Tales Of Azmar

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SOME SEXULAL CONTENT AND STRONG LANGUAGE 14+ Azmar, a town with a dark history. Vampires Werewolf's and even witches conclude the tales Young Reyna Higgons travels back in time to 1860 upon finding a mysterious crystal, who later falls for a dashing vampire, Lylcus Tybalt with his long curly black hair and sparkling blue eyes, like who wouldn't fall in love with that? and how will their love survive in the modern-day world? With all the trouble and grief and fame will they be able to stick it out especially when her old loved Luca Barnes returns I HAVE CREATED ALL OF MY CHARACTERS SO IF YOU ARE USING THEM PLEASE CREDIT ME AZMAR IS ALSO MY CREATION!

Romance / Fantasy
Brooke Duggan
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Back story

Hello I'm my name is Reyna Higgons, my story is rather simple.

I turned 16 last December and I'm starting a different school, we lately just transferred into a different town causing me and my boyfriend Nate Henson, have decided to try long-distance, it goes by the name of Azmar, things have been known to happen in the town from people going missing one day only to be found emptied of blood the next, people said it was animal attacks but my father is a fan of the supernatural supposes it was vampires which don't exist. My mum died when I was a baby I always felt like I knew her. Vampires weren't the only thing rumoured to be here, there was also, witches, and werewolves and rumours of time travel, That stretch back as far as the 1800s.

now that you know some things, let's get into the story.

Character looks and Aesthetic are all on my Pinterest board along with couple aesthetics.
Still adding more character looks but this is have got for now.
Link in my bio
And characters as followed in order

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