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This chapter includes things that may be sensitive for some so please take caution and read this disclaimer! This part of the story has sexual assault, if this is sensitive content for you, I recommend you should not continue reading!!! If any of you would like to talk my messages are always open,


His left hand traced over her every curve. His free hand was cupping her face lifting it close to his as he kissed her aggressively.

Her breathing scuffled as he tugged at the hem of her short skirt.

Without asking and without hesitation, Flint dragged it below her feet as he got a hold of her waist and lifted her onto the desk. The table was cold beneath her bare skin. He then elevated her chin so that her neck was completely open to his reach.

Maybe he has never done this before?...

But the “love bites” he seemed to want to place were hurting.

His face was buried between Nyla’s neck. She felt his ragged hot breath against her skin, and she also felt his erection growing beneath his pants.

While he slowly grinded against her nude legs, everything felt wrong. This was not it.


“Fuck,” he groaned, and lifted his gaze to take in her face,

Maybe he didn’t notice the slight discomforted look, more off disgust... but he chuckled to himself,

“You liked that huh?” Flint moaned as he started massaging her breast through her thin shirt.

Before she could say something he grabbed locks of her hair pulling her close. His hand started to slip up her bare thigh. His fingers started to play with the thin sheer linen of her underwear.

She definitely did not want this. As she commenced getting off the table. She lightly shoved him away from her neck as she looked around in search of her skirt, “Yeah um-”

“Where are you going?”

“This is wrong,” she paused to gape at his frustrated face, “I- we have class in a few-”

“So was this all a joke?” he hissed.

She ignored him as she walked around the room to get her skirt and start sliding it back on.

His hand grabbed her wrist in force.

“We aren’t done yet.”

“Yes. Yes, we are,” she said as she pulled away from his grip and looked him straight in the eyes. She was terrified.

His eyes were hungry.

Before she could think of walking out of the empty classroom, he grabbed her by the waist. His hold was affirmative. She tried to escape his tight clatch, but he only gripped her harder. He pinned her down onto the desk and crawled above her.

“Oh come on Nyla, loosen up love,”

“Get the fuck off me!” she spat trying to get herself from under his heavy body. In response, all he did was stiffen his body on top of hers.

What the fuck is he doing.

His head trailed down her heated skin. With tiny bites. She flinched the second his hand went towards her thighs, separating them.

She started to shove him off with the last bit of power she had. But again, he only got more furious.

“Flint stop!” he kissed her bare thigh, “Get off me!”

He stared intensely into her eyes, not losing her vision as she panted for air, her arms shaking in panic, her hair an untamed mess, her mascara running down her face along with all the tears she had been trying to hold back. He only chuckled lowly, “Relax. You’ll enjoy this love.”

She tried everything in order to shove him off. Her legs tried pushing him away but he only pinned them down onto the table as his fingers kept trailing around her underwear. He slipped one finger inside the strap and groaned,

“Flint?” a raspy, low voice seemed to flutter in the air.

Nyla’s POV:

Flint froze right there in his position. His index finger wrapped around the hem of my underwear about to pull them off, he lowly chuckled. A maniac laugh.

The figure started to get defined more as they walked closer. They were tall. When Flint stood up from above me I made my best bet to try and move from under his grip. But he didn’t let me go that easily. The unknown voice emitted again as the figure approached us both,

“What the fuck is happening?”


“Always being the cockblocker ain’t that right?” Flint spat looking directly over at Blaise.

For a few seconds in shock, my heart paused, my breathing paused, and my thoughts went blank. Blaise strode over to get a better look at what was happening. With a look of disgust, he stared at me, and then with a death glare locked onto Flint, Blaise stormed over to him, ripping Flint from on top of me.

“Are you fucking mental?!” Blaise spat as his clenched fist, his knuckles white, indented Flints face. I was frozen. I couldn’t move. Blaise threw another punch straight towards Flint’s face, his lip was busted dripping with blood.

I got up from my horrific place at the table and went to grab my skirt. Sliding it on, I see Blaise had continued to punch Flint over and over

Punch after Punch. After another punch.

“Blaise! That’s enough look at him!” I yelled hoping he would stop, kind of.

