Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 11


September 9,2020

I got to school Riley came running up to me "Are you okay? You look like were crying all night" she hugs me and lets me go.

Riley is probably the only person who would see that I was crying even though I dried all my tears before coming here "Blaine punched Oliver after telling him not to touch me. I don't even know how it got so crazy so fast" I replied.

"That's what happens when your in this type of love triangle Arielle. It's going to hurt especially if you hold on to the idea that Blaine's going to magically want you. Oliver doesn't deserve this because he cares about you and he actual does want you".

Like that I feel a hug around my waist he says "guess who love?" The person says.

Demi Lovato" I joke I turned around to see Oliver in his uniform smiling. I wrapped my hands around him and gave him a hug.

He waved at Riley "Hey lovely's, what are you guys talking about?"

"We we're talking about prom" I immediately come up with a lie. "I was begging Riley to go to prom. She's not into the whole school dances thing".

He looks at her " you have to come to prom. It's like the last night before you go off and be an adult. The most wonderful day of your lives in high school".

"Okay" she sighs "I'll go but I'm going with you guys I don't want a date". We cuff our hands together walking into school. We were like the three amigos, a trio.

I went into science class with Oliver his arm wrapped around my neck. Everyone stared at us while we sat down next to each other. The teacher called attention and started talking about the next steps.

I started cutting the frog open I saw the stomach and almost gagged. It was horrible to see a person being cut open and used as a lab rat. Oliver saw my face and took the knife from me.

"I'll do it you just watch and observe" he smiles. He seems in a better mood today happy even. Even though he got into a fight with Blaine this morning".

I watched him as he cut open the stomach out of his stomach. I almost vomited I turned away from him I couldn't watch him.

I walks into the hallway, Riley comes up to me "he seems to be in a happy mood" she comments. She watches him walk away to a group of boys huddled around next to the lockers.

"Yeah I know, it's like nothing ever happened. He's in good spirits".

"That's good isn't it" she questioned.

I hook arms with her "yes it is" we walk into Mr yangs class. He rolls his eyes as we walk in and take our seats.

"You were actual thinking about going to prom Ellie?" I can see she doesn't want to actually go to prom. She never has.

" yes and I need my friend there for emotional support. Where I would be without my best friend?"

"Friendless" she jokes and I punch her in the arm softly. She starts playing with her nails peeling the black nail polish off.

I on the over hand was trying to take notes on what we were doing I missed a day of class and it could make my GPA go down.

The rest of the day went by and I went to lunch and sat besides Oliver and across from Riley. She was talking about some rumors that someone was pregnant and guessing who she thought it was. I laughed at the idea that someone could be so careless only to realize I was the careless one.

Riley snapped her fingers in my face "Arielle are you okay?"
"Yeah what we're talking about?" I asked looking back and forth between them.

"Who do you think is pregnant?" She giggled.
"Probably it's Elizabeth Angel" I responded "she now wears baggy clothes".

"Ummm good point" she said with her mouth full of food.

I feel his arms around my waist "Yeah. Arielle could be a detective with the things she finds out like it's a super power" he's grinning.

I continue to eat my food as they argued about which tv show was better American Dad or Family guy. It was nice to have a boyfriend that Riley got along with really well.

The bell ringed and it was off to class "are you okay you seem off today?" She places her hand on my shoulder. Trying to comfort me Riley already knew all lot but she didn't know what it was like to crave something.

"Yeah,I'm fine I just have a lot on my mind lately" she hugs me.

"It's going to be fine Arielle, the more you stay away from you know who the less you would feel for him"

Yeah it was the opposite the more I was away from him the more I wanted him. It wasn't right I really needed to get myself together and really think " what do I want?".

"your right Riley it's all in my head. lets go to class though so we're not late".

The end of the day came my brother and Blaine parked right in front of the school. Blaine stayed staring at me as I walked towards the car but then I felt someone wrap his hands around my waist I turned back to see Oliver.

He kisses me took me completely by surprise "I just wanted to say goodbye Arielle. I'll text you later" he winked and walked away.

