Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 13


September 10,2020: Wednesday

"Umm there isn't anything new?" he looked at them. He knew they were lying. One of the guys hid a phone behind back.

I snatched the phone from him and looked at the video. It's Elle at the party in her black tight dress dancing with Gabe. Elle didn't know any of the other football guys especially not the guy she was dancing with.

I looked over at Anthony he asks "what?, what's the video?". He's concerned and worried. I look over to Gabe walking up to the lockers I start running towards him.

I grabbed him by the shirt and slammed him against the lockers "why did you take that video of Arielle?".

He didn't answer so I slammed him again against the locker. He replied "Why do you care about that slut?".

I shake him "you don't call her a slut, you don't know her".

This is enough to set me off nobody got to talk about Elle that way. Especially not that jerk.

"I did get to know her really well when I was dancing pretty close to her. But you would know her pretty well too, you went home with her" I clench my fist trying hard to hit him.

Anthony touched my shoulder I look back at him he takes the phone from my hands and he looks at the video. I didn't watch all of it but the first parts of it was enough to set me off. "What about Elle?" Anthony asks.

I turn towards him "the first week of school Riley brought Arielle to a college party. I caught her dancing with Gabe. She was drunk and took her away".

"Wait, but Ellie didn't come back home that night? Did she stay at your house?" He's angry I can tell. If I told him that she's slept in my house he would never let me see her again.

The more I stayed quiet the angrier he seemed to get I couldn't come up with a good enough lie "I took Elle to get some food in her because she was drunk. Then I took her to my house and I let her sleep on my bed and I slept on the couch" I lied.

"Did you fuck her" he screams and everyone around us gasps.

" No" I scream back. He asked me for that night and it was true I didn't fuck her that night. Everyone staring at us, watching what's he going to do.

He pulls me into a hug he whispers into my ear "thank you for taking care of my sister, I know you care about her".

I pull away and the crowd watching us went away. I didn't want anyone to know I cared about anything but Elle was my weakness. Even if she thinks I don't care about her.

I hit the lockers I'm so angry I can't see straight. Anthony takes me to class, I have been taking business classes for my dad he's forcing me. I sat next to Anthony sliding down on my chair.

The teacher talked about accounting to start a company. I put my headphones in to ignore the everyone else around me.

I wake up to a bang on the table, I look up to see my professor standing in front of me "Mr Taylor?"

"Hi, Ms Reid Beautiful as always" I flirt. Ms Reid a woman in her 30's she always wore lots of make up and shirts that pull up her boobs.

"The principal wants you in her office Mr Taylor" she says trying to be serious. before I walks away I wink at her. She blushes and walks to her desk.

I made my way to the principals office I was here 3 times a week anyways. I looked down at my shoes I wanted to text her the best thing for her was for me to leave her alone but I can't.

I knocked on the door of the principal office she yelled "come in".

"Hello Dean, how's your day" I put my legs on his desk.

He knocks my legs off "do you know why your here?" He screams with a voice of authority.

I respond "when am I ever not here?" I joke around he doesn't seem too happy about it.

"Mr. Taylor we're here to talk about your school work and attendance. You need to shape up if not you I have no choice but to put you academic suspension".

I walk out of the office he calls out my name "Blaine". I'm pissed off at everyone and just gets worse.

I pick my phone up and call her like an instinct. She picks up the phone.

Ellie: "Blaine are you okay, is something wrong?".

Blaine: I needed to hear your voice. I could hear voices and toilets flushing she was in the bathroom.

Elle "please tell me what's wrong or we could meet up later and talk-
I interrupted her, B: No, I'm not any good for you Elle. We need to stay away from each other.
Ellie: don't say that Blaine. I'll always be here when you need me.
Blaine: does Oliver or Riley know your talking to me?. What would they say if they heard you talking to me ?.

Elle: I don't care what they think Blaine please tell me what's wrong?.

I hang up I can't hear her voice I would end up running towards her. A girl with long black comes up to me in a black and yellow plaid pleated short skirt and a black tube top. She has a piercing in her eyebrows and her nose.

"Hey Mr. Handsome. What you doing in hallway?".

She's smiling and playing with her hair. I seen her before her name is Violet, known for being a party girl. She's trying to flirt with me but I'm not in the right head space for this.

She wraps her hands around my neck.

"You seem upset I thought Mr. playboy doesn't have feelings" she says teasing.

I take her arms off of me I scream"I'm not upset, I don't have feelings. I don't give a fuck about anyone or anything. So Fuck off".

"What if we go somewhere a little private and you knows?" Violet says.

"I'm not looking to fuck anyone you should have more respect for yourself than this.

"Ooo" she circles around me "did you find someone you cared about. Did Mr player boy find his one true love?".

"You need to might your own fucking business. Who I care about is nun of your business" I stick my finger on her in face.

My phone has been ringing off the hook all this time I pull it out it's Elle. I worried her I knew I shouldn't have called her.

Elle busts into the school and she runs into my arms "Blaine are you okay?, I was worried and I shouldn't have come but-" she looks at Violet "what's going on here?".

