lumos with his wand and now his figure was visible, so was the mess.

His face showed his confusion. He quirked his head to the side and inspected the room. Then once he surveyed the mess, he glanced at me as the laughter behind my hand wouldn’t stop.

Sometimes I found the most absurd things humorous. This was definitely no matter. No matter at all too considerably be laughing.

“I’m-” My mouth was forming words but I couldn’t bring my voice from the silent laughter. “It’s-” I hiccuped, I couldn’t finish a sentence.

Finally, I felt I could compose myself, my eyes felt watery and I could tell my cheeks were soaked. Removing my hand from above my face, a snort escaped my mouth.

Suddenly my face was ten times redder than before and my surroundings a blur. I was causing my stomach intense pain, and I could feel myself collapsing into a puddle of silent laughter. The shadows were slowly leaving.

Trying to see Draco, he was looking sharply at me. He was biting his lip to try and hide the small smile forming on his face. He rolled his eyes before rubbing his nose.

The laughter turned into small hiccups, my cheeks flushed with embarrassment at his stance in front of me. He flicked his wand and muttered, “Reperio.” Suddenly the mess created had disappeared.

“Too much butterbeer for tonight?”

He was implying I was lightweight, like a simple drink of butterbeer, could cause these effects.

I rubbed my eye trying to focus, “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

He was still here at two in the morning. Justly I did not expect it. I’m not sure why, neither did I know why I came If I was sure he wasn’t going to be here.

“This will go by much quicker if we could sort out who’s doing what.” I picked at my shirt.

Draco scoffed, “I would not trust you to place the right information. That’s for sure.”

“And you’re saying you could?”

He smirked, “Oh most certainly.”

I wanted to leave this part of the tower so he would forget about what just happened. I walked forward and passed his place as I found a new seat to take. I sat on the ground, leaning my weight onto the wall behind me. Draco had followed. He stood in front of the opposing wall with his arms crossed in front of his chest with confidence.

Draco began with his bored tone, “Half the assignment is done, completed all the information part, repeating the same details for each day.”

“The same information you added onto the note, correct?-”

“That-” he interrupted, “-was because it was your day to write down information and you were reckless enough to forget about it. So, normally, I did myself the favor.”

“You know there are rules where you can’t be out of your dorm past eight? If someone would’ve found out that it was sent after hours, I could’ve gotten-”

“So worried about after-hours now are we?” He smirked, “No one even noticed, the initials could’ve been anyone.” He waited, “Right, well the only thing missing is the drawing.”

In order for it to be complete, Sinistra required each group to represent their constellation in one drawing. Since we chose ‘cancer’ as our stars, we plan on drawing a crab for illustration. Since he says everything is completed, today would be the last day of jotting down our information, we don’t need to come up here to inspect the stars every night.

“Well I for sure can’t draw, why don’t you do yourself another favor Malfoy.”

He only rolled his eyes and sighed.

My urges on wanting to ask him what he would do, what he would tell the school about Flint were making me anxious. All I needed to make sure of, was that he wouldn’t tell anyone. I didn’t want this being tossed around like a potato sack.

I couldn’t find the right words to use, I did not want to intrigue him even more on spreading the topic so I had to make sure I announced it right.

“You haven’t told anyone have you?” There was slight pleading in my voice, the hopes that nobody else might know. And even though I would prefer any other situation over this one -this situation where I felt vulnerable- I forced myself to ask.

He quirked his brow, “Told anyone what exactly?”

There is no other topic we both recognize, so he knows what I’m talking about.

I scrapped at the loose cuticle on my finger, “I do not want anyone else knowing. But with you, I have a feeling the entire school will know.”

He scoffed, “Really think so low of me now?”

I lifted my chin, “My thoughts have never changed.”

Draco stood straight now, “Listen, why don’t you run off to your little boyfriend, I bet he gives more shits than I do presently.”

Of course, he wouldn’t care. “Still haven’t learned his name?”

“Why would I ever want to?” He questioned.

I felt myself crossing my arms defensively over my chest, “Because I’m assuming ‘manners’ is in your vocabulary.”

He dropped his head and laughed, “Oh it is, for the people I value.”

“You should really stop being such an arse to him all the time.” Ashton came by the common room twice. One being for our assignment and the other for the party. Draco would either stand up and leave or he sat there on the furthest couch, eyeing Ashton in plan to make him uncomfortable.

“Huffle goblin should find something to do, whether it be picking strawberries or playing with toads, ill be pleased for myself once he stops showing up.”

I rolled my eyes, “This project would be so much easier if I was doing it with him you know,”

He stood straightly now, with a hand in his pocket while took a step forward, “Is that because he wouldn’t test your limits?” Just a few more steps and he would be too close- I stood up and flattened my skirt with a scoff. “Including because you would be in charge of everything?”

