Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 22



Blaine called me he sounded drunk I couldn't leave him there. I wish I had the power to resist him but I don't. It always seems like im too weak too stay away.

I take an Uber to the party Blaine at. I know which one because he posted a few pictures of it on Instagram. I scrolled down through the pictures in the Uber, he was doing body shots off of a girl who was basically naked. I didn't understand why it bothered me so much. I mean we weren't together.

I made it there Blaine was making out with some girl in the corner of the room. I made my way over to him and yanked her off of him it was Violet. I didn't know what to feel in this moment. I felt betrayed and angry.

She yells "you fucking bitch". She points her finger at me as she walks in front of me. I'm so close to lose it on her. She doesn't know how bad I wanted to hit her.

"I'm the fucking bitch your here making out with Blaine while he's drunk or is it because you know he would never do it sober." I said to her she was getting angry but I knew sum part of her knee it was true.

She tackles me to the ground she pulls on my hair she says "Your just a whore and you know it. He calls you and you come running because your under his control" she yells in my face. I'm trying to control my anger but she doesn't make it easy.

I wasn't about to let her talk to me that way I punched her in her face. Her nose was running down like a waterfall. Power I didn't know I had. Everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at us.

"You don't get to talk to me like that. Yes when Blaine calls I come because I care about him we been friends since we were kids and that's never going to end".

Before I could hit her again Blaine wraps his hands around my hips and dragged me away kicking and screaming for him to let me go. The feelings of his warm hands is what calmed me down. He took me outside and into the garden.

He sat me on the bench his voice soft "why did you come here?" His voice is soft like a little baby. I couldn't tell if it was because he's drunk or because of me.

"I came here for you. You called me remember. Even if I'm mad at you, it's like I have to be there for you Blaine" I placed my hand on his shoulder. He looks down at it like he wants to take it off.

I took his hand he smiled "you shouldn't be here. If Francis finds out your here with me alone what is he going to say?"

"I'm going to tell him that you were drunk and you needed help. So I came to get you"

"I'm so sorry Elle" he starts to apologize "I don't understand how things got so messed up. I wish we could start over"

"Is Blaine Taylor actually feeling guilty about something he's done?. Never thought I would see that day" I joke.

A small smile lifts from his mouth then into a full smile. He laughs he finally looks up at me and put my his hand to my face. I never thought I would feel it again. His hand is hot and sweaty from the party. I started to cry and he shuffled closer to me "please don't cry Elle".

"It's not that I just never thought I would feel you again. Old you would have given up by now and for the life of me I can't figure out why you haven't".

"I have been telling you since the beginning I care about you and I know I'm not really good at expressing myself but either are you. I think that's why we're so good for each other".

"You think we're good for each other because we can't express our feelings?. What kind of fuck up shit is that" I joke.

"I think we're better off for knowing each other. I sparked your sexual Curiosity that you already had in you all along. I showed you that you could be loved even with all your flaws and you taught me that being with the person you love is the best feelings ever and to never let it go because I'm a mess without you. You don't understand how hard it is to be apart from you."

"Love?" I questioned.

"Yes, love. I love you Elle. I want you in every way possible. I want to feel your lips on mine. I want you to moan loudly and know I was the one who was making you moan and I can't stand you being with Francis".

Funny how he had to be drunk to tell me he loved me. I wonder if he would tell me this if he was sober. The answer is obviously No.

"Blaine it's too complicated for us if my brother ever caught us he would murder you, Riley the same thing. Our love story is like a Rome and Juliet story it's so laughable"

He wraps his arm around my neck "yeah we're too much of a romance movie. A cheese one at that. Not like Titanic" he nudges me in the arm "Draw me like one of your French girls" he winks at me.

I lean in and kiss him I couldn't stand being near him yet far enough way from him I couldn't feel him. He grabbed on to my face our lips are kissing each other. He pulls away "are you sure about this?" With our foreheads still together.

"No, but right now my emotions are taking over me. I missed you Blaine and I need you and some reason I keep running back to you".

"You drive me completely insane and I wouldn't have it any other way" he kisses my forehead. I close my eyes taking this in before I had to let him go.

We sat there for a few hours just enjoying each other's company. I rest my head on his shoulder. He held me tightly in his arms. I didn't have a car so I couldn't take him home and I was sure Anthony was drunk too.

Like he read my mind he came stumbling over. Madeline standing next to him helping him up. I said "what are you doing here Madeline?" I asked. I didn't want her getting close to my brother.

"Nothing, just hanging out with your brother. What are you doing with Blaine?" She asked me. She was trying to get me caught with Blaine so I would get in trouble with him.

"He called me and So I came. Do you have a problem with that princess?" I mock her. She doesn't take it well and I'm happy I got into her skin.