"Elle, nothing-"

She runs up to Violet "Are you going to stick your tongue in everybody that lets you? Are you that much of a whore?" I gasp but Elle doesn't back down.

Violet says "you don't get to call me a whore you don't know me. Your look like Ms Virgin Mary orrr did you guys fuck?".

At this point everyones in the hall staring at Elle and Violet's argument. She's about to blow everything up for herself.

"No,we didn't fuck Violet I'm not you. I care about Blaine even if he doesn't care about me. Even if sometimes he's a complete ass because that's what friends to".

"Friends?"I thought " that's what we are?".

She clasps her hands together slowly "nicely done falling in love with the bad boy. How's that working for you?".

Elle screams "I'm not in love with Blaine. I'm in a relationship. Blaine and I are friends".

Anthony comes into the hallway he looks between the three of us "What's going on here?".

I respond "Nothing, Elle was worried so she came to check on me. I'm fine though so you guys can leave the fuck alone".

Violet comments "and like that he becomes a dick. Maybe you can't change him after all Elle" and she walks away strutting her hips.

"Do you like her?" She asks.

"No. I don't it doesn't even matter your with Oliver now right?". You told me to stay away from you and I am. So leave me the fuck alone Elle. Fuck off".

I walk away from her she's surprised I would talk to her like that. It was the only way she would stay away from me.

Arielle's POV

I stare at him as he walks away from me I wished he wasn't such a jerk. I can't believe he said that to me.

I stand in the hallway of his college to comfort him and all he does is push me away. I guess that's what I get for falling for Blaine. He's never going to change and I need to stop trying to.

My brother stands in the hallway staring at me like I'm about to break down crying "Are you okay Ellie?. I told you and him to stay away from each other can't you see he doesn't want to be helped".

"I know Anthony I'm going home. Can you take me home?".

"Yeah of course" he responds. I walk outside the sun immediately hitting my face. I put my hand on my face to cover it. I made my way to his car sitting in the front of the school.

When we get into the car I'm freezing he turns on the heat "Are you okay Ellie?" He seemed to notice I was down.

"I'm fine" I smile and look away so he doesn't notice when I dropped the smile.

"I know you care about Blaine Elle. There are things you just don't understand and things I can't tell you that are going on with him. But I know he cares for you even if he doesn't show it".

"Don't make excuses for him Anthony he's the same guy since you guys started high school an ass".

He starts the car and I stay looking out the window into the school. I need to forget what just happened. I can't believe I ran here just to get talked down at like some child.

I ran into the my room Anthony knocked on my door "I'm sorry he hurt you Elle.Maybe this is what you needed to get over your crush for good"

He says it like it's unrequited Love. Like I fell in love with him and he didn't. Maybe he didn't. When I didn't respond back he made his way back to his room.

I lifted my legs to stomach and buried my head in my legs crying. I should have thought about it rather than just go running to him.

An hour later someone knock on my door makes me lift my head from my knees. "Arielle open the damn door" he bangs again.

"Blaine Leave me alone. You made it clear I should stay away from you" I scream back. I can't give him to him.

"Arielle open the fucking door" the anger in his voice as it gets louder as he screams.

He bangs on the door once more "please open the door Ellie" his voice is more soapy.

I walk to the door and open it a little bit "What do you want Blaine".

"Open the door Elle so we can talk in your room" he says.

"I don't think that's a good idea Blaine. Especially because my brother is in the other room".

"Your brother is on PlayStation he is distracted and that hasn't stopped us before" he says with a smirk on his face.

"It's different now. I'm finally listening to you and everyone else when they say I should stay away from you"

"Please Ellie, please let me in"he says. I was thinking about letting him in. He always does this and I always forgive him. I'm not sure if I can anymore.

He pushes the door open and makes his way into my room. Ellie please" he reaches for me to hug him.

I stand there staring at his open arms yet he keeps it open hoping I run into them.

"Come on Elle" he says shaking his hands signaling for me to come towards him.

"You think after you told me to stay away you could just come here and what have sex and everything would be good between us?"

"Elle please" he begs "I didn't mean it".

I cut him off "you told me to fuck off Blaine. You never ever talked to me like that. You obviously don't respect me".

He comes close to me I try to avoid his eyes. He puts his hand to my cheek. I look at his tattoos on his hand a butterflies and a flower on his finger. "I respect you more than you know. I had to say that Ellie if not your brother would be suspicious".

"He's already suspiciously. But he knows we were close friends so maybe he thinks we're friends again" I say trying to convince myself "if he knew he would be beating you up right now".

"Look at me Elle" he moves my head up to look at him. I move my eyes away from him.

"We can't be doing this anymore. I can't change you or make you want to be with me. I have to realize that and let you go" I stare at the fireplace in my room. It was the only thing that brought hot to the room.

"I do want you Elle, but it's not that easy. There's a million things keeping us apart from each other starting with your boyfriend and ending with the fact that I am no good for you".

I turned away before I could he grabbed me by my hips and pulled me into him. He kissed my lips passionately like he was hungry for them.

"Arielle" a British voice calls and I know exactly who it was. I turned to see Oliver standing there looking at me and Blaine.
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