Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 8


September 7,2020: Monday

We reach my house my sister comes running up to Elle "your here again?" confused looks on her face. Obviously she's suspicious of what we're doing together.

"Elle just came to hangout as friends" she nods but I can tell she wasn't convinced. I grabbed Elle's hand and brought her to my room. The thoughts of a few minutes ago fresh on my mind.

She walks straight into the bathroom she leaves it half open as she undresses. I stare at her as undresses when she glanced out she's sees me and grabs the clothes to hide herself.

She walks to the door to close it. I pick up the book she laid down on my bed along with her purse. She was still reading this book "After" she always had it with her had at all times. I wondered what could be so interesting about a book until I read the book to see what was in.

The book is full of sex and fantasy that awoke her passion for the same things. I heard the shower turn on and I'm almost tempted to go in there, fuck her and, whisper dirty dirty things in her ear.

I walk in she's has her head back staring at the ceiling washing her hair. When she sees me she jumps and instantly tries covers herself with her hands.

"What are you doing in here?" her voice sharp and loud.

"I thought you could get some help getting clean" I take my clothes off walk into the shower. She takes a step forward away from me but I wrapped my hands around hips moving her naked body back and into mine.

I kiss her neck her lets out soft moans. She pressed her lips into a thin line likes she's trying to stop herself moaning. I turned her back around to face me. I kissed her lips moving our lips between each other's. She kissed my lips like she was desperate for them. The fog from the water making the room steamy.

She wrapped her arms around my neck. I made my way from her lips to her neck and made my way down her body.

I look up at her "do you want this?" I can see her hesitation it's clear on her face. I never want to force her into this.

"Yes. Please" she begs. She opens her legs water rushing down her body. Seemed like with every touch was like an electric shock to her body.
I respond back "that's my good girl" and she glared down at me.

I start licking between her legs she instantly moaning. She grabs on to my hair holding it tightly in her hands. She tried to close her legs as she was coming. I opened them and kept licking until she came undone and dropped to the floor.

She stared up at my length like she wants it I ask her " do you want it?" to tease her and she nods but I wanted to hear her say it so I repeat "do you want it?" in my demanding voice.

Her voice is subtle and soft "Yes please" and I put it into her mouth it taking up every inch of her mouth. I start to moan as she starts moving it in and out of her mouth faster. She smiles as she likes the pleasure she gives me in this moment. She's looks so pretty with my length in her mouth. She likes being this person even if at the end she's filled with guilt.

I feel myself about to come and I start grabbing her head to move faster. She does I move back into the glass door. I come into her face once again.

She says something to surprises me "I want you Blaine" she stands up "please fuck me".

I gasp what did I turn this girl into "you want me to what?" I questioned just in case I didn't hear her right.

"I want you to fuck me" she repeats. She feeling a little bolder by the second. I look down at the ring on her finger, he thinks he has her but in reality no one can have her the way I do. I can tell by the way she's looking at me as if nothing bothered her at all.

I slam her into the shower wall next to her and wrap my hands around her throat. I can feel her pulse rising getting faster and faster.

"You want me to fuck you? wow has the times changed. Later when you go to Oliver's and he touches you or kisses you. You will be thinking of right now wishing it was me touching you and kissing you".

"Don't say that" she tries to say with my hands around her throat. I separate her legs from each other then I put it in her. I thrust slowly into her, she starts moaning and quickly she wraps her arms around my neck and her body is on top of mine she whispers into my ears "faster" I thrust harder into her holding her hips closer to me.

She grips tighter now into my back, her nails digging into my back. She moans trying to speak but it's barely Audible. "I'm going to-" she stops and her eyes roll into her back of her head.

"Say it" I command her. I want to hear her say the words. I bet she's not thinking about her boyfriend in this moment.

"I'm coming" she says and I pull her back so she could stand up straight and I wrap my hands around her throat she smiles. I thrust into her one more time and we both come undone together. It was all I needed to hear from her. Her breathing was rapid and hysterical she kept trying to catch her breath so was I .