I made my way into the car. It was quiet for a moment. I took out my book and started reading it. Blaine turned the music all the way up and I yelled "I'm reading here please turn it down" he pretend that he couldn't hear me.

I leaned my whole body forth to turn the music down. I saw him staring up my skirt that's when I leaned back into my seat. My brother seems to be in his own dimension he didn't notice it.

Blaine says "oh,I have your phone" and passes to me. Moments later there's a text on it "you like being a tease don't you?" I bite my lip.

A: "I did that because I was trying to read not to fuel some kind of Fantasy you have"

B: "Ellie this isn't a fantasy,It's real life. You like being tease. Almost as such as you like the real thing".

A: Thats wrong I said we couldn't do anything anymore it's wrong and you know it.

B: If it's wrong then why does it feel right. You like the idea of getting caught or almost getting caught huh?.

I wasn't going to let him get to me I had to stay strong even though all I wanted was to give in. We get to the house I run into my room and locked the door. I took deep breaths in and out.

A few hours later I heard a knock on my door I opened it, it was Blaine. He immediately jumped on my bed "this game is fun don't you think. You pretend you don't want me so you don't have to feel guilty for cheating on your boyfriend".

"That's not why I don't want you Blaine. Whatever connection brought us together is gone now and your putting your dirty shoes on my bed" I move his feet off the bed. The

"Sexual attraction doesn't go away because you want it to".

He wraps his hands around my body as I was above him moving his shoes off my bed. He wrapped his hands around my waist pulling me into him.

I stare down into his eyes. Right now he's eyes was shining in the light reflecting from my reading light next to my bed. His black hair messy but still curly and fizzy. Something between a smirk and a smile grows on his lips. I'm tempted to kiss him to let him have me.

It's been about a minute and we're still staring into each other's eyes. He looked down at my lips like as if it was a drug. Like that I kissed him I didn't know what came over me. He put his soft inked hands to my cheek.

Instead of me pulling back he does "well isn't this a turn of events".
"If your going to be an asshole you can leave" I replied.

He kissed me again it was like as if he couldn't keep away from each other's. His hands stays stayed on my cheeks, his hands warm. He Travels down from my cheek down to arms, I shiver from his touch. He sat upright and I sat on his lap.

"I want you" I whisper and he moves his lips to my neck. Leaving soft kisses on them. I hold on to his neck moving my neck side ways to allow for more.

He takes my shirt off, he stares at my bra with a sneer. "Your wearing my favorite bra good girl" it made me giggle.

I took off his shirt button by button as I stared up at him with a smile. He put his forehead on mine. I pushed the shirt off of him to reveal his muscles. I moved back to stare at the butterflies tattoos on his arms passing my hands through them.

He lifts me up in the air I wrapped my legs around him. He placed me down on the floor I took off my sweatpants he stared down at panties. I knee down to the floor dropping his his pants. His cock staring at me in my face it was so much bigger than I was. I wondered how people didn't freak out about it more.

The first time it hurt for the first few seconds before it turned to pleasure. He says "Suck" in his command voice. I take it into my mouth slowly as it hardens I go faster and faster.

He moans I watch as swear words fall from his mouth. I smile and he looks down at me "you like this don't you?" He puts one of his hand under my chin.

I didn't want to admit yes I did like it but I shouldn't like it. All of it is wrong but I couldn't help myself. "Yes Blaine" I replied.

"Good" he said. He's eyes close he moans "Fuck" letting me now he was close. He moves my head faster and faster and comes undone on my face.

He lift me up and threw me on the bed I was surprised by this sudden move. He demanded "Open your legs" he had a serious look on his face. I complied I opened my legs widely he came crawling on to the bed.

He stopped at in between my legs before slowly taking off my panties the waiting was killing me. He licking me in between my legs a moan escapes my mouth and he chuckles "Ah your such a good girl for me" he teases.

His licks get faster and faster a whimper falls from my mouth. I couldn't think of anything else, except that I was coming again and again. My eyes start rolling into my head I hold on to the sheets on the bed holding them tightly around my fingers.

He stops and climbs on top of me I reach for his hands and we interlock them together. He starts pushing in and out of me.
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