Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 15


September 11, 20: Thursday

I hit the steering wheel with my fist I scream out "Fuckkkkk!".

I stayed at near her door. when I heard her scream in agony. I could feel her pain and I hate that I was the one who made her feel that way. I always had a way of messing things up for myself.

I made my way back into the house it was the next day I was hoping she would hate me a little less today. She came out her room her eyes puffy as if she's been crying all night.

Her brother whispers to me "she's been crying all night I tried to asks her what was wrong but all she said was that her boyfriend dumped her. I feel bad for her, nothing hurts worse than your first heart break".

She looked up at me but then looked at Anthony "who's taking me to school today?".

Anthony answers "I thought Blaine could take you to school today I'm already running late" Elle was about to argue but he walked away.

I pulled her arm to stop her from walking away from me " I said I was sorry".

"I'm not even mad at that you, You can't force someone to like you back and I have to deal with that".

"Elle please let me talk before you walk away" I scream.

"What?" She screams in my face I'm taken back she has ever screamed at me like that.

"I do care about you Elle more than you know. You don't know how much I want you".

She rolls her eyes " wow so he does have feelings? Surprising".

I continue ignoring her comments "there's just so much you don't know Elle and things I hate for you to find out".

"Listen I don't care about your excuses for not wanting to date me. I was in a relationship and you did your flirt and get into your pants thing. Now I can't take it back, so my boyfriend hates me and the boy I actually wanted doesn't want me. You know where that leaves me".

I touch her hips and bring her into my body. I wrap my hands around her waist. She wraps her hands around me. My heart starts beating fast she's sobbing into my tee shirt.

"I do want to be with you Elle there's just too many things keeping us apart. Elle I love you".

She looks up at me as if she thought it was all on her head "what?".

"That I love you Arielle. I always have and I always will" I say looking into her eyes. A smile rises and sets on her face.

She pushes away from my arms "You can't just tell me you love me to make me stay it doesn't work like that".

"And what if I was actual being sincere?. You wouldn't believe me anyways because your so afraid I'm going to hurt you"

She screams back "Because you have". She grabs her bag and heads to the car.

I tell her get in the driver's seat she looks at me as if I was crazy. I repeat "get in the driver's seat I can teach you how to drive".

"Is this some kind of joke Blaine?" She asks. I can tell she's excited even though she's trying to hide it.

She hops in the driver's seat I point to the lever in between us "this is to drive" I point to the D "and this is to Park" I pointed to the P. "And this is to R" I pointed to the R.

She nodded she head she was overly confident she biggest smile plastered all over her face. I put the keys in then told her "Put the car in drive" she puts down the lever into drive. "Now lightly hit the gas pedal".

The car starts moving slowly the smile has been replaced by fear now and her hands are shaking. I put my hands on hers she looks over at me "don't be afraid I'm right here" she nods and hits the gas pedal slowly again.

She's doing good now but I still watch her as she drives to make sure she isn't in any accidents. We come to a stop light and she hits the brake hard and we both go swinging forward she looks at me "sorry I'm a little nervous".

She looks over at me and smiles I reach for her cheek and she lets me. "softly next time okay".

"Do you ever think we could be normal?" She asks. She looks over at me waiting for an answer as waits for a Greenlight.

I respond with a smile "Normal is overrated" she laughs.

"Of course you think that pretty boy" she looks away like she didn't mean to say it out loud.

I joke "oh so you think I'm pretty?" She punches me in the arm.

"Don't take my words to the heart I'm still mad at you" I hold my chest like the words hurt me

We are distracted by the voices of teenagers in the parking lot. She pulls right in front of the school "Thank you for letting me drive your car.

"Thank you for not crashing it" I reply with a smile.

She gets out the car I grab her arm "I do care about you Elle".

"Sometimes wanting something isn't enough" she replies and gets out of the car.

She makes her way to Riley, Riley glares at me and sticks up her middle finger. I blow a kiss to her and drive away. I understood that she hated me and I was okay with it Elle was her own person she would make her own decision.

I make my way to school when I reach a red light I close my eyes and relive the moments from earlier but it is interrupted when the person behind me honks his horn. I yell out the window "Fuck Off" and drive.

Anthony comes up to me when I reach the parking lot of the school "what took you so long?. Arguing with my sister?".

"Yeah, she's a handful" I pass my hands through my hair. It's cold outside so we make our way into school.

"Don't I know it. That girl has a mind of her own" he laughs.

He turns around towards me when Violet comes towards me he whispers "incoming Violet".

She wraps her arms around me "where's little Virgin Mary?, left her at home today?".

Anthony comes in front of me before I could say anything "you don't talk about my sister like that you hear me. Go be a slut somewhere else".

She laughs "you guys are so overprotective over little miss perfect- before she could finish I interrupted.

"You mind your own business Violet" I yell.

She circled around me "ooo so protective over little ms princess. Why you in love with her?. Is that why you protect her even though you know she could never be yours".

I slam her against the locker "don't say that" I scream into her face. I feel Anthony's hand on my back trying to force me back.

She starts evil laughing in my face "ooo I struck a nerve".

Anthony holds me back off her. She makes fun of me. Nobody makes fun of me and my feelings and gets away with it. Anthony turns me to face him as she walked away " you can't hit her you'll go to jail for abuse I know you care about my sister but this is getting out of hand".

He walks me out of school and into my car "do you have feelings for my sister?" He says after a long silence.

Q: what do you think of Violet?. Do you think Blaine is going to confess his feelings for Arielle to her brother?. How would her brother react to this?.

Violet's definitely something else 😏. Be safe and remember your loved 🦋.
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