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Ace Bad Things

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Book one in the Bad Things series After Aria Davis is expelled from high school, she is forced to go live with her aunt in Los Angeles, California. Aria is happy to be anywhere but with her abusive parents. Aria meets a mysterious and intimidating boy, Ace Garcia. The more Aria gets around Ace, the more she begins to wonder what it is Ace and his friends are up to. Things spin wildly out of control as Aria uncovers the truth. The two of them fight to be together and stay alive in this comical, romantic, thriller. The suspense will have you at the edge of your chair. Romance is evident, but happily ever after is not promised when you're living on the edge. A relationship, unlike any other. Can they overcome all the bad things? THIS BOOK IS PUBLISHED ON AMAZON AND EBOOK!

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Summary: Aria Davis is expelled from school and her parents send her to California to live with her aunt. California holds many deep and dark secrets. Aria uncovers these secrets one at a time, and learns more about herself in the process.

This book is available on Wattpad and Amazon. It can be bought as a paperback or ebook on Amazon.

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