Broken souls

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They've been hurt and let down, alone and fearful are they ready to love and feel again regain confidence and connection will there BROKEN SOULS mend

Romance / Drama
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Authors note: hi guys this is my first story and this is just for fun ask questions if needed and let me know if you something needs to be changed please. these are the charcters

๐‘€๐ด๐‘…๐ผ๐‘†๐‘‚๐ฟ ๐–ง๐–ค๐–ฑ๐–ฌ๐–จ๐–ฎ๐–ญ๐–จ๐–ค ๐–ฌ๐– ๐–ฑ๐–จ๐–  ๐–ฆ๐–ฑ๐–ค๐–ค๐–ญ๐–ค (MC)
Quote~ why do I give a fuck again.
16 years old Hispanic and black, Mean if you deserve it, but other than that sweetest thing you'll ever meet. struggles with anxiety and the fear of being alone lives with her parents in her new town. Black hair, hazel eyes, medium brown skin. Birthday April 26th. Hip hop dancer. Grew up in NYC with her Aunt. Older brother.

๐“Ÿ๐“๐“ก๐“˜๐“ข ๐“š๐“๐“˜ ๐“ฆ๐“”๐“”๐“š๐“”๐“ข
Quote~ ... I am a bitch thatโ€™s the whole point.
Kind of mean ... but she has her reasons Native American descent, Hispanic. 15years old, struggles with Emetophobia fear of people throwing up and dyslexia. (fun fact I have this fear). Lives in winter valley Maine with her mom (mother)and step mom (mama). Best friends with Marisol since they were 4. Medium brown hair, with light brown eyes and tan skin. Birthday October 31st. ONLY CHILD

๐”น๐”ธ๐•€๐•ƒ๐”ผ๐• ๐”พโ„๐”ธโ„‚๐”ผ ๐”ผ๐•๐”ผโ„๐•Š๐•†โ„•
Quote~Books, basketball I've got it all.
Nice, quiet and meek baddest at basketball African American, struggles with self esteem.15 years old, lives in Waterbury Maine with her dad. Medium skin and hazel eyes with 4 type hair. Lives with her dad. Birthday November 16th. 3 little brothers.

แ–‡Yแ’ชแ—ฉแ‘Žแ—ช แ’ชOแ˜œแ—ฉแ‘Ž แ’แ—ฉแ‘•Oแ—ทแ”•
Quote~ Hey! Girl with no manners are you done staring yet, My names Ryland by the way not glasses". 17years old. Birthday January 31st. Quiet, popular, golden boy, smart. Italian and Caucasian . Lives in Waterbury Maine,with younger brother Mom, step dad and step sister. ( PTSD ) tanned skin with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Quote~ Good thing I've been through enough hell to try then.
16 years old, Birthday August 5th. Loud, prankster, moody, rude and smart. Lives with older brotherโ€™s , mom, step dad and step sister in Waterbury Maine. Struggles with PTSD. Pale skin, blonde hair and blue, green eyes. Italian and Caucasian.

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