Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 9


September 7,2020Monday

It's been hours and Riley's is staring at me like she wants an explanation, one that I can not give her.

"Riley I don't know what happened, I gave into temptation. It's not going to happen again"

"We're talking about the same Blaine, here are we?. The same guy you call a man whore and a heartless player. You are sneaking around with him?" She questioned me with her arms crossed.

"I wish I could explain how it happened but honestly I wouldn't know myself. You know how he is, he flirts and gets into your head. I got caught up in the fantasy of it".

She hugs me and I start sobbing "what did he say to you?" She asks.

"I don't want to talk about? I reply quickly "but I need to go to the pharmacy to get plan b" she gasps.

"Arielle Marie king you did not" I looked down in embarrassment "I thought you guys were like making out, flirting I didn't think you..." she doesn't finish her sentence shock is obvious on her face.

"I know can we please don't talk about it. Blaine and I just had a fight and I don't want to think about him right now. I'll fill you in later".

I grab my jacket I feel in my jacket for my phone. Damn it I must have left it with Blaine. That means I have to see him again and I don't ever want to him again or do I? This is confusing.

I walk out with Riley, the cold air hitting my face. Finally I feel calm and not angry at all. I knew it wasn't anger I was upset masking it with anger. I'm upset that he said he didn't care about me after everything we did. We knew each other since we were kids but he made it clear he doesn't even see me as a person with actual feelings.

I smile for the first time when I see Oliver park right next to us. I ran up to the car and opened the door I hugged him he laughed "you really missed me huh?".

"More than you know" I kiss him. It was true I did miss him more than he knew. Oliver would never hurt me he was too pure. Why would I be with the guy who would hurt me thousands times over?, When I could have the guy who would never hurt me?.

"I came over I called you but Blaine answered the phone. I thought you were coming over" he questioned.

"I am I just needed my best friend. Maybe we can all hang out together. How do you feel about that?".

"Yeah of course" he kissed me again. This time we continue making out while Riley Is standing outside. I almost forgot I had to get the plan B if he found out I slept with Blaine he would break up with me. How could I go get plan B without him knowing?.

"I have to go to the store with Riley to get something. Riley and I will meet you at your apartment I promise you" I trace his shoulder. He's smiling hard I missed seeing it.

But a small part of me was missing Blaine and I hated that part of me. I walked with Riley she looked over at me like she wanted to ask me a question,"Yes Riley ask".

"Did you fall in love with him is this some kind of I fell in love with him but he didn't feel the same? She asked.

"I don't know what happened. It was like I could stay away from him no matter how hard I tried and he has always around. I couldn't be separate from him even if I wanted to but things are going to change" I say confidently. I didn't know how it was going to happen but I planned to stay as far as possible from him.

"Things are going to work out I promise you. Don't chase Blaine your with Oliver. stay away from Blaine. Imagine what your brother's going to do to him if he finds out" she says wrapping her arm around my neck.

I already know Blaine would murder him. Right there in our kitchen for even looking at me. Imagine if he found out we had sex.

We found our way to the Walgreens I walked in and there was Blaine he quickly asks me "what are you guys doing here?". Riley eyes him with hate in her eyes.

"Riley and I had to get something" l lied.
He questioned "like what so late?".

I scream softly so anyone else could hear " you mind your business you made it clear where you stand in all this" before I could leave he grabs my arm forcing me back I looked up at him.

"Elle what I said was wrong but it's not pretend you won't be right back in my bed" he whispers into my ear.

I pushed him away "You are such a jerk. At one point I thought I seen a boy who was worth loving. You was so sweet and nice and such a gentleman when you was young. Now your a jerk. Leave me alone".

He grabs at my arm and I yank it away and walk into the aisle with the plan b. I look around not knowing which one to get. Next time I'm just getting on birth control. Riley is standing closely behind me like she's afraid I'm going to break down in the store.

When we go home I read the directions before I take it then I drink the pill "how long was it before you guy.." she didn't finish her sentence but I knew what she was referring to.

"The first time we actually had sex was a couple minutes ago". Before it was just making out" she nods her head.

She's surprised and shocked I never did anything scandalous before it's like she's trying to figure out whether to be proud of me or really worried.

"Do you think you would do it with Oliver?". I never thought about doing it with Oliver. Maybe I should do I it so could see that the fantasy was all in my head.

"Maybe. When it's the right time to do so. He would never force me into anything" to change the conversation I say "do you want to go to Oliver's you do not have to".

She responds "yeah, I never got to hangout
with him".

We got to Oliver's penthouse Riley had her mouth wide open has she stared up at 15 floor penthouse. "He lives here?" She asks.

"Yeah, he showed me when we came here and he asked me to be his girlfriend with the ring" I showed her the ring.

We entered the building and Oliver was waiting in the hallway "hey love, I missed you at school. I had to dissect the frogs on my own".

I Laughed "good, you know how I feel about dissecting frogs. I missed you to". I kissed him and Riley made a sounds like she was going to throw up.

I eyed her and smiled at Oliver "what do you have planned for tonight?" I asked.

I thought we could bake some cakes and cookies and watch movies all together"

Riley remarks "Arielle likes talking during movies. Just a warning" he laughs and I glare at Rome.

He wraps his arms around my hips pulls me into him "don't worry it didn't change the way I feel about you nothing could" I kiss him and Riley starts choking.

I run up to her and whisper "are you okay?. What's wrong?".

Oliver runs into his room to put on the movie. She took his shirt off showing off his abs.

"You lied to me and told me nothing was happening between you and Blaine. You said that you didn't like him anymore. Yet you sleep with him and here you are after kissing him like it's normal" she screams but softly so he could hear.

"I know what I did was wrong but I'm not going to sleep with him again Riley. Listen to me I know I lied and I'm sorry your my best friend and I should have told you I was blinded by him there are no words to explain how sorry I am". She hugs me tears trying to fall down my face. I wipe them and grab her hand to go to the bed.

I lay on the bed rest my head on the pillow he wraps himself around me cuddling me like a baby he asks "Is everything okay between you two loves ?"

"Yeah of course, friends always have falling outs" I kiss him " right now all I want to do is be cuddle with you" his smile brightens.

We turn back to watch the movie. Riley seems surprised that I wasn't talking during the movie. She kept looking back at as if to say something so I said " I'm going to go to the kitchen with Riley to get more cookies". He nods.

"Are you okay?" I asked
"Yeah I'm fine I just have to go home. can leave you here or take you home either or?"

"I'm going to stay here. Blaine's probably at my brother's and I can't be around him right now" she nods she goes into his room to say goodbye before heading off.

Q: do you think Riley should forgive Arielle?, Do you think she did?. Do you think Arielle and Blaine are going to sleep with each other again after what he said?.
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