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What happens when your online alias becomes the talk of the campus after a video surfaces exposing the popular guy in a compromising position? Lukas Smith is your typical twenty year old college student. With his striking good looks and easy charm, he seems to have the world in his hands. His fraternity is hosting a mixer over spring break and Lukas has his sight set on the big shot baseball player, Oliver Santiago. As fate would have it, Lukas and Oliver are paired together to create a website as a class project. The more Lukas gets to know Oliver, he soon realizes that the star athlete is harboring a secret that would "break the internet" if it ever came out.

Romance / Other
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I wish I could tell you that everything gets better with time, but I'd be lying to you. I heard the news of your breakup and I wanted to be the one to console you that afternoon. Jet and Kellen, in the most respectful way possible, were complete assholes to you. I believe that tough love is warranted in most cases, but not in that moment, not when you needed someone to hold you when fate ripped your heart from your body. Selfishly, this is my opportunity to finally tell you the biggest secret I've been harboring for quite some time. I promised that I would be honest with you, even if it's not easy. So, here goes nothing..."
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