Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 19


October 9,2020

Violet threatened to tell My brother and Riley about us and I couldn't let it happen. My brother would murder Blaine if he found out and Riley would never speak to me again.

"What could I do?" I thought.

I ran into the house when he dropped me off. Slamming the door shut so he couldn't come in. He opened the door I'm pacing all around the kitchen in tears.

He grabs my arms "if my brother finds out about this we're dead Blaine. You don't understand that".

"You think I planned to fall my best Friend's sister huh Elle?. Things just happen".

He wraps himself against my body "you don't seem concerned in the least Blaine".

"I know your brother would murder me but you think I think I wanted to bring you into his whole mess. It's our feelings or whatever that brought us here" he says.

"I know" I turn around and hug him "but now Violet's going to hold this over us now. We have no choice but to either play her game or separate".

He puts his hand in my hair "we will work this out I promise you".

I pulled away from him a slight annoyance on his face "Maybe we tested fate for too long and it's getting back at us. We're not supposed to be together Blaine"I cried.

He grabbed me by hips and sat me on the Bar counter he sits in between my legs he puts his whole hand on my cheek and used his thumb to softly rub his finger on it "listen this is fear talking. Don't let fear be the end of us".

I placed my hand on his I looked right into his eyes "Maybe she was right you are just the playboy and I'm not so innocent as I seemed to be. You were also right when you said I wanted something more than I had I wanted a little danger,a wanted a love that consumed me whole, I wanted passion and I got all that. But even with all of that it wasn't enough.

"So your saying this is it"he screams his face anger showing his veins popping out.

"We could never be together anyways" I respond back.

"No" he screams "this isn't about us it was never about us your so afraid of what your brother would do it us if he found out we were together. So what" he said with an attitude.

I look at him confused "so what he finds out about us?. I would gladly take a punch in the face for you Elle. You changed me".

A knock on the door interrupts our conversation. He walks to open the door and sit in the spin chair. A girl with perfect olive skin walks in. She's looks so rich her diamond necklace shines in the light like a star. Her hair ginger and wavy with brown eyes. She releases her Gucci bag on the floor and she immediately wraps her arms around Blaine and kisses him in the mouth.

He scoots back but it felt like a stab in the gut. He looks at the girl confused I couldn't tell if he was happy confused or angry but my question are quickly answered when he smiles at her.

Damn it

I known Blaine since we were in grade school and I never seen this girl in my life. They had their own conversations it was like I was invisible. Might as well just go into my room. Do I have a right to be jealous?, I mean I was just about to break this off so I don't?. I walked to my room as quietly as I could and locked my door I didn't want him coming in. I already feel insecure around her.

I wanted to text Riley about this but what could I say "I was still sleeping with Blaine while I told you I wasn't". I lied to her I don't think she's would ever forgive me. So I had to wallow by myself. Before I could get too upset I got up from my bed "I wasn't going to let this girl get to me. Go out to your old screaming field".

I hold the door knob working on the nerve to actual leave my room. I took a deep breath and walked into the kitchen. She was sitting the couch on his lap Blaine turned look at me and froze like he was caught in an act. Maybe I was right his playboy nature would have came out.

I looked him straight in the eyes "I'm going to the park. If my brother asks tell him I'm with Riley". He looks like he was about to protest but then decided not to. I made my way outside I kind of hoped he would come out after me I waited a few minutes staring at the door. Yet he never came out.

I walked the street it was cold which was normal for Boston weather. The wind some how calmed me down. He was so ready to be in serious with me and as soon as somebody from his past came back he was ready to throw it all away.

I made it to the park I found a place in the middle and screamed. It was my screaming place any time something or someone bothered me I came here. A voice comes from behind me a females voice soft gentle voice it's Anna.

"Are you okay? I hear my dad brought Madeline back" oh that's her name Madeline. Wait his own father did this?. Like she was reading my mind .

she said "Madeline and Blaine dated for a long time from like freshman year to junior year. He was in love with her and our father sent her away because he didn't approve and that's mostly why he started his playboy phrase".

