Tease ~ D.M

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Nyla’s POV:

Leaving the great hall after we finished eating breakfast, I reminded Pansy how I had detention today, so I wouldn’t be in our dorm until later that night.

As I enter professor Flitwicks’ classroom for charms class, I notice how most seats are taken. Except for the ones at the front of the class and one single one at the class next to... no. I was not going to be sitting anywhere near Draco.

“Good Morning Ms. Moore, please take a seat.” The teacher scrunched up their face. I had clearly interrupted whatever he was saying. I was not going to sit at the front of the class since I am terrible at charms.

“I’m only sitting here because I have no other choice,” I told Draco as I sat in the seat to his left.

“There is plenty of open seats at the front-”

“No I’m not sitting there,” I said annoyingly.

Class progressed but I couldn’t concentrate even for the slightest second. Draco’s smell was all I could focus on. The rich parchment and expensive cologne scent. I have no idea how much class time passed by before I heard many chairs screeching against the wooded floor. I looked up to find students crowding together in pairs and others using their wands to transfigure objects.

I felt a light shove to my shoulder, trapping me back in reality, “The teacup” Draco says pointing towards the cup placed in front of me.

“What?” was all I could say.

“You should pay more attention,” he smirked.

“I was paying attention-”

“Ok then go ahead, transfigure it.” he devilishly smiled.

What was I supposed to transfigure it too?

A sleepy voice filled my ears, “Hey Nyla, I have a quick-”

Draco took a deep sigh.

I look up to see Ashton leaned against the desk with a wide smile.

“Hi,” I flashed him a grin, “I didn’t know you had this class”

“I recently got switched in since my previous professor thought-”

“Alright, dumb fuck we don’t want to hear the whole story” Draco spat.

I turn to face him as he intensely stares at Ashton, and his jaw tightened.

Ashton rises from the desk, “Right, sorry,”

“Want to catch up later?” I ask while shoving a book closed.

Draco huffs.

“Yeah, that would be perfect-”

“Perfect my ass- leave.” Draco snapped.

Ashton’s generous smile then vanished from his face as he turns to me, nods, and walks away.

I studied him, “What the hell was that for exactly?”

His forehead furrowed, “He’s clueless, it’s irritating, really-”

“You’re the ones who’s fucking irritating,” I huffed, “he probably needed an answer to a question-”

“Alright then go answer his bloody question, if you care so much-”

He didn’t have to tell me twice. I stood up from my seat next to him, and walked my way over to Ashton, not letting Draco finish his sentence.



“I’ll catch up with you later!” I assured.

“Of course!” Luna nodded as she walked away.

I was on my way towards Professor Umbridge’s classroom now. The revolting, suspenseful, eye aching, cat odor smelling room.

Opening the door, I found her sitting at her main desk with a ginger cat on her lap as she wrote onto paper. There was a single desk in front of hers, in front of her direct eye view, and a chair accompanying it.

“Welcome, Nyla,” she paused to take in my disoriented face, “take a seat.” I did as told.

Umbridge neared the single desk in the room, she passed over a black fine quill with a single piece of parchment.

“What must I write?” I asked, trying to sound pathetically innocent and generous.

“I must behave” she responded, an edgy tone in her voice. She walked back over to her table as she sat down and poured herself a cup of tea. “Fill the entire page.”

I started repeatedly writing the first few phrases down. As I was swiftly moving the quill across the paper, expanding the words as big as possible, trying to make it effortlessly normal and totally not forced, there was a sudden ache on my left hand. I glance down and a few letters started to inscribe themselves onto my dorsal side.

The words slowly started to appear, “I must behave.”

I glance over at Umbridge as she is calmly sitting at her desk staring directly at me. She innocently glares down at my hand, then back up at me, “Yes?”

My fist clenches in the throbbing pain as my knuckles are now a pale shade of white, “What the hell?!” I raise my tone.

“Now now Ms.Moore, finish your consequences.”

She had her wand, I didn’t. I wasn’t allowed to bring it in here, now I understood why. There would be no point in actually trying to get out since a simple hex would do. I view down at my hand again, blood had started to drip down each letter in each word, that was in each sentence. I weakly nod as I continue to write.

The pain was unbearable, it felt like a thousand nettles poking at my skin repetitively

Deep, red blood-soaked the edge of the paper. My writing was unreadable as my shaky hands came to the last sentence.

“I must behave.” was engraved on my hand, covering up every part of the normal pale skin I had.

“You can leave, Ms. Moore,” She spoke blankly, her lips tugged up slightly, trying to hide an obvious smirk. “I know you must’ve learned your lesson now.”

With my right hand, I clenched onto my bag as I desperately broke out of my seat and sped walked over to the door, before fully exiting I glanced back at her and spat, “Remind me again, how does this help me learn?”

Her face turned an even brighter red color, “You must not out behave.” she huffed, clearly irritated.

“Hm, thank you.”

