Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 14


September 10,2020: Wednesday

"Oliver" I call but he walks away from me into the kitchen.

"I can't believe your making out with this son of bitch" Oliver yells. "I gave you everything. And You are wearing my ring on your finger while your making out with him".

"I'm sorry Oliver I didn't mean to hurt you" I put my hand on his shoulder and he takes a step back.

"We're done I hope your happy with Mr Asshole over there" and storms out.

I get it he's upset as he has every right to be. It doesn't stop me from feeling guilty about everything.

"See what you did why couldn't you just leave it alone" I scream at Blaine. I know it's not just his fault it's mine too but I'm too angry to think straight.

"Me? we did this together your acting like you didn't want me or this. You can't blame me because you got caught".

"We are no good for each other Blaine why can't you see that?" I questioned.

"Maybe now we can't be together" he comes closer to me. So close our bodies touched.

"You mean be together in secret because god forbid someone see you caring about someone" he holds my chins up so I would look up at him.

"Listen Elle, I know you don't believe me but I do care about you.

I push him away "I think I need some space away from you. To at else figure out what I want".

"Why you so afraid to want or love me? He questioned. Looking at me straight in the eye, doesn't even blink.

"Your asking me why so I'm afraid you should be asking yourself that question. It's Because Blaine your the bad boy, the player. The guy that every girl wants and every guy wants to be. You haven't had a serious relationship ever in your life and you expect me to trust you".

"Yes I do. Just because other people see me as one person doesn't mean you see me that way. We were friends really good friends Elle I miss that and I miss you"

"Yeah until you dropped me with no explanation. That hurt me you knew I liked you"

"I was going through something Elle and I felt as if I didn't deserve to be loved or that love wasn't real" he says trying to convince me.

"What happened?" He looks away from me. I know he's not going to say anything father.

I start walking away to my room he grabs my arms and spins me into him. My back is on his chest. I could feel his cock go hard as I press myself against it.

He moves my hair to the side and starts kissing my neck gently. My body shakes underneath him. He whispers into ear "I know you like that".

I nod my head trying to stay quiet so my brother wouldn't come out of his room. He wraps his arms around my waist and I move my waist against his body teasing him.

I turn around to look at him in the face. His hair was into the perfect curls, his brown eyes light up with the sun changing it's over to a light grey color. His nose ring still attached to his nose I wondered what my mom would say about Blaine. I put my hands to his cheek instantly feeling to warmth of his face on my hands.

I smile and It seems to brighten his mood. I stared into his eyes he blushed his cheek turning red "Blaine I-" I start to say before he cuts me off by putting a finger to my lips.

"I don't want to hear it, you hear me" he demands.

"Yes, Blaine" he shakes his head in disapproval.

"It's yes, daddy" he commands. I never called anyone that ever before. But Blaine was different I knew that everyone knew that.

"Okay Daddy" he smiles with a approval. "I don't have to call you that in public right?".

"No, daddy is just for the bedroom Elle" he says.

He kisses me I wrapped my hands around his neck. He lifts me up and I wrapped my legs around his hips. As we kiss with a fire burning passion between us. We couldn't keep our lips from each other's as he walks into my room.

He lays me on the bed I watch as he takes off his flannel shirt then his pants until he's in boxers. He comes toward me and pulls on the hims of my skirt pulling it down to my feet.

He rips open my shirt and kissed my stomach I giggle and he looks up at me. "You like that don't you?".

He lifts me up to unclip my bra and I wondered if he had done it with someone else besides me. I pushed it to the back of my mine.

He cuffs my boobs in his hands and kissed my neck again. But this time he makes his way down leaving kisses all the way down he stops between my legs and pulls down my panties.

He licks in between my legs and my eyes start rolling into my head. I feel for the blanket scrunch it into my hands. He stops and look up at me " do you want it?".

"Yes.yes please Daddy" I beg. He starts again but licks faster almost sending me into climax. He stops I look at him he stands up "tell me what you want?".

"I want you" I say without regret. There were things I regretted being with Blaine was never one of them. I regretted how it hurt Oliver but never being with Blaine. But something tells me I'm going to.

He pulls down his pants and he puts it inside of me pushing it deeper and faster into me. I move my hips and he laughs "you really do like this don't you?".

"Yes please-" I stops I tries to close my legs.he stops it by holding my legs open. I comes over and over my body shaking with pleasure until he comes undone on my stomach.

I stared up at him as he gets dress I grab his hand before he could put anything back on. I get up and kiss him.

"I want to be there for you if you would let me. So please let me" I say looking at him.

He runs his fingers through my hair. I look up at his tattoo on his neck, I touch it. It's a hummingbird. I wondered what it could have meant.

"I care about you Elle I don't know if this is a good idea. Your too pure for me even though there isn't anything pure about what just happened" he jokes.

I punch him in the air "Shut up Blaine!. I think we can do this Blaine. Don't you like me?".

He stays quiet "so I'm good enough to have sex with?, but not to have a serious relationship?. Got it, You can leave now. I'll see you another time when you want to have sex because apparently that's all I'm good for".

"That's not what I said I'm messed up Elle and I don't want to drag you down with me". He takes a step closer to me and puts his hand to my cheek "I don't know why I can't stay away from you".

I yank his hands off "just leave Blaine. I can't do this anymore. You made it clear where you stand and I-" I stop trying to control my tears that kept wanting to fall from my face.

"Elle please don't cry I can't take it"

What Blaine didn't understand was the more he pushed me away, the more he was hurting me anyways.

He stood in my way but still I made my way around in and reached for my clothes on the floor. With my back turned to him I said "please leave Blaine. I don't know why I let myself think that you could ever-" I stopped I thought I was saying it in my head. The second part not the first.

That I could ever what?" He asks.

I blink trying to hold my tears in and I turn to him "that you could ever change. But no your still asshole. I don't know why I expect anything different from you".

I put on my clothes then walk to the door I hold it open and pointed for him to leave he begs "Elle please-". I don't look him in the eye if I do I would just let him walk all over me.

He walked out a slam the door shut. I scream in my room and started sobbing I dropped to the floor I don't know how much more I can take.
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