Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 12


September 10,2020 Wednesday

Riley came into my room to wake me up she hits me with a pillow "wake up Arielle !" She screams.

I jump from my bed I look at the clock on my nightstand it's 6:40 am. I only have 20 mins to get ready. I was instantly remembering last night I can't believe I did it again. It's like no matter what I do I end up in bed with Blaine.

I pick my uniform from the my dresser and run into the bathroom. Blaine is in the kitchen he smirks at me as I pass by. Riley stays in the kitchen with him.
I turn on the water and she starts talking "you need to leave Arielle alone she's better off without you. Your Mr playboy she's deserve someone who is loyal and ready for a relationship".

"Ellie and I are nun of your fucking business. So mind it" he screams.

"Ellie is my business, she has this idea in her head your going to change because of her, that your going to want her enough to stop being a fuck boy which is not true at all Blaine. If you care about her you would let her go" she says.

"Listen, I care about Elle okay I would protect her with my life. She doesn't want Oliver he's more of a I like him but I'm not sure it's love person but I hope one day maybe it will. She's using him as a reason not want to fall for me" he replies.

"Well it's too late for that isn't it?. Let. Her. Go" Riley says.

"Elle can make up her own mind Riley. You don't need to push her into not wanting me".

"Says the guy that told her to her face that he don't not care about her. When she cries because you did something to her she comes to me. I hear about it every time. All you want to do is fuck her and throw her away".

"I'm not the person you think I am Riley" he says.

"Yeah, your worse just leave her alone" I heard her scream at him.

"Like I said Ellie and I are nun of your fucking business Riley. It's between the both of us it doesn't concern you"

"When your trying to play her for a fool it's becomes my concerns. What's the problem you don't want her happy because it seems like you don't want her happy if it isn't with you"

I turned off the water and walked into kitchen she's standing closely in front of him. I feel a little bit jealous of how close she was. She pointed his finger in his face when she saw me she took a step back.

"What's going on here" I stand there with my arms crossed.

Riley stumbles but catches herself and takes a step away from him again "nothing Arielle". She takes my hand glare at him one more time before taking me outside to her car.

In the car all I thought about was last night. The way my body collided with his was like it was meant to. It was the way his skin touched my body making it tingle, sending me more into an orgasm. I liked his whole commanding me thing. It turned me on in ways I couldn't imagine. It was like a light bulb turn on in my head. I couldn't imagine the pleasure he gives me.

When we were finished he sat in a rolling chair near my desk and stared at my naked body. I stared up at the ceiling how could something so bad feel so good.

Blaine's POV
Anthony has his head phone playing video not paying attention to anything. Maybe if he wasn't on the game all the time he would notice that I was fucking his sister.

"Fuck" he screamed slamming the controller on the floor. He turns to me "what took you so long in the kitchen?"

"I was making breakfast I didn't really eat at my house"

"Still arguing with your dad?" He questioned.

"Mind your fucking business" he puts his hands in the air in defense.

My dad and I have been fighting ever since Anthony and I caught him freshman year having an affair with a woman in his office. He's still having an affair and mother has no fucking idea.

He begs me not tell her I couldn't look at her and lie, so I'm never home. I distract my mind from my parents by thinking of Ellie. Riley had yelled at me this morning about staying away and it had make sense but she needed to mind her own fucking business.

She would go to the end of the earth to protect Elle from any harm. I was glad Elle had a friend like that but she's doesn't need to protect Elle from me. I would never hurt her on purpose. Good thing Elle was in the shower while she was yelling at me she didn't hear that I care about her.

I can't let her in because my world is messed up and I don't to drown her with me. She thinks I'm being an ass but there were other reasons for us to keep separate. Elle has no idea about the affair and I intended to keep it from her. every-time I see her with Oliver just thinking about him fucking touch her makes me want to murder him. With his British accent charm and him being filthy rich she's deserve the happiness he could bring her. But doesn't stop me from wanting to murder him.

I got ready for school as Anthony was playing video. As I looked in the mirror I thought about yesterday Elle let go completely and let herself enjoy it without embarrassment. She kissed me like it was normal, I guess it was normal for us.

Anthony knocked on the door banging it loudly I yelled "Fuck off". I heard his footsteps until a door slammed and he was in his room. I got ready in the bathroom I stared at myself in the mirror I couldn't stare at myself for long all I see is broken pieces of glass.

I put on my denim jeans and my black and red flannel with a black undershirt. I passed a comb into my hair right now it was spikey but later it turned into beautiful curls. I made my way back into Anthony's room.

"Are you ready for school?" I nod my head. A incoming call stops me in place, when I check it. It's my dad.

B: "yes Elijah?"
E: I want you home after school especially not with Arielle. I know you had your crush on her when your younger but whatever your doing with her now needs to stop. NOW!.
B: Whenever I'm doing is nun of your fucking business Elijah okay?.

I hung up before he could say more. I started calling my dad Elijah in freshman year to piss him off and now I do it every day. He can't say anything about Elle when he's cheating on my mom with a whore.

Anthony puts his hand on my shoulder "I'm sorry you have a rough relationship with your dad. I know what it feels like to want to have him in your life but he created too much drama" he said his eyes worried that I might snap.

Elle touch was the only thing that seemed to calm me down in moments like this. Her annoyance with me when I said something to her jokingly or the way she smiled when she was reading a book she really liked. Are the only things that ever cheered me up. She was the only light in my life then she started dating Oliver and I began having sex with her. it was like magic, it would be her to cure cancer with her big heart.

I never cared for anything or anyone like I cared for Elle. But now she's taking up my mind making me only focus on her.

I walk into school everyone is staring at me. They think of me as cool, popular, cute. As I walk in the boys high fives me. The girls smile pretty with their too much make up and their clothes showing her tits and jeans that showed there ass.

Everyone wanted a piece of me. I was the guy that everyone wants. I was the popular guy. At one point in my life I got here and I can't remember what my life was without this. Anthony snaps his fingers in my face "Are you okay Blaine?".

"Yeah yeah, I'm fine" I said waving his hand off. I approaches a group of guys in letter man jackets.

"Heyyyy" they all shout and I put my hands in the air.

"Hey guy, what's the gossip?" I said. They all looked at Anthony. Was there something they weren't telling him?. Obvious it's about him but what are they hiding from him?.
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