That was true. Ashton did not pass a certain limit. He stuck to responsibilities and gave into plans, he would do you a favor without needing anything back. He is reliable and trusting.

“The image of someone else being in charge over you, makes you feel useless.” he continued, “No control over situations. You’ll be surprised that he-” Draco laughed, “has full control over you.”

The confusion must have shown on my face. Like a rapid puzzle, my mind was trying to process what he was implying. Let him continue if he wants. “Enlighten me,”

“Where do you think he’s at whenever he isn’t with you? Don’t you ever question why you’re hanging out with us instead of being with him?” He had cruel dull eyes. He noticed how his own words made my body react. My teeth were bitting onto the inner part of my cheek, not wanting to interrupt his speech even though I knew it was all lies. “Maybe you are as shallow minded as I thought” He pronounced all his words so that they sliced through the thin air effortlessly.

My questions wanted to be answered. Ashton and I never spent much time together but it hasn’t come to my attention since I’m always hanging around Pansy. For all the times this week, I can only think of him really talking to me during class. I wanted to tell myself that Ashton would never do something to hurt me, but then again, I did not know much about him either. His favorite animal and color yes... but nothing else. I also wanted to bring up how he was in my dorm today, but it was obvious he knew exactly what that was. Draco interpreted it as a quick shag.

“Didn’t take you as much of a stalker Malfoy.” I sneered, “So interested in our relationship and all.”

He laughed under his breath, “Your relationship? I believe something like that is based on trust. Is it not?”

“You have minor understandings, noted.” I taunted.

He rolled his neck to the side and eyed me cautiously. With the way he took his time, he was choosing his words carefully. “So when did you tell him about Flint?” His tone was dramatic, longing with innocence, just like the grin on his face.

I felt myself lose the words I was planning to say. Like all senses sank within me. He was waiting for anything. Any slight movement off my shoulders would tell him I haven’t yet told Ashton, and I wasn’t planning to, and I also wasn’t going to tell Draco that he was right. He does not deserve that. But he was, I haven’t told Ashton because I don’t want him worried. I don’t want him to tell anyone even though I’m certain he won’t, I just don’t want him to know, and that should not be one of Draco’s concerns in the slightest.

“Fuck you.” I snarled.

He took two steps closer with a smirk on his face. He knew he got what he wanted. The main point in his banter was in order to figure this out all along. “So you haven’t told him.”

I straightened my shoulders, “Let me guess-” It showed on his face he was surprised, “-because you personally know, you think it assures some sort of ‘trust’ between us?”

He rolled his jaw with a small stupid grin on his face, “-Now now Moore, don’t misinterpret my words-”

“Because I’m sure ‘trust’ isn’t kept by spreading the word to everyone about the situation.”

He spoke with his irritating calmness, “You’re assuming I will.”

“Am I not supposed to be?”

He rolled his eyes, “Don’t just expect things because you think you know everything. You don’t.”

Part of me now had a more disturbing image in mind. If he were to act on his thoughts like he always did, then he would know that telling Ashton before telling anybody else would be sufficient. He knows that would hurt more, so he would do it.

“All I’m hoping is no one else finds out.” He’d never do anything if it does not benefit him, “-I could... I don’t know-” I sighed, knowing damn well this was going to make him feel in power, “-finish this project myself if you promise not to speak a word, but don’t expect to get a perfect score.” My plan on not sounding desperate failed miserably. But the one on getting him to deny my untold scheme did not. He wouldn’t let his grade fail for this.

Draco dropped his head, he resembled annoyance. “I can see why Ashy bear doesn’t hang out with you often. So much for love-”

He did not mean that, If only I made myself believe it. Without thinking, words flew out my mouth while my hand reached out to slap him hard against his cheek, “Stop acting as if you know so much about love-” but his wrist caught mine a mere inch before hitting his face.

His grip on my wrist was tight, aiming for the pain it was causing. “Say that again.”

My voice wavered, “Merlin- you couldn’t be any worst-”

“Fucking cunt.” Draco pulled harsh on my wrist once before letting it fall to my side with a hard motion.

I scoffed, “You represent the same traits.”

He watched me ease the slight pain I felt on my wrist. His eyes had a look I couldn’t name and his tone was lower when he spoke, “I don’t plan on spending more time on this stupid project so let’s finish it before you make me chop my own ears off.”

“I have an idea.” I met his gaze, “What about you do work for once and draw.” Would he stay so I could see the drawing-

He straightened his shoulders and made his way towards the stairs, “Gladly. I will prevent you from drawing a deformed troll on our paper.”

He left. But I didn’t want to. So I stayed.

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