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Nylas POV:

The day felt dull. Ominous gray clouds threatening rain.

Today had been horrible, I stayed up in my room all day not wanting to encounter anyone at all. I didn’t have a reason to, but I just felt tired.

Five more hours till Monday, I reminded myself.

I pulled the blankets over my body, snuggling myself tight. Then the door burst open, revealing Pansy, she looked excited, “Nyla you’ve been in here all day, get up!” she sneered, slightly pulling the blanket away from my tired face.

Has she never had one of these miserable days? “Pansy no-”

“Come on, I found us something to do,”

She plucked the blankets away from my figure. “No I’m good,” I hummed.

“There’s a party at Blaise and Draco’s room,” she said pulling them off again, throwing the sheets across the bed.

“I don’t wan-”

“Nyla” she gave me a pointed look, “this will be fun, and you haven’t had fun with me in a while, we won’t do anything stupid. I promise.”

This would be ethical but-

“Maybe don’t go in your casual joggers and a loose shirt,” Pansy paused glancing back at me from in front of my wardrobe, “...I invited Ashton,” she smirked.

“Pans, I already told you, he’s my friend. Nothing more.”

“Whatever you say. But look these will look good,” She was holding up a black dress that might accentuate my curves more than I’d like them to, it had fine straps and it glimmered under the lamps’ light. I remember she had bought this for me a few months back, but I never actually wore it.

No way I was going to wear that out to a party in their dorm. “No pans that so-”

“Nyla!” she seethed, “please, just this one night.”

Maybe... I mean did I really have anything better to do? And besides, I would just stay by Pansy the whole time.

My mind raced back, it raced back to memories that tear me apart. But before they became clear again, I tucked them at the back of my head and nodded.

Pansy yelped at my agreement, “Great! it starts later at around 1, so I’ll start getting ready in a bit.”

“I’m not wearing that though.” I refused to let the sides of my mouth reach up.

She looked at me and smirked, “I bet Ashton would love it.”


I can’t believe I let her convince me. I wore the stupid dress.

Pansy was wearing a short black skirt with a tight dark green shirt, she was dragging me into the dorm before I could tell her my thoughts on wanting to leave.

Heading into the dorm, everything reeked of alcohol and weed. It was extremely strong. But I mean, it was expected.

Pansy walked us in and I took a quick look around. I glimpsed at a few people from other houses, but I didn’t spot anyone I knew. It wasn’t a big party though, it seemed it was for a few close friends and maybe some others too.

“I’ll get us some drinks.” Pansy tried speaking over the loud music. ’I nodded my head in return and watched as she walked away from me, heading towards the drinks table.

“You look stunning,” he said as his arms made his way around my waist. Turning my head to the side, I see Ashton leaning over my shoulder.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” I smirked.

The arm around my waist made its effort to spin me, facing him. He gently brushed my hair away from my face and took my hand. He pushed us through a couple of people on our way towards the dance area.

Maybe this would be beneficial for me, letting go for a night couldn’t be so bad. Pansy does it all the time.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and his hands made their way to my hips. “Want to dance?” He asked.

Without hesitation, I placed my lips on top of his. His eyes shot open at such a remark, but he didn’t pull back. It felt pure and passionate, but his tongue didn’t enter my mouth once.

Once I did pull away, he looked at me in awe. “That was- um-”

“I would enjoy a dance,” I smiled.

He shook his head and chuckled. Before either could speak, Pansy was back by my side with two drinks in her hand.

She shoved a drink into my palm, her free hand gripped into my wrist pulling me away from Ashton. “They’re playing truth or dare, Ashton you could come as well if you’d like,” she smirked.

Ashton agreed and we made our way towards a set of couches plastered next to each other, forming a circle. Pansy and I sat on one tight couch beside a Ravenclaw boy.

The couch on the left from us had two girls I haven’t met before, or maybe never truly cared to notice. On the right, Theo was sitting next to Luna and Adrian. In front of our settee, Draco had his legs apart and his back reclined onto the couch with his arm on the armrest. He had a blunt in the other hand. Oh and beside him was Blaise.

The smell of weed grew even more intense here. It’s like where ever Draco and Blaise go, it will always smell like a weed pit. The music was drowning out the awkward silence while I caught Blaise eyeing Ashton in confusion. For a split second, I also noticed Draco’s eyes shift from me towards Ashton. He had a pointed look consisting of something else I couldn’t pinpoint.