Making my way across the hall, I was gripping my wrist tightly against my stomach. The pain is unpreventable. My whole arm felt numb, except I could feel the daggers digging into my hand. The halls were flooded with people, and I could feel all their curious eyes on my skin as low whispers were being made.

I hopelessly mumbled the common room password, “Pure-blood”

While making my way up to my room, I tugged open the door. Looking down at my arm, I realized my shirt was drenched with blood. It felt sticky to the touch.

I walked over to the wardrobe at the left of the room as I painfully made a quick movement to remove my blood embedded shirt. I wrapped the shirt into a tiny ball as I placed it on top of a bare cabinet. I was only wearing my school skirt with my light blue bra.

“Nice view,” a low voice emits from the other side.

I snap my head around as I found Draco lying on Pansy’s bed, his hands holding a book on his lap as his legs were extended on the mattress.

My thoughts were running wild, and my voice released lower than expected, “What?”

“The view,” he nudges his head over the open window.

For merlin’s sake.

I quickly use my right hand to somewhat cover my body.

As if he understood my exact thoughts, a flare rose up behind his eyes, but he quickly tucked it away. “Oh you didn’t think I meant you did you?” he smirked.

It was like an unknowing knot tightened in my stomach, “No,” I said blankly, “Get out I have to change-”

“I’m not looking, plus I really wouldn’t want to-”

“Bloody hell Malfoy get out.” I spat, and an anonymous feel drenched my every sense.

His eyes darted to my hand placed poorly above my bare stomach, his face was full of confusion, it looked as if he might have cared for a miserable second, but before he spoke, Pansy walked out the bathroom, her gaze roamed over my hand as she quickened her steps toward me.

“For merlin’s sake what happened?!” she spat worryingly.


“Was it Umbitch?” she sneered, her eyebrows knitting together.

“She’s a bloody bitch.” I bickered.

Pansy did quick but careful movements as she moved us both across the room to where her wand lay. And started working on simple healing spells.

The wounds still hurt badly, Pansy had accomplished sewing together most cuts, but their scars still remained.

Draco sounded annoyed, “Are you done?”

Pansy snapped her view back at him, “No, be bloody patient for fucks sake,”

“Thank you Pans, really,” I gave her a half-smile.

“I swear the bitch is crazy,” she laughed, gently roaming her finger over my injured palm, her face plastered with worry. I softly chuckled at her remark before she continued, “I promised this idiot,” she nodded towards Draco, “that we would go to Hogsmade today, I could stay if you want?”

“No it’s alright, truly, look at how much you’ve helped,” I regarded my hand.

She took a second before gently nodding, “We’ll be back soon,” I nodded.

As pansy collected a small purse from her bed, Draco snapped his book shut and walked over my way. His every step was graceful, it looked like the walk he had been perfecting over the years, the one I envied him for not having. His face was a breath away from mines now. His hand holding the book gently and slowly made its way across my side. His body was leaning closer to me, for a quick second, I could feel the heat from his steady breathing chest. His arm swiftly stroked mine as his mouth was a simple breath away from my ear. He leaned in to leave the book.

The book. I was standing in front of a bookshelf.

He removed his arm from behind me, separating our bodies, the book wasn’t in his grip anymore. He gazed over my every face feature his eyes locking for a split second on my lips. He smirked and then walked towards the door, leaving me to my thoughts.



I walked into the library and found Ashton sitting at one of the armchairs, he was dug deep into a book. When he looked up, he caught my gaze and immediately shut the book closed, walking my way.

“Hi,” he smiled.

“What are you doing here?” I questioned.

He gently laughed and responded, “trying to learn something, anything, about thestrals.”

“I could help you,” I suggest.

He gave me a warm, small smile, before showing me the way to a table with a stack of books and articles. All about “dangerous” and “eerie” creatures. One of the newspapers’ titles stated, “Hideous creatures spotted. These ghostly species are harmful, do not approach!”

“What is this bullocks?” I said irritatingly.

He inspected my face, “Articles about thestrals?” he questioned, confused.

“The Ministry of Magic protested that they are dangerous and horrendous... but they claimed they never went near one, for the sake of their ‘safety’,” I spat, “Do you really believe everything they say? They have lied about Dumbledore in the past-”

“Nyla, I know that they have done their research,” he said calmly, “I know that these articles are nothing but the truth-”

I was truly in no mood to argue, especially with Ashton.

“Right,” I paused, “your right,”

He cleared his thought, “I have to create a drawing of everything I read and add facts on everything about them.”

I suddenly didn’t want to do this anymore.

“Um- yeah I’ll try to collect some supporting details,” I wanted to leave and give up, he truly was clueless sometimes.

Ashton dragged a sheet of paper out from his bag and started to move his quill in circles.

Hours passed as I sat miserably on the chair, slumped with boredom, trying to look supportive. I had collected the basics of everyone’s views, people despised thestrals and they believed them to be the ugliest looking creatures to ever walk.

“I finished the drawing” he smiled, proud of his work.

Could it have taken him any longer...

“Well show it” I tried faking a subtle laugh.

