Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 25


November 1,2020 Monday

The rest of the school day Riley avoided me every chance she got. I was alone because of a guy. Never thought in a million years this would happen to me.

I wish I, I would stay away from him but I can't and I can't figure it out why. It's like whenever he's around me I can't think straight and my actions reflect that. But hearing that he was still sending letters to Madeline upset me.

I think it's because I know a little part of him is always going to believe her over me. Like when I said she was planning to break us up he doesn't believe me. It's like he's blinded by her to see that she's actually evil.

I stand here waiting for Blaine to pick me up. I decided to finally get my life back together I can't be doing this. My grades are going to suffer and I already lost people.

He pulls up as I sit in the car I stay silence I grab my book from my bag and put my headphones in. I'm trying to avoid him but he's my only ride.

He snatches the headphones from my ears "so this is what we're doing now avoiding each other ? oh please Elle."

"I can't do this anymore Blaine. Soon enough my grades are going to suffers and then I'm left with nothing. I lost all my boyfriends and my friends because of you I'm alone".

"You can't put that on me Elle. We both did this together."

"And I'm ending it, we were never meant for each other. We both different people, different lives. Our worlds were never meant to collide."

"Maybe it did for the better. This is more out of fear then anything else. You have feelings for me so your running away from it instead of facing it because your scare I'm going to hurt you"

I respond " you already have".

He's silence staring at me like I said something terrible to him. I almost feel bad but it had to come out. I had to take a stand because if I don't it's just going to keep happening. The whole past months I have been tied to Blaine like a leash. I feel like I been getting dragged along with Blaine like it's never going to stop and he's definitely not ready for a real commitment.

"Let's face it we were just sleeping together Blaine. Your not relationship people you never have been. But me I'm relationship people you don't know how it feels to feel like your close but never close enough"

"Is this about Madeline? You think the reason I keep her around is because I still love her. How many times do I have to tell you I'm yours for you to believe me?" He pauses waiting for me to answer.

When he realizes I'm not going to say anything he continues "Your never going to believe me are you?, you see me as the Blaine I was. Im not that person anymore and you should know that out of everyone". He hits the steering wheel out of anger.

I hadn't realized we were still at school everyone staring at us again gossiping. I just want to go home I don't know what I'm doing and it seems like with every decision it gets worse and worse.

"And what if we were together huh? Are you really ready for that type of commitment ?" I asked him.

He reached over to me and put his hand on my cheek "I don't know but I want to try" he looks straight into my eyes.

He starts driving back home and I think about what he said. He's willing to try so I should be too right? I think I'm too afraid to fall from him but it's already too late. I'm already in too deep.

I realize he's not taking me to home I ask him "where are you taking me?"

He says "it's a surprise". I don't recognize the place we're going to and I have lived here my whole life. The street are filled with traffic of incoming cars. Beeping noises fill the car. I roll my windows down to sink in the air.

I feel like I been drowning this past months and every time I think I'm going to be saved I drown again. It's like a never ending cycle But it's never been like that when I'm with him I feel protected and safe and loved. Even if he won't tell he he loves me.

We reached our destination I look up at the sign that says "Yale university" . No wonder why it felt like it took forever to get here. Almost 2 hours in the car. I wondered why he took me here.

He says "you always talked about going to Yale and I thought you should go see the campus. The application is going to come out soon and if this is the place you want to Study. Plus when I see your future I see you going here an Ivy League school like this. We're you study writing or reading because you love to have your head in that little book of yours. You belong here."

He replied as if has our lives all mapped out doesn't he? I makes me happy to think he thought about us having a future together. "Does this mean you want to date?"

He nods his head "yes Elle. Who cares what your brother thinks let's just be together".


She jumps in my arms and kisses me wrapping her little legs around my waist. Her skirt flapping in the wind I growl at the men staring at her.

I let her go and tell her "I made an appointment for you to check out the campus." She squeals with excitement. I'm happy I made her happy it always seemed like like we're always arguing so we never just got to hang out.

