Finding a Mate

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WARNING: THIS NOVEL CONTAINS GRAPHIC SCENES OF VIOLENCE, ABUSE, RAPE, HARASSMENT AND OTHER TOPICS THAT MAY TRIGGER SOME READERS. PLEASE READ WITH CAUTION. 18 YEARS PLUS. Lily has had a rough start in life and although she is a werewolf she finds that she is constantly lacking strength. Every night she prays to the moon goddess for a true mate- one that will stand by her and introduce her to the feeling of love. You see, Lily has never experienced love.... or much of anything really. She isn't allowed to go out much and certainly has no experience when it comes to guys. Will the goddess grant her a true mate? Or will Lily be forced to live in this state of torture forever?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


Lily's P.O.V

"No! Please stop!" I screamed as tears rolled heavily down my cheeks.

"Know your place girl!" My foster father, Mike, growled at me as he brought the silver-laced whip against my back for what seemed like the millionth time.

"But I didn't do anything wrong! I just asked if I could go to school this year!" I wailed as Mike brought the whip down again.

"You can never leave this house! Not now, not ever!" Mike yelled as the whip sounded with another large crack. I whimpered as he added, "besides.... no one will ever want to look at you" Mike stressed the word 'want' with distaste. "You are a hideous, ungrateful, whore and you will learn your place! It's up to you if you want to learn it the easy way or the hard way" he grumbled out as he struck me again and my vision started to get blurry.

I was starting to feel the effects of the silver as the blood was gushing from my back and I was beginning to lose consciousness. The last thing I heard before I passed out was Mike yelling at one of the servants to get me cleaned up.

I woke up a few hours later, groaning in pain as I blinked rapidly at the blinding light. My wolf, Misha, whimpered at me, 'how can he be so cruel to us when we have done nothing?'

'I am sorry Misha.... I shouldn't have asked about attending school' I apologized to her.

'It's okay... I wanted to be free of this place as much as you did' Misha said understandingly.

"You have been out for a few hours. I cleaned your wounds and dressed them but with the silver it will be a while before you are healed" the servant, Jenna, said as she looked at me sympathetically.

Jenna has always been kind to me and helps me get cleaned up after Mike's beatings. She is my best and only friend, and she is probably the only reason I have stayed sane. I sighed at her, "thank you Jenna, I don't know what I would do without you".

She sighed back as she set a tray of food on my lap, "you shouldn't have asked to go to school.... you know he will never let you leave this place" Jenna said.

"I know Jenna, but I am going to be 18 soon and school could be my only chance to find my mate" I said sadly.

For as long as I can remember I have been praying to the moon goddess every night to give me a true mate. I have read books, provided as my 'education', from Mike about wolf life and mates. And from what I could tell, having a true mate was the best feeling that any wolf could ever have. I also learned, however, that you can only sense your mate after the age of 18, unless you are a lycan. Lycans are much bigger and more powerful than regular werewolves. They also have unique gifts, such as seeing the future or sensing others emotions, that help them to be better leaders.

"I know how badly you want a mate.... you talk about it all the time" Jenna said. "I wish I had a mate, but I am just as stuck here as you are and have no clue how to find him" she smiled sadly at me.

I placed a hand on her arm, "you don't have to stay Jenna, you could work somewhere else" I said.

"I can't leave you with that monster.... besides, who knows what he would do to my family if I left" Jenna shuddered.

"You're right.... let's not think about that now though, I am going to get ready for my daily dose of studying" I said with a sarcastic tone.

"Alright then I will leave you to it. But please make sure you eat something" Jenna pleaded.

"Okay I will" I said with a small smirk. Jenna nodded at me and left the room. The only reason I was allowed to study at all was because of the Alpha. He made it mandatory for all of his pack members to be educated and if anyone is home schooled they have to send in monthly reports on their progress. But I am sure that if the Lycan King had not declared by law that every Alpha had to do this for their pack, then my Alpha wouldn't have cared.