But nothing I said seemed to lock into place. All Blaise did, was throw another punch. The rage in his eyes was noticeable from miles away.

With the light shining in from the window, I could see Flint’s nose out of place, his lips busted even more, and Blaise’s fist painted with blood.

Blaise stood up from above Flint, who had toppled down. “For fuck’s sake if you ever lay another finger on her you will be left with no fucking arm!” he spat. Flint was winching in pain on the ground.

But then he only chuckled to himself, again in a manic tone. “I have two arms for a reason-”

Blaise’s fist met Flint’s face all over again. Tears were running down my face uncontrollably. I felt every part of me numb, Flint’s touch still lingered, it lingered everywhere. It lingered in places others can’t see. But Blaise can’t get himself in any more trouble. Especially if it’s because of me.

I went to grab Blaise’s arm, trying my best to shove him off Flint before he regrets hitting him for any longer. He flinched at my touch on his arm, but that didn’t stop him from removing himself from Flint.

What the fuck just happened.

If Blaise hadn’t come...

But he did.

Without any warning, Blaise wrapped his arm around my waist and walked us both out of the classroom. His breaths were rough and ragged. His fist was bloody. Blood dripping down in small droplets onto the floor.



Readers POV:

They entered Nyla’s dorm. Blaise had a firm steady hand on her waist helping her lay down onto her bed. Everything was a blur for the rest of the night in Nyla’s view. She could only remember hearing Blaise call out for Pansy, and seeing Pansy over her with the most worried but deathly face. And then she blacked out.

She woke up to flinching away from a hand caressing her hair softly. Pansy.

“Where is that bloody fucker, I swear he will never get the end of it-”


“I’m sorry” she paused, “how are you?”

“I’m ok, really.” she assured her.

“You don’t have to act ok around me Nyla,” she adjusted herself on the place next to Nyla on her bed, “but we can talk about it whenever you’re ready,”

An unsung tear rolled down Nyla’s face.

Then another.

And another.

Pansy didn’t say anything. She only acted. She slowly embraced Nyla tighter, calming her inaudible cry.

Her soft, painful, cries were inaudible. In fear that if she let out any noise, everyone would know.

Then again, Nyla slowly fell asleep onto Pansy’s lap, as pansy held her tight.



Nyla’s POV:

“Nyla” a shove to the shoulder, “Nyla come on let’s go eat breakfast you haven’t eaten anything all day.”

I was laying down on my bed. A blanket was thrown on top of me. Pillows were thrown around in a mess. I touched my hair, it felt knotty and frizzy. My eyes hurt. They felt wore out. My legs numb to the touch. And that’s when the thoughts flushed back into play. What happened two days ago was a fresh memory, exactly the same as yesterday.



And Pansy.

“Are you alright?” I asked, turning my head towards pansy who was choosing clothes from her closet.

“Your joking right?” she paused to take in my serious face, “Are you ok? You haven’t got up since” she paused,

“Yes. But are yo-” I interrupted, not wanting to hear the rest.

“Yes.” she brushed off the question, “Ok we’ll let’s go, you haven’t eaten anything since Friday and you haven’t gotten up from bed since last night, to use the bathroom-” she got caught off by a low voice,

“You mean sleepwalking. Nyla you sleepwalk.” Blaise said with a chuckle as he walked over to the bedpost. “You know,” he paused “flint...he won’t ever go near you again.” Blaise looked down at the floor,

I didn’t say anything, just nodded my head in response.

I had convinced them both that I was fine, that I barely remembered anything. They were hesitant at first to believe me, but they did afterward. Blaise believed me more than Pansy. I made sure to tell them how everything was a blur and how I only remember Blaise taking me back into our room. I didn’t want them to feel bad for me, I didn’t want this to be a memory engraved in everyone’s mind, including mines; I didn’t want any of it. So I made sure to let them think I’m fine when I truly don’t know if I am.

Shifting my gaze, I see pansy eyeing me carefully, she gave me a knowing look. She knew I wasn’t “ok” but she wasn’t going to push me either. She just wanted to make sure I was still here.

