Tales Of Azmar

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it was later in the day when I woke up, I looked over to see Lylcus still laying next to me "what time is it?" I asked yawning "5 O'clock" he replied "what," I said jumping up shocked "I didn't want to wake you" he exclaimed pulling me back into his chest "you have a little something I said pointing to a red spot at the corner of his mouth "don't worry I didn't kill them, I erased their memory" he explained "so what can vampires do?" I asked. "we can; erase the memory of anyone we want, we can run up to 300 Miles every minuteby we can't control or feed from someone if they have taken anything including Allium cepa Proliferum" he responded "how do you become a vampire?" I asked "you have to die with our blood in your system" he answers "I wanted to give you something," he said pulling out a ring with a red crystal in the middle "it looks just like the Crystal I found" I replied "that's because it is" he laughed slipping it onto my finger "thank you!" I said climbing on top of him "what type of ball is it tonight?" I asked leaning close to his face "mascurade" he whispered, his breath sending chills down my back, he went to kiss me but i got up off him and went to the wardrobe to pick a dress for tonight "the dress in 2020 show way more skin believe me" i laughed i glaced round to see him still laying on the bed, he got up walking over to megrabbing my waist "how about we skip the ball and just go outside till 12?" he suggested "even better"i laughed "he twisted the the tie on my robe undoing it "excuse you" i replied "what?" he asked " your're frineds are probaly wondering whats exactly happening tonight" i said "fine" he moaned "ill go tell them now" he continued , meet me outside in 10 minutes "the feild?" i asked, he nodded his head and walked out. I got a bath and changed into yet another dress, I couldn't believe how many dresses I had worn in the past week and how I would be returning home tonight.
once I had was finished doing my hair I made my way out to the field on the way out Lylcus's father had a group of men gathered around a table, I rushed passed them frantically checking to make sure you couldn't see my mark.
I reached the field but this time Lylcus was sitting waiting for me, I sat down beside him and began twiddling with a trend of grass "my brothers coming today, so we can get out of here before the hunt" he said "you be able to see if he is your 'boyfriend' "he added, "so he's a vampire too then?" I asked "yea, my mother treated him like her son after his mother died giving birth to him," he explained, "how did you get turned?" I asked "my mum turned both of us last year, but then she vanished after a fight with my dad" he responded. "
did you tell your friends what's happening?" I asked "yea they're going to meet us at the stables at 11" he replied "whats going to happen between us when you go back to your boyfriend?" he asked, his eyes meeting mine. "I will do anything to be with you no matter how long it takes" I replied "I hope so" he laughed, causing me to smile.
"ruby and Emily said they wanted to speak to you before you go," he said helping my off the grass "do you know where they are?" I asked "there in the town" he replied "remember by at the stables by 11" he reminded me as I walked off, the town was only a minute walk from the manor it looked similar to 2020.
I saw Emily and ruby sitting on a bench, "Lylcus said you wanted to speak to me?" I said walking up at sitting down beside them "we just wanted to let you know when you return be carful around Nate if he knows you are with Lylcus you don't want to know what he will do," ruby said "and whatever you don't break Lylcus's heart, he has never talked about someone as much as you, even though he only met you, you can tell he loves you, by the way, he looks at you" Emily smiled "now tells us somethings that happened" ruby laughed

I spent the next few hours explaining what happened.

it was 10:30 by the time we finished walking around the town so we made our way to the stables I hug Lylcus when I saw him "brother" a familiar voice said walking towards us I turned around only to see Nate walking towards us he hugged Lylcus "long time no see" Lylcus said he glanced at me as I nodded my head signalling that it was my boyfriend, blonde hair, green eyes. "nice to meet you" he said shaking my hand "up to the coven" I guess ruby said walking off.
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