Pansy then looked over at the girls sitting to our left, and she started creating conversations. Everyone started to speak again, maybe they all felt odd since Ashton has never hung out with any of them before. Maybe his presence was making everything peculiar again.

One thing was for sure, I knew that Ashton never smokes, he has never tried it. So in outcome to the extreme smell of the muggle herb, he was coughing every 10 minutes. It must have felt like he was suffocating.

I’m not sure what was happening in his shitty little brain but Draco extended his hand, holding the blunt out towards Ashton, “My manners, want some?” he smirked.

I saw the moment where something in Ashton’s eyes snapped and his hand reached out to joint.

What are you doing...

Ashton placed the blunt between his lips as he inhaled intensively. His face screwed up. He held the smoke in his mouth until he coughed it out. He choked on some smoke as his cheeks turned a bright ruby red. He placed his hand over his chest as he continued coughing.

I could hear everyone in the circle start chuckling to themselves as Ashton was having... a moment. “Alright um- want to get some fresh air?” I questioned, a slight tone of worrisome in my voice.

He was choking on his own breath, “Y-yes- I’d- li-like- tha-t”

I quickly stood up from my seat on the floor and walked over to him. Placing my small hand on his back as he stood up.

My thoughts hitched at hearing Draco’s words from across the room.

“You should wear skirts like that more often.”

I heard Blaise snort as he looked away, towards Pansy, who was giving Draco a death glare. Draco’s eyes were locked on mine, but I marked how his eyes had a bit of regret in them before he snapped back.

I looked down on myself, my skirt was lifted showing my entire thigh, but that wasn’t what Draco was talking about. He was sitting behind me across the couches, and my skirt was lifted halfway up my backside. My light blue knickers were clearly visible.

My hands ran to my skirt in an attempt to brush it down. I heard Draco chuckle from behind. Ashton had stopped coughing and stiffened his body in front of me. I placed my palm on his chest as I felt his breathing quicken, but he wasn’t staring at me, he was eyeing Draco, and Draco kept his eye contact while smirking.

Not saying anything, Ashton walked in front of Draco. Blaise was now staring at Ashton attentively and Pansy was in the corner speechless. “What did you say Malfoy?” he spat.

Draco stood up from his chair, clicking his tongue, “I said, she should wear skirts like that often. Very commending”

“So what? you’re all interested in her now?” Ashton sounded irritated.

“No no not me,” he smirked, “but boys will love flashed arse walking around school,” he didn’t turn once to look at me.

Without hesitation, Ashton’s fist clenched, punching into Dracos’s jaw. Blaise passed his hand over his lips as he slowly backed up. Pansy was standing next to me now, she passed a hand over my skirt flattening it out, “the girls are fighting.”

“Did you just fucking touch me?” Draco spat bringing up his fist above Ashton’s nose. I heard a crack, and that’s where I knew a bone broke. Ashton stumbled back at the irritation the punch gave him, falling near me.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” I spat towards Draco.

He just laughed maniacally, as his hand brushed his bottom lip, removing fresh blood.

Ashton placed an arm around my waist as he held me tighter, “He’s a fucking bastard.”

“I swear Draco needs some therapy,” I sneered as I pressed my hand against Ashton’s heaving chest.

Pansy chuckled, but as my eyes met with Draco’s, he looked pissed.

Before things could get worst, I turned Ashton along with me as we made our way out of the dorm, he kept his finger pressed onto his nose. I promised Pansy I would be back, I wouldn’t want to leave her here alone after... well she just can’t stay alone.

Everything was quick. I had dropped Ashton off at his dorm as he requested I should leave and go find Pansy, he confirmed he would cast a quick healing spell and rest. He also asked to meet together after school tomorrow, I’m not sure for what, or if it was even a good idea, but I agreed.

Entering the dorm again, in search of Pansy, I found her slouched in the armchair next to Blaise, everyone who originally consisted of the circle, were still there. They seemed to be in deep conversation. Pansy noticed me and waved a hand in her direction, requesting I sit by her side.

“How is he?” She questioned.

“He’s fine. He cast a few healing spells before telling me it was ok to leave that he wanted to rest.” I reassured.

She gave me a gentle hand squeeze along with a nod before redirecting her attention towards Blaise. “Alright so,” Pansy explained, “we are playing a game of questions. You answer wrong, and you take a shot.” she signaled over to the bottle of fire whiskey at the center of the table.