She rolls her eyes "of course not Arielle, I just understand why he would call the person without a car?".

Anthony interrupts he points at Madeline "stop it already. Take all us home Madeline" she looked at me before giving up and walking us to her car. I held Blaine around my neck getting him to the car.

I had to sit in between Blaine and Anthony. Obviously because of Madeline. She wanted to do one last thing tonight to piss me off. She smiled the whole way home looking in the mirror back at us. They slept and didn't vomiting I was happy about that.

When we got home I took Blaine to the guest bedroom. He shook his head no so I took him into my room and Madeline took my brother into his room.

I laid him down on my bed and sat at my desk in my room finishing home for the day. Then after a while I went into the kitchen Madeline sat there drinking juice. "How does it feel to have Blaine under your control?."

"You say that like I'm his evil boss or something. Blaine and I have been friends since we were in grade school, we will always have a bond" I say trying to convince her. No matter what she's doing to think she's doing what's best which is wrong.

"You mean your in love with him right?. Don't try to lie I can see it when you look at him." She says. She so condescending I kind of want to hit her. Violence isn't the answer.

"I'm not in-" I start to say and she interrupts me. Not letting me finish my thought.

"Save it Elle !, I know your in love with him I saw you guy in the garden. I just don't understand how he would like someone so unattractive". I roll my eyes at her I wasn't going to let her get under my skin. Not today not any day soon.

"Listen here, you might be Queen bee but I been in his life a lot longer and he would do anything to protect me" I say soft but loud so she could get it through her head.

"Yeah, but he was in love with me. He wrote to me every day for weeks even until the day I came here. So even though he would protect you he's in love with me and will do as I say and aren't you with that blonde guy." I was shocked to hear he was still writing to her as he was with me. Maybe Riley was right and he is the same player he's always been?

"Your a real bitch you know that right?. What I do is nun of your business. You can't stand anyone else having him even though you don't want him." I yell at her loudly. I let her get under my skin she's so infuriating, she makes me want to kill her.

She's silent and smiling like she won. I walk back into the room and sat in my desk chair watching him sleep it was peaceful. He looked like a little baby.

He woke up with a gasp like he was trying to get air into his lungs. He looked at me right away and smiled "Hey there, Elle". I stayed right there I was but with a smile. Distance was the best thing for us. He looked down and realized he was in my bed "did I sleep in your bed?. I didn't mean to take up your bed. You deserve your sleep-"

I stopped him by putting my finger to his lips. I sat next to him "I put you in my bed. So don't worry about it. My Brother's drunk too so he didn't notice you were in my bed". I can't even respect my own rules what's going with me?

He reaches his hand over to my cheek " thank you for taking care of me Elle" he looked in my eyes. I'm tempted to kiss him again. He brushes his finger on my cheek. I want to pull back everything is telling me to but I don't.

I lean in and kiss him it surprised even me . I jump on top of him he holds on to my waist. I move my waist on him teasing him he laughs, he's laugh is like music to my ears "what are you doing Elle?" In a smiley tone.

I whisper into his ear "I want you". I hold on to his neck and He moves my hair from my neck and lets soft kiss on it. I move my head back so he could see it more. He removed my shirt from my body at the time I was wearing a tank top as sleepwear and some pajamas shorts. He noticed I was wearing the braelet smirk comes up from his face. I'm staring down at his face.

"do you want it?" I nod. He takes off the braelet. He start kissing down from my neck to the end my stomach. He lays my down on my bed and continue licking between my legs.

He holds on to my legs keeping them open. My head goes back and I'm eyes are rolling into my head making everything blurry. He continued to keep licking faster and faster and as he does this I get closer and closer to coming. My whole body starting shaking. He looks up at me smiling. I'm trying to keep my moans from coming out my mouth by biting my lips.

I'm about to come he starts licking faster and I climax holding his hair in tightly my fingers. I sit up on the bed. He drops his pants his length hard. I stare at it and he says "are you ready?".

I stand up and walk towards him. I knee in front of him and wrap his length around my hands. I rub my hands in between his length. I look up to see him moaning. A smile comes up on my face. His eyes roll back into his head. I put into my mouth stroking it faster and deep into my mouth.

I feel his length getting harder into my mouth. It's throbbing and he pulls me out. I look up at him I thought I did something wrong. Holds my chin up "lay down" he commands.

I crawl up into the bed. He opens my legs widely before climbing in between my legs. He shoves his length into me and a whimper falls from my lips.
He asks me "are you okay?". I nod my head biting my lip. He strokes his length in and out of me slower.

I moan "faster" and he moves faster. He leans more in. Our body touch and I wrap my hands on his back digging my nails into his back.
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