Tales Of Azmar

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I strutted down the stairs my eyes locked on a tall bit with black curly hair which hung slightly over his eyebrows, "this is Lylcus, Ruby, Nale and I'm Emily" a blond girl approached me introducing me to each of her friends.

"Happy Birthday" I shook Lylcus hand, "none of us knew Celeste had a daughter, how old are you?" he raised a brow.
His eyes were a deep blue matching the ocean.
"17" I replied, he smirked at this. "Want to dance," he asked taking my hand and leading me onto the dance floor.
His hand wandered down my waist until it reached just above my bum. We danced with everyone to the slow song until a photographer approached us.
"Smile!" he chimed, Lylcus tightened his grip on my waist while the photo was taken.
"I'm just going outside for some fresh air," I said walking off outside.

I was stroking a horse which was next to a carriage, "you like horses?"Lylcus voice deepened behind me, "they are beautiful" I replied.

"I know something more beautiful" he cooed, "And what's that" I turned around only to find him gazing down at me his hair dangling down.
He crashed his lips against mine, "no!" I stated "I have a boyfriend" then I thought of how I might not make it back to 2020 like my mother and how I might not see Nate again.
"I don't see him, " Lylcus smirked, "me either" I spat.
he crashed his lips against mine again but he lifted me forcing my legs to wrap around his waist. His hands trailed up and down my sides, his lips trailing from my lips to my collarbone and back.
I felt a pinch on my neck and blood trickle only for Lylcus to lick it and move back to my lips. "Upstairs" he ordered letting go of me and I obeyed.
I walked in the door only to see my mum standing talking to his father once she noticed me she approached me, "stay away from Lylcus and his friends your father has been telling the truth all along about the supernatural" she warned before Turing and going back to his father.
I looked around and couldn't see Lylcus so I headed straight upstairs for bed.
I got into my room but was lifted from the ground he began undoing my corset with one hand and my dress with the other before firing me into the bed and crawling up towards me.

You can guess what happens next!
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