Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 26


After the Yale visit me and Blaine drive back to Boston. I can see something is on his mind, I shouldn't have thrown what he said back at him. That was wrong of me and I can see it's bothering him.

The car ride is silence and I wonder what he's thinking about is it Madeline?, is it me? I can't tell. So I ask him "Hey, are you okay?"

He responds "yeah, I'm fine Elle I'm just a little tired."I can tell he's lying. Is he rethinking being with me? I know I shouldn't be thinking this but it crosses my mind once in a while.

I turn up the radio I can't stand being left alone with my thought I'll go crazy. He stays quiet the whole ride not saying anything. At a red light I grab his hand so he would look at me he's face is filled with annoyance and surprise "what's wrong with you?" I asked him.

"Nothing, I'm just thinking." I'm worried about this. Blaine not a quiet person" he reaches over and kisses my cheek "there isn't anything in this world that would make me regret being with you" he confirms. He holds my hand, I'm happier now but he's deep in his thoughts. I'm thinking he just said it so I don't worry. But I am.

We get to the house Anthony 's not home I assumed he was still at practice. I sat in the kitchen in the spin chairs with Blaine. I stared at him as he was standing next to counter. I have to say something because this quiet is kind of freaking me out "Blaine do you want to watch a movie?" I asked him. He looked up at me with the nastiest glare I ever seen.

I can't take this anymore I'm going to my room and locking the door. I don't understand how you could love me one day and in the next few hours that change completely. I mean he never said he loved me I should've have just assumed. Did I freak him out with all that talk about the future?

A few minutes later I hear someone trying to open the door when they realize I locked it they start bangs on the door I jump frightened and surprised "Elle open this door."

I open it slightly to see Blaine standing in front of me. If I look up at him I'll give in so I stare at his sweater, the sweater I gave him. "Elle please open the door." He's voice is as soft as a baby. Did he feel guilty?

"No, you don't get to treat me like that then come here and allow you in my bed. Am I some kind of just sex person to you?" I scream at him. I'm just so angry how could he be so nice to me in the morning and so mean the in the night.

He's surprised I see he's going over it in his head. Right when I'm about to close the door he puts his foot in the door. I look up at him annoyed "can you please just go?"

He responds quickly "No, you know you mean more to me than that" I roll my eyes at him. I'm determined to keep him away from my room. I'm holding the door with all my strength. "I'm sorry I started freaking out, I started thinking about the future Elle."

"Do you not want me in your future because if that's..."

He interrupts me "No. No, it's not that. It's you are going to go to amazing things and I'm probably going to end up working for my dad. I don't want my love for you to hold you back from being the amazing person you are"

"I don't want anything if I ain't got you" I scream back at him. It changed his expression and it just hit me that he said love, did he not realize it either?.

He's speechless still I look for any type of sign in his expression and couldn't find one. He still had his foot in the door. I'm wondering if he's just going to stare at me all day or is he going to do something.

Like she's reading my mind he pushes the door open it hits the wall with a bang. "I want you more than you could imagine. You don't imagine how much I want to rip your clothes off and take you on the bed.". He's staring into my eyes things went 0 to 100 quickly.

"Then why don't you, why are you freaking out all of a sudden?" I asked him putting my hands to his face.

"I told you I'm no good for you Elle, I care about you to much to let me destroy you." I can't believe what's he's saying.

I pull away "why can't you just be with me? Why can't you just love me? Why make everything harder than it is".

"Because I do love you" he screams waving his hands in the air "I want to protect you from everything bad including me. I'm pushing away because I love you."

"Please don't back away from me Blaine. Don't let us be pull away from each other." I put my forehead to his. He places his hands on the sides of my neck.

He stared into my eyes and pulls me into his arms. He hugs me his scent is intoxicating, he smells of flowers and honey. He's warm and I feel protected, safe.

Now it's a long hug we have been standing here for what feels like hours in each other's arms. This has never happened and I don't know whether it's good or bad. "I just want to say that you shouldn't give up on this because your afraid of what might happen. No one knows what could happen instead we need to be here in the present."

"I'm sorry I don't know what happened. I just started thinking and thinking about doing this freaks me out. The only person I been serious was Madeline and she ended up leaving"

I pull away so I could look him in the face "listen I'm not going anywhere any time soon" he nods.

I can't believe he told me he loved me. I feel like I just hit me. He just said it like it was normal and it wasn't something big. Should I have said it back? Maybe.

I kiss him in his lips he kisses me harder. Never wanting to let go of each other. I start taking off his clothes and he takes off mine. My heart goes million miles an hour. I back myself into the wall not noticing I hit it with a thump. Still I continue to kiss him like I didn't notice.

I wrapped my hands around his neck. He lifts me onto him and I wrap myself around his waist he puts his length inside and I start to moan instantly. It's gets hot and I'm getting sweaty, my back arches it's self.

He shoves his length into me hard and fast. He whispers into my ears "want you to come." Just feeling his breath on my neck send shivers through my body. He lays me on the bed and stands above me.

"Please" I beg him. A smirk comes on his face and I know it it's all too familiar. He puts it back into me and leans in so our bodies are together. She strokes in and out of me harder and harder moans fall from my lips. "I'm.." I start but I stop when my eyes start rolling into the back of my head.

He continues until I come all over him. I bend down to my knees I take his length into my mouth deeper and deeper into my mouth. Riley comes in without knocking doesn't knock she starts "Elle I know were ..." she stops when she sees us and I move away from Blaine he takes the blanket off the bed and covers me with it.

Q: Oooo Riley actually caught them what do you think is going to happen?

Be safe and remember your loved 🦋.
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