Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 18


October 13, 2020: Saturday

I'm in my room trying to figure out what to wear today. Riley comes into my room and flops on the bed. She groans "why did you have to let me drink last night?.

"Even Jesus himself couldn't stop you from drinking" I joke. She throws a pillow at me.

My brother comes into my room. Riley immediately straightens up weirdly. "Hey Riley" he turns to me "I know your were at a party last night. Your not in trouble okay?. I know Blaine was there and he would never let anything happened to you so I know you were safe".

I nod and he walks out Riley looks at me "is he who took me home last night?" Riley asks.

"Yes, Riley but it wasn't just him I took you home too" I reply.

Her phone rings she answers it. After a long conversation "my mom wants me home apparently. I'm grounded. I'll see you when my I'm ungrounded".

I decided to go on the date with Blaine I mean what's the worse thing that could happen?. I didn't tell anyone about it because I don't know if this could turn serious or not. I wanted to wait.

I put on my favorite cropped black turtle neck top with some ripped jeans. I didn't know if it was going to be fancy or not so I decided on causal.

Blaine came into my room he shut the door behind him. He wore a black buttoned up shirt with the first button undone to show a necklace and black dressy pants. I noticed the rings on his hands I looked down at them "Anthony's out with some of the football team. So he won't be home".

I hooked his arm and we made it out to the car. He opened the door for me and I stand down anxious I say "can I know where we're going before you leave me in the woods?".

He chuckle he stops to look at me "it's a surprise Elle. I can't tell you". I'm shaking with nervousness I never been a a date before with someone like him I'm surprised he's completely calm right now. I never thought this day would come.

We pull into a parking lot it looked completely normal I was confused "close your eyes" I put my hands over them. I heard noises of people talking to each other but it's barely coherent.

He moves the car but I don't remove my hands from my face. "Open" he says softly.

There's a projector with a blanket it points to a white screen I look over at him with surprise and happiness "you did this? I'm...".

He puts his finger to my lips he turns on the radio. The movie starts its Titanic, wow I never expected him to this. I always wanted to go to a driver in theater this was the best thing ever.

I lay my head on his shoulder as I watched the movie. I never thought he would watch something like this he was never the soft watch a romance type.

He looks over at me the scene is the part where Rose says "draw me like one of your French girls". She's sitting on the couch naked as jack draws her in his sketch book. He reaches in the back and throws my favorite chips on my lap hot Cheetos.

I smile happily I look back up at him and he kisses me. I was taken by surprise he whispers in my ear "are you wearing underwear?".

"Yes, Blaine I'm wearing underwear. What kind of girl do you take me for?" I asked never looking away.

"I was just asking Elle make sure you didn't pull any shenanigans again that cause for punishment".

"What?" I asked surprise at what he said "what's the punishment?".

He grabs me by my neck "do you really want to know?".

I nod my head slowly not really knowing what he's going to do. He reaches over and grabs me by my hips bring me to his side of my car bend over his lap in front of him. He pulls my pants down to reveal my butt. He smacks it hard leaving a stinging sensation in its wake. I groan "that is your punishment if you disobey me" he says.

He hits again I jump slightly . A little smile forms on my face he catches it "your not supposed to like it,it's a punishment". He feels my underwear in between my legs "ah you really do like it don't you".

I don't reply what could I say. It was true I did like it but I wasn't going to tell him that. He moves to chin to look at him "speak" he commands.

"Yes. I do like it Blaine" I reply. Damn it.

He laughs "who knew you had this in you. Your not so innocent as everyone thinks you are"he comments. "Sit up and get dressed" he says. I'm surprised he didn't continue. Did I want him to?.

I climbed back into my seat and we continued watching the movie. He looked annoyed at the screen like he hated the characters. He screamed "wow like that's realistic and that's how my family is" a few times. He was unfazed when the Titanic was going down while I was in tears.

He hold my hand tightly as I cried he whispers into my ear "don't cry it's just a movie Elle" in a soft voice. He put the seat back then he patted his legs to tell me to come here and I climbed over the seat and laid in his arms. Best date night ever.

The movie ended I stared at him. I wondered if he was going to kiss me or if he wanted to . A light flashed us a car pulled up next to us. I cover my face from the light.

A girl knocked on the door she was the girl who was making out with a random guy on the top of the stairs and the one Blaine was with. Blaine rolled down the window she laughed "this is good, secretly making out with your brother's best friend. Priceless" she laughs.

Blaine says "you need to mind your fucking business Violet. Whatever Elle and I do this nun of your business".

"Now the good girl wants to be bad. How is it fucking the bad boy?" She asked me.

I respond "I wasn't fucking anyone Violet. We're just friends

She threatens "I don't know I think if your brother or even Riley saw this she would think something up right?".
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