"Well I guess he got the person he actually wanted back. I can't believe his father would bring back someone he hates because I started seeing me" I replied.

"It isn't just that my dad doesn't hate you because of money only. There's a lot wrong with him".

"You don't have to tell me that. No offense I know he's your dad".

She laughs "I know he's an asshole. He used to be so loving and now see him. Anyways what are you doing here?".

"This is my scream place. Anytime I need to scream I do it here. It helps me deal with things in my own way".

She screams into the void. There was nothing better then to scream like your getting killed in a horror movie.

"Do you want to go get something to eat? I know you don't want to go home" I nod. My phone starts ringing it's him. I look at the time it's 11 about to be 12 am.

"Yes, I would love to go get something to eat with you". In her car I wondered why we were never friends we get along really well. She told me jokes about how her parents freaked out when she said she wanted to get her boobs pierced.

"I don't think I could ever pierce anything. I don't think I would ever poke holes in my nose".

She swirls the car going in the other direction away from ihop "that's not a good reason we are getting you pierced. I have a friend that would do it for you. What would you like to pierce first?".

She asks I think about "should I really be doing this?". I mean I wanted an adventure maybe I need to take for my own self happiness. But really put holes in myself?.

I nod my head "yes". She took me in a place it was a tattoo place a woman with very few tattoos comes up Anna and gives her a hug. She looks at me and holds out her hand "you must be?".

I respond quickly "I'm Arielle".

"Well Arielle what do you want to do?" She asks.

I want to pierce my nose and my belly button" she looks at Anna nervously but then says "okay sit down in the chair".

The woman had blonde hair with grey eyes and very few piercings and tattoos. I kind of thought she would be tattooed from head to toe. She seemed happy with her career like this was something she always wanted to do.

I sit in the chair I know I should feel nervous but I'm kind of happy?... I think?. I pull my my shirt to reveal my belly button she wipes it down before putting some kind of little piercing machine there. I look away because I know if I look I'm going to chicken out.

It's Sting for like a second and it was over. She put a Belly button ring that had a diamond on each side. Now I was ready for my nose. It happened quickly I didn't feel the pain of it. She handled me round diamond nose ring this time.

After Anna gave her bunch of money I immediately protest she says "don't worry about it okay?. It's between friends".

My heart sunk at friends. I never been so social in my life. I was happy to make a new friend. I look at my phone it's been buzzing for the past hour. It's 1 in the morning did I really want to go back there.

I looked at my belly ring and nose ring in the mirror. I don't look like my self and I like it. I reached for my phone and turned it off.

Anna took my hand and took me to the car " you know it's okay to let yourself fall you don't have to be okay all the time".

"Thank you for reminding me" she smiles and starts driving. I guess it was time to go home and face the music.

I got to my house I waved goodbye to Anna. We made plans to go shopping. More like she shops and I look in the window. I reach the front door and Blaine stands in my way. I push him away and walked past him. I was surprised myself.

"Please go home Blaine, Anthony not here so you have no reason to stay" I say softly hoping I don't have to raise my voice.

He stared at from my head to toe. Then He looks at my nose then down to my belly. "You didn't not get piercings Elle. Are you fucking kidding me?" He screams.

"You don't tell me what to do your not my parents. We're not friends. The only thing you are is my brother's friend so act like it and mind your fucking business"I yell back I was angry and nothing was going to stop it.

He puts his hands around my throat but not hard to actually choke me "listen Elle I will not mind my own business. You go to a park in the middle of the night and don't answer your phone. You had me fucking worried about you" he screams his anger but I can also tell he was scared.

"I was with your sister Anna, she found me at the park and we talked. Didn't seem like you were paying attention to me anyways" He let's go and I walk into the kitchen.

She was still sitting in the living room. Smirking at the thought that she caused trouble between us. I was done with letting him control me. He could have her if he wanted her. I'm kidding myself I'm in the middle of a heartbreak promising something that is never going to come true.

Q: What do you think of Madeline?. Do you think she's planning something?.

Don't you hate Blaine's dad such an asshole😏. Anyways be safe and remember your loved 🦋.
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