Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 23



It's Halloween, days after me and Blaine did the nasty as people call it. It was nice to do it again with him, I can't explain the overwhelming sense of pleasure I felt in that moment.

I was still with Francis he has no idea what happened. When he saw Blaine in my bed as I was finishing homework. I told him he was drunk so I let him sleep in my bed and he believed me.

I wish I could say Blaine and I stopped there.....But then I would be lying. Blaine and I continue having sex behind everyone back and no one really noticed. Of course we did it secretly like when everyone was sleeping or when everyone was out of the house. I just couldn't stay away from him.

Today I went shopping with Riley to get our last minute costumes for the Halloween party we're having at our house. Yeah I said it, my house. It was my brother's and Riley's idea.

"What do you think of this?" She asks holding up a costume of being a slutty nurse.

"No, Riley that's kind of a little too showy. What about we be devils and angels?" She squeals and runs to the aisle to put together our costumes. I was expecting to be the angel because she was the bad one and I was the good one.

She runs out to me and drags me by my hands into the aisle. She hands me devil horns a tail and a sparky red skirt "your going to be the devil".

I look at her as if she had three heads she said "I'm always the devil, tonight we going to spice things up". It's true our costumes were always she as the devil and I as a angel but she would eat something extra sexual and I would wear a white dress with wings.

"Okay" I said softly. I don't know how I feel about it but I'm trying to live out my comfort zone. We went to the cash register and My phone starts ringing I look at it, it's Francis.

A: yeah, Francis
F: what you doing?, I miss you.
A: doing late shopping for the party. I forgot to get my costumes.
F: oooo what's your costumes?
A: you'll see later I'm not going to spoil it for you.
F: fine, I'll see you later baby.

I hang up the phone and Riley gives me a look. I know that look, she's going to take me shopping. I should have noticed it when she took me to a party city near a mall.

She rushes me into the mall. We go into Victoria secret she picks out lingerie for me more like stocking and this weird thing I clipped to the stocking from my hips. After that she brought me into Rainbow and showed me a shirt it was a body suit and turtleneck but really popped out my boobs.

I agreed to it I wasn't going to argue with her today. She was so happy that allowed her to dress me up.

We got back to the house she hits my butt and tells me to go change. I walk into my room with everything she brought for me. I felt bad she had to buy me a costume but it was just me and my brother and I couldn't ask him to give me money for a costumes.

I walk out Blaine stays at the counter with a drink in his hand. When he see's me he spits out his drink all over the counter. Riley rolls her eyes at him and turns to me "omg, you look so beautiful Elle".

Blaine was about to make his way towards me when Madeline came in with her fairy costume. She walked all the way to Blaine and kissed him on the cheek then looked at me. Both Riley and I both gave her a stank eye. She didn't like her either.

My brother walked in yelling "who's ready for the best party ever" over dramatically. He looks at me "nice costumes Ellie". Then starts taking out the alcohol from the bar under the counter where he kept his alcohol.

Within a few minutes, the house was packed with drunk people. I grabbed a drink and poured it into a cup. Francis came in a prince costume. I wrapped my arms around him he kisses me "your costume is so sexy Arielle".

I smiled "thank you" and took him to the dance floor. The most of the time, I was watching Blaine at the corner of my eye. He was sitting in corner leaning on the wall with one leg on it. Watching me as sway my hips on Francis with a smirk on his face.

I walk into the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. Moments later someone knocks on the door "Hey Ellie" he comes behind me and starts kissing my neck.

I start giggling and push him away and turn to him "we can't do this here, there's too many people. Too many witnesses".

He grabs me by my waist he says "Elle I don't fucking care" and kisses me between kisses he says "your wearing that outfit and I can't resist".

He turns me around and I press again his body. I could feel hm Harding against me. I look at myself in the mirror. I look like a whore doing this in the bathroom but in the moment I didn't care. He took my clothes off and I turned around and I took off his. We're standing naked in the bathroom. I stare down at it.

He pins me the wall and slips his fingers in I bite my lips closed to quiet myself he gets up and whispers into my ears "I want to hear you moan". I un bite my lips and moans fall out of my mouth. I tried and be a little bit quieter but he works his fingers faster in inside of me and I can't control myself. My eyes are rolling into the back of my head.

"I'm close" I moan he stops. I look at him, I'm trying to hold myself together. My legs want to give out and drop to the floor I'm weak and tired. He bends me over the sink and puts his length inside of me. I let out a whimper. He goes deeper inside me. It's driving me insane, soon I wouldn't be able to think straight. He pushes into me harder and harder. Making it almost to impossible to one hold myself together and control my loud moans.

I look at myself in the mirror. My make up running down my face. My eye sight is burry and I come again and again. When I can't take anymore I drop to the floor and he catches me. He strokes his length and comes all over my body.

He picks me up from the floor my back towards him my body on his. I smiled he looked happy too. He whispers into my ears his breath on my neck makes my skin tingle "if love be madness may I never find sanity again".

I laugh "what are you saying?" I look at him through the mirror. He touches my skin gently but still sets off my senses and my body shivers.

"I'm saying that I care about you Elle, I always will and I hate that we're apart right now" he kissed my neck.

I pull away "no way we're doing this again Blaine". I pick up my clothes from the floor and put them on. I walk out of the bathroom and Riley finds me.

"I was looking for you Elle, I thought you were sick. Are you okay?" She asks.

"Yeah, I'm okay Riley I just needed to put water on my face it's kind of hot". She was concerned but didn't seem suspicious. Then Francis came towards me and kissed me I blushed knowing what just happened.

"Hey are you okay?" He asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine Francis I'm just a little tired".

Blaine walks out of the bathroom Riley gives me a glare and walks me outside. She screams "what are you doing still sleeping with Blaine?"

I play dumb "I don't know what your talking about Riley. I'm with Francis".

"Yeah, but you want to be with Blaine, am I right?. Arielle, He will never be good for you. Look at all the stuff that has happen since you guys started sleeping together . You go to parties and now your dressing like a slut"

"I wouldn't have to hide it from you if you would just approve it Riley"

"There no way in hell I'm going to approve this. Hell would freeze over before I approve this. What's your brother going to say about this huh? Oh I know, it's going to murder him literally murder him Elle."

"Your being over dramatic Riley. Anthony's not going to find out he's been too busy with football and girls to even notice. You haven't even give him a chance"

"Do you even know who Blaine is Elle? He's a playboy he doesn't love you he's pretending to and I won't be here when he breaks your heart" she walks out.

I feel guilty my own desires are hurting other people. But they needed to realize I'm not a little kid I know how to handle myself. Don't they think that I'm scared he's going to hurt me as well?. I just couldn't stay away from him every part of me craves his touch.

I went over to the bar as soon as I went to go pick up alcohol Anthony stopped me by taking me cup "No alcohol for you. It leads to bad decisions".

"Trust me I have already made bad decisions sober" he looks at me like he's trying to figure out what I mean. He's drunk falling over and slurring his words. I take him into his bed room to lay him down.

Blaine comes in behind me. He starts kissing me as I am putting the blanket over Anthony. I swat him away "we can't do this now Blaine. Your drunk and my brother is right here.

Yet, he keeps trying to kiss my body body. I pushed him away and he landed on a pile of clothes.

-opp Riley found out again.
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