He showed a skeletal figure. It was black with brown hoves, the wings he drew were skeletal too. They were pure bone. He drew fuzzy lines around the body, taking a guess it was hair. But the hair was barely there, it was the bare naked skin with a fuzz. Ashton drew the creature’s eyes to be thin and evil like. It had a beak-shaped mouth, with gritted and separated, teeth. Wrinkles were placed on the entire body, he drew it a tail that had the fuzzy lines again, hair. The skin of the ‘thestral’ is what threw you off, it looked unpleasant to touch, it had little bumps here and there. It looked ten percent like a horse and ninety percent like a troll, but then again, it was extremely thin and the skin was goosebumped.

I tried to hide the disgust that consumed my face, but he noticed. “This is what they look like apparently, I mean ac-”

“According to the articles, yeah” I cut him off.

“Yeah, exactly.” he smiled.



I had helped Ashton pack up all his belongings before we both started returning the books to their shelves. Ashton insisted to walk me back to my dorm, I agreed.

“Thank you for helping me today,”

Even though I did not, at all, believe anything the articles had written, I still decided to make him think I agreed to everything. I also found a way to convince him his drawing was good.

“Of course” I shrugged a small smile.

I lowly mumbled the password of the Slytherin common room as we entered and made our way to my dorm. I opened the door slightly, hoping that if Pansy were here, she wouldn’t be able to spot Ashton. But the smell of weed overpowered any of my continuing thoughts.

Ashton coughed.

Peeking into the room, Blaise was thrown above my bed like a starfish, staring at the ceiling. Pansy was on her bed with a blunt in her hand, and Draco was sitting down on the couch with a drink in his hand. I held the door tighter, blocking Ashton out.

“Nyla! Finally, where were you?” Pansy yelped as she stood walking my way.

Ashton nudged the door open slightly, and he caught Blaise’s confused glance as he stood to sit on the mattress. Pansy found her stare mingling around, but then a smirk appeared on her face.

No, Pansy no-

“Hey!” she greeted extending out her blunt, offering him some, “What were you two doing?” she smirked devilishly again.

By the corner of my eye, I spot Draco as he snaps his head around, looking our way. I shifted my body trying to block Ashton from his view, but I noted how his grip on the cup looked tight as his knuckles seemed white. There was an expression I couldn’t differentiate on his pale features.

“Nyla and I were hanging out at the Library-”

“I was helping him with a project.” I interrupted him.

Ashton rejected Pansy’s offer with her muggle weed, which caused Draco to let out a chuckle, “Come on Pans pass it over-”

“Ignore him, he’s an arrogant twat” Pansy looked back at Draco again before continuing her talk with Ashton.

I couldn’t help but chuckle.

And I couldn’t help but think if Draco knew who was outside the door.

It felt like hours went by as Pansy had been asking Ashton many questions about himself, It was getting annoying and my legs hurt from standing at the door for so long. But to stop time, I would give away quick glances over to Draco, but his eyes would already be locked on me. Raking over my body, with rage filling his eyes. His tapping fingers gripped around his cup, indicated he was anxious.

“I’m sorry, but I’m extremely tired, I’ll see you tomorrow?” I bit my lip.

He looked at Pansy then back at me and gave me a warm smile, “Of course, sleep well,” he said before turning his heels and heading into the dark hall.

I finally got into the room as I lay my heavy bags against the floor, I stumbled over to my bed as I lay next to Blaise. His left arm was under my head.

“Who the fuck was that?” Draco spat.

“He’s cute,” Pansy commented, ignoring Draco, as she took a seat in her own bed.

I looked over his way and he was standing up, leaving his place from the couch, he was walking our way and stood before Pansy, asking her for the joint in her hand.

Pansy gave him the blunt, he took a deep inhale and let out a cloud of smoke when exhaling.

“We’re just friends Pans-”

“Who was it?” Draco eyed me dangerously.

Blaise sat up again and inspected Draco before turning my way, “friends?”

To be honest, the thought of Ashton wasn’t displeasing nor pleasing. He was kind and gentle, and that’s what I wanted. but sometimes he could be too gentle or on specific occasions, he would let his angry emotions get the best of him.

“Ashton,” Pansy stated a small smile tugging the end of her lips upward.

“The guy asking for her yesterday?” Blaise questioned.

Draco huffed, ignoring Blaise, “And what was he doing here?”

“He insisted on dropping me off-”

“Why?” He seethed.

“For fucks sake Malfoy why do you care so much?” I sneered, trying to sound calm.

Pansy eyed Draco curiously, before letting out a low chuckle as we all face her,

“What’s so funny?” Blaise questioned, in a humble tone offering he was genuinely confused.

“Oh no no nothing, you may continue” she smiled.

I stood up from my place next to Blaise and walked towards the bathroom, “I’m going to take a shower.”

Draco rolled his eyes before smoking the weed again.

Hope you guys are enjoying it so far!! We are going for slow burn so spicy spicy scenes will pop up later in the future but don’t think that stops Draco Malfoy from anything else :) -N

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