Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 17


October 9,2020

"I think I'm in love with her and it scares me because I never loved anyone like I love her. She's amazing person always has a smile on her face sometimes I feel like I make her sad and that's what makes me want to stay away from her fear of destroying her from the inside out. But I guess I already done that. She's such a good person and she's doesn't deserve a guy like me. Yet I can't fucking stay away from her".

Instead I said "I don't know what I feel for Elle. All I know is I care about her".

He responds "Elle has had a crush on you for years I myself even noticed it. I don't want you to hurt her she's my little sister she doesn't know yet about heartbreak, she doesn't need the king of heart breaks with her".

I look him in the eye "I would never hurt her on purpose Anthony, I swear to you". He nods his head.

"I know you care about her you probably more than I do just protect her keep her safe for me. I don't want you dating her thought. Do you understand me?" I nod in agreement.

I realize we're at school I said to Anthony "do you want to go to a party I heard this a party in our college?".

"I think you should go Blaine find yourself a girlfriend" I smile and look down at my pants.

I wonder what he would say if he knew I told Elle that I loved her. She obviously didn't believe me I wouldn't trust me either. He acts like he's never be in love before. Did I just say that?. What the fuck is going on?.

"I'm good but I'm still going to that party tomorrow night" might as well drown my sorrows in alcohol.

"I'll be at home parties aren't really my scene anymore. Drop me home and pick up Elle"he replies.

I look at the clock it's 3 pm already we have been driving around for like 8 hours talking and laughing like things were normal. For him they were but me I was hiding a secret for my best Friend one that I could never tell him.

I drop Anthony at his house driving to Elle's school thinking about moments like the first day I met when she put her tiny hands on my body I knew she wanted more than what she got. She wasn't as innocent as she thought she was.

I pull the front of the school. I see Oliver and Elle not together but separate parts of the front. I can see people whispering as Elle pasts by.

She enters the car I ask her "are you okay?" She looks distracted looking out into front window rather than looking at me "people found out about me cheating on Oliver. Everyone calling me a slut".

I reach for my door to get up she reaches for my arm "please don't Blaine just drive. Anywhere". I decide to take her to my house, she obviously didn't want to be home and the only place I could think about was my house.

She walked in the door my mom showered her with hugs. She was still in her scrubs like she just got off of work. Her hair was in a bonnet and she took it off and let her blonde long hair out.

"Elle are you joining us for dinner?" My mom asks. Before Elle could answer Elijah hit the "No".

I gave him a stank eye I stepped in front of Elle as he came towards her "Elle is welcomed in this house whenever she wants okay Elijah?. You will not stand in her way or I'll go with her" I scream at him so he would listen.

He stared at her for a long time before saying "she is not who you think she is. If she would cheat on her boyfriend what makes you think she won't on you. She's just a whore". Everyone gasp.

I ran over to him punching him in the face my hands clenched as I fight the urge to do it again "Nobody calls Elle a whore" I take her into my room.

She fights the urge to cry but as I wrap my hand around her she sobs " he really doesn't like me does he?". She sits on the bed.

"It doesn't matter what he thinks"I bend down in front of her "Hey look at me" when I got her to look at me I say "Elijah is cautious all he cares about is his money it's not about you. When he sees a girl who doesn't have money he's threatened thinking that you want his money that's why your with me".

"But I don't want your money Blaine she replies "he has known me since grade school. I would never take your money".

"His money is all he care about it's not a reflection of you as a person" someone knocks on the door I make my way to the door. It's my mom.

She looked at Elle in tears "I'm so sorry he acted like that Elle. You are welcome here anytime" she apologized for him. She did it all the time it wasn't anything unusual for her.

She's wrapped in my blanket she's smiling this time and I'm glad my mom says "well I'm going to leave you guys alone" she leaves in a rush saying "don't forget to wear condoms bye".

Elle laughed I swear her smile could light up a room. I take off my shirt and throw it on the bed she stares at my body and bites her lip "are you trying sexualize me Elle?. You should be ashamed of yourself" I joke .

I stand above her, her smile still on her face. Her long brown curly hair messy on the top of her head. She's still wearing her school uniform she looks like a school girl. I on the other hand am wearing just jeans with a belt. I reach over her to get my shirt to tease her.

She grabs my shirt and says "no" and lays down on it.

"Arielle, pass my shirt" I say as I stand straight up in front of her.

Shakes her head no while looking up at me. I wrap my hands around her back and lift her onto the front of my body she wraps her legs around me "this is what you wanted all along?".

She smiles cheesing I kiss her our lips brush up against each other's. She's panting, her breathing getting faster and faster as we kiss. I pull away she's surprised I drop her on her feet "we can't do this Elle. But it's like I can't stay away from you and I don't know why".

I continue "Your supposed to be mad at me and yet your here teasing me and kissing me. You have every right to be mad at me, I broke up your relationship" I say holding her cheek against my hand.

"We broke up my relationship it wasn't just you. I was mad because you told me you loved me and I didn't believe you and I still don't believe you Blaine but I know you care about me. I know that it killed you to see me with Oliver. I make my own decision nobody makes it for me" she says.

"I had a talk with your brother this morning about you after Violet called you a slut" she waited for me to finish " I told him that I didn't know what I felt for you. I knew that I care about you but the overwhelming sense of jealousy when I see any man with you. The want of me wanting to be next to you all the time is strong it's a magnet pulling to you. Yet it's wrong for so any different reason".

I didn't notice when I sat down next to her she got up and stood in front of me. She's sits on top of me her legs wrapping around my waist. I caressed her legs and she shivers like a chill hit her body. "I know you think that Blaine you started being in high school was the real you. I'm here to tell you it's not, your sweet and loving and sometimes a completely asshole bit that doesn't mean you don't or didn't care about me or others. I want you to share thing with me. Share your burdens with me".

"I can't Elle please believe that it's the right thing for you" I say. I start kissing her neck filling the room with her moans once again. She caresses my chest with her fingers.

I look up at her "is this really want you want?". She nods her head in agreement. I take off her jacket. Then I rip the button off of her blouse to expose her chest to me. She's wearing lingerie without a bra. I lift up her skirt to reveal she wasn't wearing underwear either. Just long socks.

" you went to school with no underwear or bra?" I'm surprised I really changed her. Not so innocent anymore "don't do it again okay ?" I command. I couldn't barely the thought of another person seeing her like that.

She's replies "Yes daddy I won't do it again.

I grab on to her throat "tell me what we're you thinking wear this to school?".

"I wanted to do it for you Blaine. Your eyes only" she says.

There's a knock on the door Elle runs into the bathroom to get dressed. I open the door it's Anna "I heard Elle was here, I wanted to say hi".

"Elle's in the bathroom" I yell for her "Elle, Anna's here to see you". She comes out and looks exactly how she was when she first got here.

She hugs Anna "it's nice to see you again Anna" she looks suspiciously between the both of us.

"Are you guys dating or hooking up?" A snort comes from Arielle. We both look at her and she sits on the bed embarrassed.

"Arielle and I are complicated. But don't tell anyone about this" I answer for her.

She ignores my comments "Anyways Mom made dinner, she told me to tell you guys" she walks away.
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