I wrapped one of my arms around her to show all the guys staring at her that she was mine as we walked on campus. A woman in an all blue Yale outfit walks up to us "Arielle King and Blaine Taylor?" She asks.

"Yes" Elle responds and the girl holds out her hand. I hold out my hand about to shake it when Elle does it for me. I can see the jealousy between her eyes.

"I'm Ella, I am your tour guide today around the campus." Ella had blonde hair she was super perky almost like a cheerleader with blue ocean eyes. I can see why Elle jealous she's pretty just not as pretty as Elle.

She starts showing us around all the main buildings. Elle stands as close to me as she can as Ella is showing her around. It was a regular campus but the building were like castles towering over us. She starts telling us how many libraries there are on campus: 15 different libraries. I look over at Elle she's excited with the hugest smile he's glowing.

Next, she shows us the residence hall. There were girls all around us they were all staring at me I made sure to hold Elle's hand to make sure they knew I was with her. Didn't want to make her feel insecure.

She looks up at me showing me the littlest things she's excited about. We come up to a fountain outside in the middle of the lawn Elle starts running up to it and I stay a few inches away. Ella stands next to me. Arielle looks at the fountain with a huge smile in her face. She looks up at me with a wow, she's so excited expression.

Ella whispers in my ear "Do you want to go do something" while she's feeling my arm against my flannel shirt.

Elle looks back at me and see the smile turn into a frown instantly. I push her away from me "fuck off Arielle's my girlfriend" and the smile comes back. I walk back towards Elle and wrap my arm around her. I come up behind her she's staring into the water I wrapped my arms around her like a bear hug.

I splash her with the water she's soaked wet her clothes sticking to her body. Making it see through. I can see she's wearing the bracette from her. My mind wanders and I think about if she's wearing the lace panties to match.

In my distracted state I didn't notice when she's started splashing water all over me. She's laughing and pointing at me like it's funny. She's laughing her ass off and I join her I can't remember the last time I did something like this.

Doing this with her today made me realize two things: she belongs at this school. It's filled with her people and I don't belong in her world I'm not the studying type. I would just distract her. She's going to go to college to do great thing and all I'm going to do is mess her up like I already have.

She looks up at me with an worried expression on her face she reaches for my cheek and I grab his wrist before she could "Are you okay?" She asks me.

"yeah, I'm fine Arielle". She doesn't seem convinced maybe I'm just psyching myself out.

She pulls me away from Ella's earshot "I know you coming here was a lot. It might have made you realize that we're going to be so far apart. But we will make it work we always do".

She always knows what to say I don't know what it would be like without her. Maybe in the beginning it was just me flirting with her and it turned into me not being able to be without her. How does that work?

"I'm not worried about the distance I would move out here with you. What I am worried about is that I" I paused as I look into her eyes. Her eyes are pleading with me to say it. If I don't say it soon it's going to worry her.

"Is that I'm taking you away from this by being in your life. I'm the bad boy the guy who doesn't give a fuck about school at else I didn't and with all this drama you haven't been focused on school.".

"Who you were then is not who you are now Blaine. Your are not taking me away from this because it's me who choose how my life goes. All I know is I want you in it".

He lifts me up into the air and spins me around before he kisses me and places me by on the ground "Elle I know things haven't been the easiest between us. But I want you to know that"

I silence him by putting my finger to his lips "you don't have to say it because I know. I never thought I would find myself falling for you" he chuckles "honestly I thought you were arrogant and conceited".

"Hey" I say like it offended me " I wasn't that much of an asshole".

"You once told me that you didn't care about me and that I could go to hell for all you care"

I was angry with you Elle I said thing I knew would hurt you. He pulls me into a hug "I'm sorry for saying those thing to you".

Blaine and Arielle are together now kind of ! Finally it's been a long time coming. What do you think of this chapter?

Be safe and remember your loved 🥰 🦋. Heart and comment please and thank you !
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