Tales Of Azmar

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we had reached the abandoned house to see the coven outside waiting, "are you ready?" one of them asked, I nodded my head as she guided me into a circle "when you return no-one will suspected anything is wrong so you should be able to carry on with your life" my mum told me "are you coming too?" I asked her "I'm happier here than I was ever there, so don't worry about me" she smiled exiting the circle once she stepped out it lit on fire, the town bell went off alerting the beginning of the hunt "you all need to go!" my mum said "I'm not leaving until I know she's safe, "Lylcus said "I'll be fine you need to go or we won't see each other again" I shouted over the flames "I love you" I mouthed, they ran off into the distance "we have done a spell that you'll wake-up in the same place," one of the witches said, they circled linking hands the began to chant something that sounded similar to Latin, I felt my feet rise from the ground a light flashed and I found my self back at the circle on the cliff, pitch dark.

"Reyna!" nash's voice called as I flashlight shone into my eyes, I was back in the same clothes I was wearing on the school trip, he knelt beside me "she's over here!" he shouted "what happened we've been looking for you for over a month," he said helping me up from the ground "Reyna!" my dad shouted running to me, he wrapped his arms around me "I'm okay" I reassured him "where have you been the past month?" he asked "I don't know" I replied "everyone has been out looking for you, Nate and his friends even transferred here to help look," he said "come-on we need to get you home," he said, he took me down the cliff to our car, my dad drove me home.
When we got there, an ambulance was waiting they took blood only to find nothing wrong "it's like she wasn't gone"the nurse said "everything's normal, but if anything changes call us again but she's perfectly fine and if it's okay with you she can return to school tomorrow" she added "let us just get you inside for now" my dad said "thank you" I told the nurse, my dad brought me inside and sat me down on the sofa "I'm sorry for not believing you" I said "believing what?" he asked "in the supernatural" I murmured.
"What happened to you exactly?" he asked "I went back in time, I saw mum and I fell in love," I told him, I explained what happened "she's happy, she was with her friends," I said, a tear ran down his face.
"whos this guy you fell in love with?" he asked "first, is the Tybalt Manor still here?" I asked "yea, why?" he replied "I need to show you something, that's where we were staying" I replied "ill take you," he said, we pilled into the car again, we pulled up outside the manor, it looked the same just a little more green, it had veins up along the pillars.
I pushed open the doors to find a candle beside the door the wax still warm "there here!" I said to my dad "who?" he asked "I think Lylcus is here" I replied "the war hero Lylcus Tybalt?" he asked " war hero?" I replied "he and his brother saved so many lives in world war 1" he replied, I dandered up the stairs "so you were staying here?" he asked as I wandered into my room "yea" I replied opening the closest, all my dresses untouched, "how was I gone a month I was only here for a week?" I asked "I don't know" he replied "I heard a creep from outside the door as it swung open" Ruby, Emily?" I said as the walked in "we've been looking for you," Emily said as the both hugged me "who's this?" my dad asked "this is Ruby and Emily," I said, he shook both their hands "he's a fan of the supernatural"I winked.
"so does he know about us?" Emily asked "wait you are vampires?" my dad asked, they both laughed and nodded "where's Lylcus?" I asked "he and Nate are coming tomorrow in time for the ball," Ruby said "after you left me and Emily came back, their dad ended up getting killed by one of the vampires, karma I guess. your mother got turned, but we lost track of her at the end of the war" she added "he had to hide after the war so people didn't recognize him," Emily said "are you going to the ball tomorrow?" she asked, I looked at my dad, he nodded his head "You were right there are nicer clothes here" Emily added "come-on you need to get home to incase you are still going to school tommorow "my dad said "ill see you tommorow at the dance"i said before walking out with my dad, when we got home i went straight up to my room "are you going to school tommorow?" my dad asked "you know i will go"i said "goodnight"i added, i sat down on my bed and felt a buzz come from my finger , i glanced down to see the ring Lylcus had given me, it was glowing red even more than last time i heard a tapping sound on my window i lifted my head up to see an owl wiith a note in its beak. I slid open my window and took the letter from its beak it read;

dear Reyna,

I've been watching over you and have been trying my best to get back, but I assume that Ruby and Emily have told you that I'm back tomorrow, my brother still doesn't know that it's you, but he's been telling me that he was seeing a girl called Reyna but he doesn't know that you were called Reyna, but as I told you all them years ago. I will do everything I can to make it back to you.

love Lylcus

I sipped under my pillow and went to sleep with a smile on my face.
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