“Got it.” I chuckled.

From the right side of the room, a voice erupted. “Nyla, What’s my favorite food?”

I looked over at Adrian as he smiled evilly, “If I had to guess it would be... your own shit?” I smirked.

“Very funny.” His hand reached for the bottle at the table before passing it my way, “Drink,”

Taking a short sip, I felt my insides clench, it was strong but I liked it. So I took another sip before putting it down. I could feel Draco’s eyes on me, but I ignored them as I heard another girl ask some other guy a question. The game went on for a couple of rounds, I took a few hidden sips of the whiskey, hoping it would make me feel free tonight.

“Moore, truth, or dare?” His deep voice spoke.

Looking up at Draco, he pressed his lips together.

My head felt dizzy and my surroundings were a bit of a blur. “Dare,” I smirked.

“Are you sexually active?” his question echoed the room before I could truly process it, the alcohol taking a twist on me.

Pansy slapped her face with her hand as she shook her head in annoyance, and Blaise had his lips tightly shut.

“Yeah, why do you ask?” Now a sound was pounding in my head, swirling my thoughts around. Everyone lowly laughed at how my tone came out, I felt like my brain was sizzling. Focusing on Draco again, his hand on his cup was slightly tighter and his jaw was clenched but then he smirked.

My mind went blank. It was all dark as I couldn’t recon anything that just happened. The last thing I felt was my body slumped back onto the couch and the thump sound of my head against the back of the seat.


Opening my eyes, my vision was blurry. I tried winking repeatedly as I finally focused on a tall silhouette leaving a room.

Turning my gaze, I noticed the couches forming a circle from yesterday and the same dark grey walls. I felt my hands grip onto what was beneath me. Soft silky sheets. I spot the red cups tossed and turned on top of a drawer.

The figure walked closer to my view. They were wearing a white towel wrapped around their bottom half as the wet hair was sprinkling drops of water onto their broadbare shoulders.

He was facing his wardrobe, his bareback opened to my view. He was probably unaware of my presence as he didn’t turn to face me. I felt some of my thoughts from the previous night recollect themselves in my brain.

That’s when an unnecessary memory opened a new slot in my thoughts.

Fucking hell did it happen all over again?

My nails dug into the sheets tighter as I felt my breaths become uncontrolled.

But Draco would never...?

I felt my eyes start to water as he finally heard a low sob leave my dry mouth and turned around. His face was scrunched up as his were eyes filled with worry, but then a part of him seemed to collect all his emotions and hide them again. My body was shaking and the thought of this happening again began to weigh my shoulders. I cupped my head with my hands as I tightened my knees closer to my chest. The wanting feeling of never showing my soft side was in the dust of winds now.

The mattress was then pressed down by another weight as Draco sat in front of me. His hand reached out and I flinched at his movement. He froze, he was eyeing me carefully, for anything that might explain something to him.

“What the hell are you doing?”

My thoughts were drowning out his words, the touches I’ve been trying to forget were finally coiled up in my brain. It felt like the empty classroom with him all over again.

“Why the fuck are you crying?” Draco spat.

I didn’t answer, I didn’t even want to move. “Moore I’m fucking speaking to you.” He lifted my chin harshly, making his eyes lock onto my every feature.

Before saying anything, I glanced down at my body under the bedsheets, I was still fully closed with the black dress. A knot in my stomach felt relief. I let out a shaky breath. My hands went down to cover my thigh from showing below the hem of the clothing. He caught that moment and retreated his hand from my chin.

Draco walked towards his wardrobe and leaned both his arms against it, releasing a deep breath. “What the fuck happened?” he spat, probably colder than expected.

I tried collecting my words, “Nothing fucking happened. Why am I here-”

“You passed out yesterday, you looked dead on the couch. I just placed you on my bed, that’s all.” I could feel the reassurance in the way he said the last words, making me question if Pansy or Blaise might have told him.

Finally, I let the thoughts from... before, find their way far back into the hidden areas of my mind. Maybe nothing did happen. At his lowest point, Draco wouldn’t even do that.

I couldn’t let him think I was simply a broken fragile piece of glass, even if it hurt to speak, this moment of mine was the last thing I would want Draco knowing from me. Maybe teasing him would draw into a new topic.“You being nice?”

He turned to face me, “I was being sincere. Being the way you just had an outburst, I shouldn’t have even bothered.”