I guess I should go inspect the damage. I sighed as I carefully slid the food off of my lap and slowly got to my feet. I almost stumbled backward as a huge wave of pain hit my back. I gritted my teeth together and tried to hold back tears as I went to grab my study materials.

I gasped in horror when I saw my reflection in a near by mirror. My long, black hair was a tangled mess of curls and there were large black circles under my ocean blue eyes. There were also large, hand shaped bruises on my arms from where Mike had grabbed me before shoving me onto the ground.

I had always wondered where I got my looks from.... I had never met my biological family and Mike hadn't given me any information about them. All I know is that I was placed into the foster system at the age of 2 and that a note had been left with my name, Lily Vallence.

I sighed as I picked up my books and headed back to my bed. I glanced out of my barred window at the peaceful looking field behind the house longingly. If only I could be free.... there are so many things I haven't experienced.... so many things I haven't seen.

'I wonder what that grass would feel like under my paws' Misha interrupted my day dreaming. 'I really want to go for a run' she whimpered.

'You know I would let you go for one if I could' I replied sadly.

'I know Lily. But we will get out of this place.... our mate will save us' Misha said assuringly.

"If we ever find him..." I mumbled out loud as I sat on the bed and flipped my biology book opened. I loved to read.... it was like an escape from the world and this knowledge could help me one day. I have always wanted to be a doctor... ever since I was younger and the beatings from Mike started I have been determined to learn how to help people. I want to be able to heal people and help them feel better.

I started reading over the latest chapter in my book, writing down notes occassionally as I nibbled on the food Jenna brought me.

Several hours had passed when Jenna came back for my dishes. "Learn anything new? You have been through that book at least 3 times since you got it" Jenna asked.

"I know but it's interesting to me and I would love something new but you know Mike doesn't stay up to date with the textbooks" I sighed, rubbing the back of my neck.

"Yeah.... I'm sure if it wasn't mandatory Mike wouldn't get you books at all" Jenna grumbled as she picked up the dishes and turned to leave. But before she could leave the room Mike came storming in.

"I don't know what you did but I have had it!" Mike said, pointing at me angrily as Jenna sent me a worried look.

'He is going to hurt us again' Misha whimpered.

'I know that but I don't know why' I replied to her.

Mike came over and grabbed me by the hair, tossing me onto the floor. I cried out in pain as my arm hit the corner of my night stand hard. "You are one lucky little tramp!" Mike yelled. "You get your wish, you are starting school tomorrow. The Alpha made it mandatory for you to go since you are almost of age to meet your mate" Mike said through gritted teeth.

My eyes widened, but before I could celebrate Mike slapped me across the face. "Don't you dare cause me any problems" he said threateningly. I nodded rapidly at him, holding my stinging cheek. Then thankfully he turned and barged out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

'Did you hear that! I told you we would get out of here!' Misha yipped happily.

'It's only for a few hours a day but yes.... we can get out of here' I replied happily.

"You should get cleaned up, we have an exciting day tomorrow! Plus it is your birthday!" Jenna said.

It took me a mimute for her words to sink in before my eyes widened in realization, "you're going too?" I squealed happily.

"Yes, apparently since I am also of age to find my mate I get to go too" Jenna said.

"Great! I'm going to get cleaned up and then head to bed. Tomorrow can't come fast enough!" I said excitedly.

"I agree" Jenna chuckled at me before she left the room.

I ran into the bathroom and took a quick shower. Being careful not to turn my back to the water so that my bandages would stay dry. I got out of the cold water, since Mike didn't allow me any hot water, and dried off. I brushed my hair and teeth before getting into my pajamas and scurrying to the bed. I turned out the light but before I turned onto my stomach.

I whispered quietly, "please moon goddess grant me a true mate. Please let me find him soon". I heard Misha repeat the same thing before I drifted off to sleep.

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