She got out of the shower and put her clothes on " come on, you can't be upset after all that Elle". I asked. I can see on her face the instant feelings of regret.

She's standing in the mirror looking at herself "I'm allowed to be upset Blaine. I have a boyfriend and I'm fucking you. Cheating on him" she yells.

"You act like you didn't like it or want it" I walk towards her and stand right in back of her. I could feel her body against mine admit it, you like like fucking me" she turns to look at me I walk in fI put my finger to her chin to move her head to look at me "you like being bad" I say.

She moves away from me smacking my finger away "No, this is never happening again. I mean it Blaine!" She screams. "Take me to Oliver's".

I walk with her to the door my sister comes running "your leaving I thought you would sleep over Ellie?".

"No,I have to go to my boyfriend's house today" Elle says. She looks disappointed I hoped that one day they became friends.

She walks out the door I follow behind her I grab her hand "why are you upset?".

"I just want to go to my boyfriend's house okay?. Why can't we go separate ways and forget it happened?. It sounds like that's exactly what you want to do".

"You don't want to fuck anymore, that's fine. Go to your rich boyfriend and he can deal with you. You act like your such a big lost and your not" I can't believe I just said that.

Why can't she just admit she's not as innocent as she pretends to be?. She always got to make everything so damn fucking complicated.

She's angry now "just take me to Oliver's" she screams "you will never see me again".

"I don't not fucking care Arielle.I will go on fucking ever girl in my college and you'll go back to pretending to be this innocent girl you pretended to be. Little miss I love to read romance books you don't know anything about romance"

"Fuck you" she screams. She turns back towards me and stands in front of me. We're standing in the front yard yelling at each other "How about you Mr never been in a real relationship?. What could you tell me about being a relationship?. You fuck everyone and everything that moves because your afraid to give your heart to someone so you fuck to hide that insecurity. Meaningless sex right?".

I point my finger in her face "you don't know anything about me" I scream.

She yells back "yeah like I didn't grow up with you or anything right?. I know you Blaine probably more than you know yourself and you know I'm right".

I try to say it in my calmest voice "lets take you to your boyfriend's house before I say something I would regret saying".

"Ah, finally showing some feel never thought I would see that".

"You listen here I don't not care about you okay?. You can go to hell for all I care and take your boyfriend with you" she's hurt tears falling down her face.

I said the exact words I knew would hurt her. I thought I would feel some type of satisfaction yet I feel guilty. She starts walking away from the car and down the sidewalk. I follow behind her I grab her arm "where are you going? get in the car".

"No". She shouts loudly "I'm walking home, you made it pretty clear you don't care about me so leave me the fuck alone". I couldn't let her walk off alone. She's sad and hurt but if something happens to her I would never forgive myself.

I walk towards her staying close enough I close enough I can watch her but not close enough for her to be able to hit me like I'm sure she wants to. I can't believe I said that to her I'm such an idiot I hurt her and there was no way coming back from this.

She stood in front of a house it's not hers I remember it from the other night it's Riley's. She knocks on the door Riley looks at her and then at me and lets her in.

At else I know she's safe. I was right to follow her. I walk back to my car I see her a phone light up it's hers. I check the caller it's Oliver I answer "Elle's at Riley's house white boy".

O: why do you have her phone?
B: Because her and I are friends I gave her a ride here.
O: You lying she told me about that she didn't like you being around you because you were some heartless playboy.
B: then how would you explain how her phone got in my car?.

The phone is silent he literally has no explanation for this that he can come up with "you better leave Elle alone she doesn't need you in her life" I wanted to tell him so badly about what happened earlier it would just cause more problems.

"Don't worry rich boy I don't want your girlfriend" I hang up on him.


Q: what do you think of Blaine right now? He's being a real ass hole. Do you think Arielle going to forgive Blaine for his words?. Why do you think Blaine is acting this way?. Do you think Arielle should forgive him?.
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