“So why did you bother?”

“Blaise took Pansy from the party, she asked me to take you back to your dorm.”

“I must be blind then,” I paused, “This is very not much like my room.”

“You think I would take time out of my fucking night to drag you towards your room?” He seethed before extending his arm showing his room in awe, “Saving my time.”

Obviously. He doesn’t even have the slight decency to say something subtle.

“Of course. I wouldn’t want to interrupt your precious time so I’ll head out.” I lifted myself from his bed, feeling the faint throbbing in my head. He was leaning against his wardrobe as he glanced at me walking towards his door.

“Oh,” he spoke vaguely, “about yesterday’s question, who exactly caused the answer to be ‘yes’” His eyes locked onto mine.

I just wanted to leave. I wanted to recollect my thoughts and properly sort out my memories from yesterday. Part of me wanted to crouch down into a ball and cry, let it all out and simply talk to someone. But I knew better than to let Draco see me crack again. “Why so curious Malfoy? Would you like to join us sometime?”

His eye twitched as his hand-held tighter onto the cupboard. “Touching you? I’d never bring myself so low.”

Now I knew nothing truly happened.

“Your such a dick.” I spat before opening the door and stepping out.

On my way back into the girls’ dungeons, I felt it creep in. Flint’s touches on my body again. But then the words of Draco were paining me too, for a reason I didn’t know off.


“Take a seat, class.” Professor Sinistra said.

In Astronomy, we learn about the movement of planets and stars. We always have this class at night on Wednesdays in order to make use of our mandatory telescopes. Making my way to the top of the Astronomy tower every time for this class has been stressful. But I’ve gotten accustomed.

Today, Sinistra wanted us to have an early class. I’m not exactly sure why, but she stated something about presenting a quick project. Taking my seat beside Luna, I start unpacking my quill and notebook.

“Alright class, take out your essentials,” She kept talking for what felt like hours, about everything but the project.

The door was dramatically slammed open.

“Why are you late Mr. Malfoy?” The entire class snapped their head back at the Slytherin boy standing messily at the door. His first two shirt buttons were undone and his hair was messy. He ran his hand over the corner of his mouth.

“I was eating.”

Professor Sinistra turned to her board, “Take a seat, class started 16 minutes ago.”

Draco smirked as he walked over to the table at the back of the Class. Sitting down with Theo, Adrian, and Daphne. Theo started to laugh at one of Draco’s comments but Daphne looked angry. I should’ve looked away but the topic intrigued me. Adrian switched his view from talking Draco as he caught me starring wide-eyed.

I quickly look away. But I heard them all break into laughter.

“-you will have this assignment due next month, keep track of when the specific kinds of the moon will appear, on your calendars.”

Shuffling noises came from my left, Luna was already packing her bags, “Are you ok Nyla? You seem disoriented.”

“I’m sorry, um- what do we have to do exactly?”

“I’ll explain on our way out,”

I snap my head around at the voice I heard behind my ear, Adrian.

“Alright then,” Luna smiled as she gave me a snug hug.

“What was distracting you?” He smirks.

My breathing hitched, I grabbed my bags placing them over my shoulder as I began walking out of the class, “Nothing was distracting me-”

“All you have to do is record the moon this month, in detail” he clarified, walking beside me, “Observe its place in the sky, its position, and anything else.”

I stop in my tracks to face him, “Right, thanks,” I pat his shoulder quickly before walking away.

Rounding the corner of the hall, I spot Ashton leaning against a wall talking to another Hufflepuff. She looked much younger. I quickly make my way over as he spots me and places a kiss on the girl’s cheek.

“Hi,” I said leaning my head against his shoulder.

“Bye stupid,” the girl shoved Ashton before walking away, giving me a small wave.

Ashton turned to face me, “Don’t worry, that was my sister, Amara,”

The knot in my stomach loosened.

“She seems nice,” I smiled, “Want to do something fun today?”


“I dunno, maybe sneak out into the forest at night-”

“Nyla what?” he questioned trying to understand me, once he saw I was being serious he spoke again, “I had a different idea,”

He wrapped his hand around my waist and walked along my side, “I had planned- that um- we- just follow me,”

I had no idea what we were doing. We had class in a few, and he never missed class. But he gripped tightly around my waist, dragging me outside into the forest. The sun was shining brighter than my mood for sure. The air felt fresh and breezy. Ashton dragged us both under a massive tree. We were in the forbidden forest under the shade when Ashton transfigured his robe into a blanket. He placed it down on the floor smoothing it out with his palms.

