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Aurora lilac fawn is a 19 year old girl who needs a new start so so moves to a town called silver roc king the middle of no where what happens when she finds her mate Elijah kasen most dangerous alpha in the United States not to mention he's also a big shot in the human world to burly she doesn't know all this stuff because she's human.

Romance / Other
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Chapter one

It is eight in the morning and i am sitting on a coach on my way to a small town in the middle of no where called silver rock the it is a small town surrounded by forest for miles on miles right now i am looking threw a leaflet looking for a place to stay.

and the only place that is on this leaflet with very little information has one place and its a cabin surround by in the middle of the forest.

but it seems nice and quiet and away from everyone else and that is exactly what i need so i take out my phone and diel the number that's on the leaflet.

"hello" a soft voice came threw the other side of the phone "hi i'm phoning to see if that cabin is still up for sale" i ask her quietly silently hoping it is.

" yes yes it is are you wanting to rent it" she asks almost screaming down the phone "yes i am would it be possible if i could get it " i really need a place to stay tonight.

"yes i'm free all day call me anytime and ill be there" she says and then we exchange our goodbyes now i can finally relax .

all i need to do now is find a job it says on the leaflet that there is a diner in town that is hiring so i could check that out now i have got a place to stay.

i hade been on the bus for three hours and now i'm standing at a bus stop in the middle of no were luckily i have a map on the back of this leaflet i find my way into the town it is quiet busy for a small town.

i wonder about town looking for the diner that is hiring and after 30 minutes of searching i finally found it its the only diner in town i walk in and the place is pretty packed i see a table in the back and i walk over and sat at it.

a waiter comes up to me she has black hair that goes to her shoulders and soft blue eyes shes quit tall and has a slim figure.

"hello what can i get you" she asks me while handing me over the menu i have a quick look threw it " could i please have a coffee black with two sugars please and pancakes" i say and hand her back the menu.

" yes of course" she says and then goes into the kitchen five minutes later she comes back out with my food i expect her to walk away but she doesn't she sits in front of with a smile on her face.

" so are you new to town" she asks looking me straight in my eyes "umm.. yeah i actually just arrived my name is aurora lilac fawn" she nearly jumps with excitement when i tell her who i am.

"its good to have someone new in town we don't get much new people" she says and then looks down at her hands she then looks back up " well my name is rose kaysen" she stretches her hand out and i shake hers.

" i'm actually looking for a job and i seen that this place was hiring"ii ask her and then take a sip of my coffee" we are hiring were actually looking for a new waiter and its good pay" she says and i cant help but smile.

"wait here ill be out with papers for you to sing " she says and then basically runs into the back i decide to dig into my pancakes before the got cold i fish my pancakes and my coffee and then rose comes out from the back and hands me papers.

"we just need who you are where your from birth certificate ,id, bank details , passport and then yo sing where it says and you can start Monday" she says and sense i have all my stuff with me i show her everything and she prints them out to keep.

i then sing my name where needed and now i officially have a job " what size are you so i can get you a uniform" i tell her my size and she goes into the back room the file the papers and get me my uniform.

she hands me my uniform and it is it is a turquoise waiter dress with a white apron with the name rose's sowed on it.

"Thank you very much but are you aloud to do this" i ask her concerned " yeah of course i am its my diner she says and gets up " its on the house she then walks over and takes there orders.

i phone the cabin women and she gives me the address and says to be there within two hours i call rose over " do you have any cab serves" i watch as she almost burst out laughing but she keeps it in " no why where are you going".

"i'm going to mags cabin" i say and her face lights up " its about time some one moves into that place" she takes of her apron " i can drop you off there i know the way" she says and i have to except or i wouldn't make it there.

we get into her car and she starts driving "we should go food shopping your going to need to eat she says as she pulls up to a super market.

we get out of the car and grab a cart we walk into the super market and get food and essentials "come on lets get some wine" she runs into the alcohol line and gets three bottles of red wine " could you also grab a bottle of whisky please" i say and she gladly gets it and puts it in the cart.

i know what your thinking i'm only nineteen i shouldn't bee drinking but i can hold my liquor we then go and check out and i pay and use my fake id to buy the drink we then pack the bags into the car and we start driving again.

it takes us about thirty minutes and we pull up a short path and then a small wooden cabin comes into sight but there is no one there i get out of the car and rose follows " i called mags and told her your with me so she didnt need to come" rose says to me while unloading the car and garbing my suit cases.
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