Tales Of Azmar

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*One week later*

I walked around the corner into a field it was filed with bluebells, sat down for a second when a bunny hopped along in front of me before coming up to my dress, I stretched my hand out and stroked it, surprisingly it didn't run away, "animals seem to like you, "Lylcus said from behind me.
the bunny jumped from my dress, running away "and they don't like you" I laughed "your mum told me" Lylcus said sitting beside me "told you what?" I said looking at him, his look sent chills down my body his white button-up short in tucked and half-buttoned, his hair a mess showing little curls.
"about how you don't belong here" he replied, "what's it like there?" he asked "there shouldn't be more technology, cars and medicine but then there's wars and pollution and not to forget the politics," I said "here's much better, you're not as controlled"I added, "is it all suits?" he asked "no, there's more clothes and women can also be trousers"I responded "is that where your boyfriend is?" he asked now grabbing my hand "yes" I replied looking away from him "don't forget I live forever I can find you there if you go back" he laughed, placing his finger under my chin guiding my face towards him.
there's something different about about" he said letting his hand glide down my shoulder, "as much as I want to hurt everyone else I can't hurt you". "
is there any thing I need to know about here?" i avoided what he had said. "well it seems its better than 2020, but as far as i know theres only a few vampires that live here"he said "who are they?" i questioned "me, Ruby, Emily and Nale and theres a few more but i dont know them"he responded "does your father know, about you?" i asked "no, hes orgaizing a hunt for vampires tommorow he said he has a way to find them and people you have been involed with them" he replied "Involed?"i replied "like people who loves them, they have a mark kinda like a side ways 8, the vampire and the person both have one"he pulled up his sleve showing a mark, i moved the shoulder of my dress reavling the same sign "when did that show?" he demanded, now stading up, pulling my up from the ground "this moring"i replied "we need to get you to the witches they need to cover it or they will use you to try a find out who the vampires are"he said "but whatever you do dont tell them you came from 2020 , they dont like time travelers"he said pulling me. "what if they already know and send me back!?" i asked stopping him "then i will find you again, no matter how long it takes i will always find you,"he said "if i went back would i remember you?"i asked, we started walking again "no, you wouldnt but im sure theres a way, a word, something that could trigger you to remember me" he said "but we have to get to the witches, no matter what happenes i will find you" he said pulling me in and kissing me.

*with the coven*

"you were told to stay away from here" one of the witches shouted "I need your help," Lylcus said "we're not helping any vampires like you" she shouted "whos here now?" my mum asked coming out of the building it looked abandoned "she has the mark!" Lylcus said, I showed it and so did Lylcus "I told you to stay away from him he could kill you" my mum scolded "he won't" I replied "so your Celestes daughter, your mum finally fessed up to time travelling, so you must of to?" she asked "I just need to to do something about the mark" Lylcus interrupted "the only thing we can do is send her back," the witch said "but she won't remember, "Lylcus interrupted again, he seemed to have a thing for doing that.
"if we do it on the full moon which is tomorrow she will remember" she replied "tomorrow at midnight my dad starting the hunt for vampires," Lylcus said "so after we send her back you and your friends need to run and don't return until 2020 around the same time" my mum added.
"Thanks, mum," I said "Lylcus you need to tell you friends the plan and meet us here tomorrow at midnight," my mum said shoeing us away.
we made it back to the manor "what is this between us?" I asked him "I don't know but it's different, I never felt like this with anyone, it was like, "I said "love at first sight" I slightly joked even though I meant it.
"We knew it!" Emily shouted from behind a bush as she stepped out with Nale and Ruby, "you told them!" I said to Lylcus "I didn't" he replied "have you been following us?" he asked "no- -maybe "he paused "yes" Nale laughed "so you know what's happening tomorrow?" Lylcus added "so are you going to get your brother before we leave?" Ruby asked "brother?" I asked "tomorrow at 11 get us here and don't tell anyone," Lylcus said before walking off, I followed him "brother?" I asked again "he's my half brother he has a different mother," he said pulling me into his room "we don't speak much but he is still my little brother, even if it's just a couple of months" he added, "what's his name?" I asked "Nate Henson" he answered "shit!" I shouted "what?" he asked in a confused tone "my boyfriend's name is Nate Henson" I replied "it's probably someone else" I reassured myself "I'm just going to head to bed as its getting late," I said walking out of the room, once I got into my room I got changed and hopped into bed, that entire night I couldn't stop thinking about how there's a chance I had been dating his brother, how he might know about everything and how he's a vampire and if it was him. I had been dating a vampire for two years.
"can't sleep," Lylcus asked climbing into the bed beside me.
he crawled under the blankets and pulled me over to him "how is it love if we have only known each other for 2 days?" I asked "does it matter how long it is, I love you and that's all that matters to me and even though from tomorrow it will only be a day or two before I find you it will be nearly 200 years for me and I promise you I will do everything in my power to make it back to you" he replied, "so when you get back to look for your 'boyfriend' incase he is my brother I will be with him" he added, I tilted my head up to him as our eyes met "I love you too" I replied, he kissed my forehead as I fell asleep to the sound of his deep hum.
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