He looked up at me, opening his arms as he smiled, “A picnic.”

My heart flourished. He had done this for me. The bright sunny day didn’t seem so bad at the moment. His smile was so genuine and pure, it made me desperate to see him like this more often.

I pushed my body close to his, staring into his eyes deeply, I wanted this. In one simple breath, our lips connected. His soft lips meet mine and everything seemed to stop at that moment. His hands gripped my hips tightly as I pulled back to glance at his glistening facial features.

He smiled, “I brought grapes,”

“Green or red?” I smirked.

“Both,” he paused, “your very indecisive, you know that?”

Oh, I knew that.

The wind brushed against Ashton’s fluffy hair. His eyelids clapped against one another as he placed the grape basket in the middle of the blanket. He gestured for us to sit. And once we did, the songs echoed by the birds filled our ears. It was windy, bright, and Ashton was here, it felt ideal.

Ashton was leaning on his arms as his legs were vertically extended, I was sitting up, trying my best to keep a posture I didn’t have.

“Can you catch?” he questioned.


“Catch this grape,” he laughed.

“I bet I can,” I giggled.

Ashton smiled, “if you do, you ow me another one of those kisses,”

I couldn’t help but chuckle, “that doesn’t make sense, if I win I don’t ow-”

“Yes but it would be a nice gesture,” the corner of his lips rose.

I rolled my eyes and nodded, he grabbed a red grape and aimed it towards my face. Once he did, I caught it between my teeth. The glimmer in his eyes couldn’t be missed. I laughed to myself as I gently leaned over Ashton, “A nice gesture.” Our lips meet each other once again. His hand tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

This felt perfect. Like one of those cliché muggle novels, the ones where the main character meets the gentlemen, and they fall in love. Living happily ever after.

I knew it was this, or similar to this because it’s always described as a type of love you can feel the need for. Whenever you’re with each other, your senses are overwhelmed. Every inch of you is consumed by the other.

I gently pulled away from our everlasting kiss, his bright smile could be noticeable from miles away. “The perfect gesture,” he said.

Pressing my head against his chest, his arms wrapped around my body. I lay on top of the picnic blanket cuddled next to Ashton. He stroked his soft hand against my cheek, sending light shivers along my spine.

Everything set in place, I felt more relaxed than ever, and I felt safe with him, here, next to me. He wrapped one of his arms over my shoulder, toying with my hair. The sounds of birds and twigs cracking were getting blocked out with hearing our breaths collide.

He looked up at the bright cloud-filled sky, “It’s calming isn’t it,”

“This? Very.” I smiled.

“Staring at the sky, it seems so much closer than it actually is, I feel like once I stand up I’ll just be able to reach for it.” he breathed.

I nudged my head against his shoulder, glancing over at his amazed expression. He was wearing a light blue shirt under his robe, “Blue suits you y’know,”

He looked back down at me, “I’ve always liked it,” he paused looking back up, “Pink feels like it’s yours.”

I never liked pink. Something about it didn’t appeal me. It was too bright and eye aching.

“Maybe.” was all I said.

“Let me guess your favorite animal,” he suggested. I gave him a quick nod as I noted his face scrunch in thought, “a rabbit?”

I laughed patting his chest, “Nice try,”

“So what is it?”

Looking up at his glistening brown eyes I replied, “a butterfly.”

His forehead wrinkled, “Butterflies?” he paused, “it suits you.”

I blushed at his comment. “And yours?”

He gave it thought for a moment before answering, “I like bears,” he smiled awkwardly.

Bears are cute, they’re big and fluffy, I can see where he was coming from. I mean I can’t say anything, most people find the idea of butterflies disturbing.

“I’d imagine that.” I laughed.



Dracos’ POV:

I just wanted to observe the fucking thestrals.

They had to choose this place, out of a whole forest, to baby talk each other? This is so fucking stupid. I want to rinse my ears.

“Blue suits you.”

“Nice gesture,”

“Perfect gesture,”

Perfect my arse, they’re so bloody clueless all the time.

“A bear,”

...he’s got to be kidding.

Heyyy guys sorry I took so long to update I just needed to sort the plot out, but for those that keep voting and commenting, Thank you!! it means so much to me<3 And we hit 2k views!!! Thank you lovess!

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