Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 27

It's thanksgiving at the Kings house, used to be a family favorite. It's been a long time since we had thanksgiving together. When our mom died we didn't have thanksgiving together because it was too painful. Now I thought we should bring back the tradition of Thanksgiving.

I get ready in an off the shoulder white shirt belly shirt and denim jeans. I put on make up in my mirror in my room. I have been avoiding Blaine since Riley caught us and since him and I fought then had slept together.

"Would you please talk to me" Blaine grabs me by the arm. I shake him off he's was about to make me drop the plates on the floor.

"There's nothing to talk about Blaine we're good" I say. I don't mean it, we are definitely not good. He had a freak out about our relationship yesterday he was about to break up with me.

He stands in front of me "and why don't I believe that? He said.

"I don't know what's on you not me" I replied.

"I think your mad because of yesterday. I'm sorry I freaked out, I'm not used to having such strong feelings for a person even stronger than the feelings I had for Madeline it freaked me out. Your the good girl I don't want to ruin you."

Riley comes in "I think it's way too late for that" rolling her eyes at him.

He runs up to her and I run in front of him incase he decides to touch her. he screams at her "listen Elle and I are our business not yours you stay out of it"

"No, because she is my business you hurt her over and over again Blaine. Yesterday you said you had doubts in your relationship. Then you sleep with her and everything is forgiven. You still have Madeline in your life and hangout with her knowing she's been trying to get back together with you"

Madeline walks in strutting her gold dress with her matching Chanel purse "what are you guys talking about? Huh?" She walks to Blaine and puts her hands all over his chest.

He doesn't stop her instead Riley grabs her wrist pulling her to look at Riley "listen Bitch you touch Blaine again and you won't have hands to hold you 4 million dollars purse."

"Rawrrr" she used her hands to do the movement "I thought you didn't like Blaine and here you are protecting him from me"

"I don't like him but him and Arielle are together and you are not going to break them up even if Blaine lets you. I might be mad at Arielle but I'll protect her until the end" she says.

Madeline steps back and my brother walks in. We are all standing in a circle not looking at each other. I walk off to finishing cooking yeah I was the cooking, I'm the only one who knew to cook.

My brother comes up to me "are you okay you seem upset ?". I wonder if I should lie?

I respond "I'm fine brother, you know I'm about to be 18 I'm not going to need you to police me" I joke around him.

He hits me in my arm "Oh, your always going to need your big brother and I'll always be here for you Elle. Everything I do, I do it for for a reason it doesn't mean that I don't love you" he kisses my forehead and finally I smile.

He walks away I feel the hot air of being at the stove. It made me a little dizzy Riley comes up to me "Are you okay Elle?

"Yeah I'm fine Riley I'm just hot I been in this kitchen all day. It's almost done" she's concerned but walks away to the sink and wets a cloth and gives it to me. "Thank you Riley I just.." she stops me.

"I don't get it but I respect you decision. Even if I think it's the wrong one. But I can't watch you get hurt Arielle especially by playboy Blaine" she walks away to the table.

Blaine comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist I look around to see if my brother is around and surprisingly he isn't "we can't do this Blaine."

"Your brother is in the bathroom I just want to tell you. I'm sorry, why can't you believe I actually want this?"

"Because just yesterday you were ignoring me and doubting our relationship. You can't change your mind in one day" I turn the stove off and walk to the corner to put the mash potatoes in a container so I could put it at the table.

"I said I was sorry, what you want me to do beg on my knee for you" he screams softly. I looked over at the dining room to see if they were playing attention.

"No" I scream loudly making everyone stare at us. I lower my voice " I want you to want this,to want me. I want you to fight for me."

"And I want to do that, I am doing that Arielle. I seems like no matter what I do you never trust me."

"How could I trust you when you have your still ex here? You letting her know she still has a chance with you."

He pulls me into a kiss, I hold onto his arms not wanting to let go. I kiss him back I gave in once again. Riley coughs and I pull back and my brother comes back into the room.

"Let's eat" I smile and he helps me bring the food into the dinning room. The dinning room was small but it still fits more than 6 people in the room. Blaine sat across from me looking up at me and wrapping his legs on me underneath the table.

I pretended I didn't notice and I say "why don't we say grace" they all nod and connect hands. I eyed Madeline who was sitting next to Blaine "Thank you god for today Dinner and walking up us every morning. In gods name we pray. Amen." They start eating but I walked into the bathroom.

Madeline was talking to someone on the phone. I stood behind the wall hearing her conversation "I have to tell him if he finds out he'll hate you and I the same" is she keeping something from Blaine? I wonder what it could be.

I walk into the bathroom before she could come out of the room. Blaine opens the door I feels like Deja vu from the party. He stands closely behind me, I look at him from the mirror "what do you want...?" Before I could finish my sentence he had his hands around my throat.

He pulls me back into him I could feel his breath on my neck it makes my skin tingle. He whispers into my ear "I want you right now" he lifts up my brown hair and kisses my neck. I cover my mouth as moans fall into my lips.

Damn I'm in the situation again how? I know I'm going to give in again I can't resist him. Instead I take over I turn around and push him into the wall. A smile comes up from his lips I stare at him and walk up to him slowly.

He let's me pin him to the wall and I kiss him passionately and intensely. I pull back he tries to lean back in for a kiss, I pull back even farther. He sucks his teeth at me he begs "come on Elle."

I stare up at him and move back over to him. I drop to my knees and drop his pants. I touch it in between my hands he groans it's already hard. I put it into my mouth he groans and falls back into the wall. I start putting it deeper and faster into my mouth. My mouth was going to be sore after this.

I pulled away from him and started undressing myself. I wore lingerie this time a red lace bra and red lace panties with stocks that attached to something at my hips. He swallows something in his mouth before saying "wow Arielle I-" he stops.

He grabs my neck and puts his length into me. I groan and he pushes it into slowly like she's trying to tease me. I say "faster" a devils grin comes on his face. I can't lie and I say I didn't enjoy it because I did. Every touch, every kisses every inch, I liked it. I never felt this way before and maybe that's why I like to run away.

I mean I saw my mother died, she was sick for days and guess since that day I swore to myself I would never be happy. But here I am happy in a mans arms and I feel guilty for enjoying it.

I look at myself in the mirror he has hands wrapped around the bottom of my boobs holding up as he goes in and out of me. I'm close to coming. I whispers "faster" and we both come.

I try to control my breathing I looked at him and smiled. He looked at me weirdly like he was confused "I want this forever !." I whispers.

He hugged me tightly I closed my eyes I felt the love in the air like it was consuming me whole. I got dressed and walk back to the table. Everyone except for my brother looked at me like I did something bad. That reminded me I needed to go to the hospital to make sure I got birth control.

Blaine came in happy as ever with the brightest smile on his face. I'm glad he enjoyed it as much as I did. I look at the table place we set for my mom, I think she would be happy for me if she was here. But still I wondered what was Madeline hiding from Blaine?

Q: Ooo what do you think Madeline is keeping from Blaine ?

Is it crazy that I already have an ending planned out? It's going to be a crazy turn of events. Comment your theories. Be safe and remember your loved 🦋.
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