Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 20


October 16,2020: Monday

Spent the rest whole weekend avoiding Blaine and Madeline. She looked like a princess and I looked like a regular girl. I woke up this morning to Blaine feeding her like she was a baby. Yet I still sat there and smiled.

Another knock on the door so far I brought bad luck. But when I saw Francis at my door I almost dropped to the floor. "Francis what are you doing here?".

"I came to ask you on a date. I asked around at school about you and they told me you lived with Anthony and him and I are old friends"

"That is so sweet Francis" I can see he's hiding something behind his back. He hands me flowers my favorite ones Roses. "Omg ! These are my favorite how did you know?".

"Anthony told me. He also threatened to kill me if I hurt you. So pretty eventful talk" he jokes.

"I am so sorry about that my brother tends to be super overprotective"

He places his hand on my arm. I heard footsteps behind me moving towards me. Until I feel him behind me. Francis says "Hello Blaine it's nice to see you again". I almost don't want to turn to look at him but I had to.

"Please leave it alone Blaine okay" not meeting his eyes. I wouldn't look at him.

He ignores my comments "listen Francis. Don't You ever touch Elle I will kill you okay?" He threatens. Francis seems unfazed by his threats.

"You can't threaten me how do you lose a girl like this really embarrassing for you" everyone laughs but Blaine, even Madeline chuckles.

He punches Francis in the face blood gushing from his nose. Francis gets up and runs towards Blaine he gets in a punch " how many times are you going to break her heart until you realize your not really into her. You see her as a game you can trash when you get something better".

Blaine punches him over and over and over Francis is unconscious on the floor I yell "did you have to do that?".

When he doesn't answer I grab Francis and dragged him into my room to put him on my bed. Blaine lifted him up and put him in the extra bedroom. "I was actually-". There's blood all over the floor. The thought of it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

"There's no way he's going on your bed Elle. He stays in the guest bed room no if or buts" I agreed. There was no use in fighting anymore I'm exhausted already. The best thing was for us to separate now he can't be with who he truly wants to be.

Riley walks in and sees the blood "what happened in here?".

Blaine punched the guy that I was dancing with at the party because he asked me out then knocked him unconscious"

She seems not surprised she looked over at the couch then at me with sympathy. I didn't tell her yet I wanted to tell her in person but since she was grounded and only allowed to go to school. She yanked me out of the house "what is going in that house Elle?".

"Blaine's first love came back Saturday.but I'm fine" she pulls me into a hug. I'm in tears a huge puddle on her jacket.

"I know you care about Blaine Elle. But you knew he was this type of guy. He will always be Blaine the playboy and violent, you can't change him nobody can" she tries to comfort me.

"She's the reason he's like this. I talked to his sister last night. How could I complete with that?"

"You don't Elle, you move on. That family is drama waiting to happen and you know that yourself".

He walks out and stands outside of the door " you don't compete because you already won. I said I was your and I mean it Elle. Madeline is nothing to me".

I yell "Yet you let her kiss you and sit on top of your lap. You ignored me until I actually left and got alarmed and punched a really nice guy. Your a piece of shit and I wish I never met you" I walked away from him into Riley's car.

I cried more tears in the car. I didn't look to see if the words hurt him because I know they did. Because they hurt me too.

As I made my way into school I smiled and pretended nothing was wrong. I left Francis with Blaine I know it was a bad idea but I can't look at Blaine without wanting to cry my eyes out.

Oliver was still my lab partner I walked into my science class to him sitting there I was surprised. "Oliver I want to say I'm so sorry!".

"Don't apologize Ellie I know you had feelings for him. I'm just sorry you fell in love with an asshole" We chuckled. It was like we were friends and it was nice.

The teacher started talking about what to do next. Sometimes I feel like I want a normal life. But what is normal exactly?, I am technically normal. Every teenage around the country deals with heartbreak I happened to be apart of that group but it doesn't change the fact that it hurts like it was from another world and maybe in another world things could have been different.

Do I regret anything I did? Yes. But loving is a part of life and I like to think I'm one heartbreak away from happily ever after.

"I need to talk to Elle" a deep voice comes from the door. I know who it is I'm almost afraid to look back at him.

I walk out of the class room and follow Blaine into the hallway "what do you want Blaine?. Haven't you hurt me enough?, want to me stab me yourself".

I watch as he leans on the hall like the first day. Today he's wearing a black sweater with good vibes on it. "I'm sorry for hurting you Elle. I don't even know what I did. I was shocked from not seeing Madeline for a long time. She was my first love and you expect me to just make her leave".

"I don't expect anything from you anymore. You want to be with Madeline. Fine, I'm not even mad about it. But don't expect me not to move on either. It was time for us to separate".

He pins me to the wall I look in the hallway to make sure no one's watching us. "I can't stand another guy having you the way I have you. No guy will have you the way I have you". He kisses my neck I bit my lips as moans threaten to fall from my lips.

I want to push him away but at the same time I don't. There wasn't anything I wanted more than this. But yet I push him away. "I'm at school Blaine this can't happen here anyone can see me. People are still calling me a whore and this is adding fuel to the fire".

"You think I care what people are what people think. I would fuck you right here in the hallway with everyone watching" he says I can tell he's serious. He's eyes keep on me the whole time never blinking.

"I would never let you do that. This is for me I tried of getting my heart broken by you, someone I never thought I would ever be doing this with. You punched a nice guy and for what?. To show dominance?." I respond looking away from his eyes into the hallway.

He's still over me trapping me against the wall. "This is me trying to make us work. I came to school trying to make this work. I don't think this is about me being a playboy it's more about you being afraid to love me. Fear that I would hurt you. I'm sorry about punching Francis, I was seeing red".

"You already did Blaine" I scream in his face. "As soon as Madeline came here you ignored me pushed me away like I didn't matter. Then, As soon as someone else comes and actually wants me, you want to get protective".

Q: what do you think of all the new characters?. What do you think Arielle going to do?.

Poor Francis seems like anyone who gets too close to Arielle gets hurt🥺. Be safe and remember your loved 🦋. Let me know what you think.
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