“That bloody bastard.” Pansy groaned beneath her breath looking away from me, I spot the exact moment her left eye twitched and she clenched her fist.

There was a low knock on the door. It’s weird, but from one simple knock, I can already get many things. Like the fact that whoever knocked regretted it, because their knock was low and almost unhearable.

Pansy strutted over to the door, opening it slightly, making sure it was who it was supposed to be.

And that’s when Draco Malfoy walked in.

“Took you long enough,” Blaise said, eyeing him.

“I was eating.” Draco lifts his gaze over to me but then quickly reverts it over to Blaise. “So exactly what am I doing here?”

“The details are not important,” Pansy said, handing Blaise a bag filled with green floo powder, “We’ll be gone for a little bit.”

“You can’t be serious,” I spat, frustrated.

“We’ll only take an hour at most. Plus, there is the food I saved for you last night in the fridge,” Pansy said pointing towards our mini-fridge, the one she chose out not letting me have any say in the color because I don’t have ‘good taste’, “And Draco, please don’t be a dick.”

“So now Moore can’t take care of herself?” he spat.

“Of course she can. I just don’t trust her here alone” Pansy looked at Blaise. And there they went. Without another word, without even telling Draco anything else, they disappeared from the fireplace. Vanishing into the midst of air.

Draco took his view away from the fireplace with anger plastered on his face. He eyed me slowly. He eyed the small hues of purple that filled my neck. The one’s forcefully placed on there. The ones I’m trying to forget as much as possible.

"She just?" he imitated Pansy.

"She just needs you out.”

“I wish I could do that. I really do. But if I leave from here, Pansy swore to something I don’t need or want” he looked me up and down.

For merlin’s sake.

“I don’t know what she said but I really don’t need any kind of ‘babysitter’”

“You think I want to be here?” he paused taking in my confused face, “Well think again.”

I rolled my eyes and laid back down onto my bed. This was awkward. Draco was just standing there for what seemed to be like hours. I couldn’t take this any longer, I stood up from my bed and walked over to the fridge, noticing Draco felt very at home laying down on the couch staring at the ceiling in complete boredom.

“Do you want?” I asked signaling towards the plate of food.

He didn’t even bother looking my way, “No.”

“You didn’t even look-” I jeered

“Don’t need to. It smells terrible.”

More for me I guess. I sat alone at our tiny table, placed opposite of the couches. Peacefully eating whatever this was. I heard Draco take a deep sigh.

“What?” I asked annoyed.

He stood up from his placement on the couch. His hair was now messy. He rubbed his hands over his clothes trying to smooth them out, clearly, it didn’t work. “Why do you need someone here in the first place,” he said leaning against the fireplace wall staring at me intensely.

“I don’t need-”

"Whatever just answer the question.”

“You really don’t need to know Malfoy. Or are you... interested?” I smiled cockly, the best way to hide any other feeling from showing.

He rolled his eyes then stared deeply into mines. Looking for something. “We’ll the grudge Pansy has against me is making me want to know.”

I didn’t answer, I just kept eating. I heard him huff as his steps inched closer and closer to the table. I hadn’t even noticed what I did. But I did it. I flinched away from his hand grabbing the chair opposite of mine. His hand was so close yet so far away from me and I still flinched. He brushed off the moment, even though I knew he was looking at me. I hoped he hadn’t caught it. But if he did, he didn’t question it and I’m glad.

“I’m just grabbing the chair,” he breathed lowly,

Fuck’s sake he did notice. I didn’t dare look up at him standing there.

“You squirm at everything now too?” he devilishly laughed.

“For fucks sake Malfoy! Leave if you don’t want to be here! I don’t care what Pansy told you! Just leave, clearly, neither one of us enjoys the other company!” he was taken back at my sudden need to snap at him but I didn’t care. I stood up from my chair walking over to the door, invitingly opening it for him. “Leave!”

He didn’t even take a chance to ask anything. He only looked me dead in the eyes and mouthed, “Thank You” with an evil smile plastered on his pale face. He walked out of the room without hesitation. Good.


Ahhh it had to happen :(

I hope nothing is confusing in this chapter! But my messages are always open if anyone ever needs to talk about something<3

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