Craving him: The beginning of us

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Arielle is a high school senior who's been in love with her brother's best Friend Blaine since they were in grade school. A party changed everything for her....not exactly for the better. Blaine opens Arielle eyes on things she wouldn't think about it. Now she has a secret she has to keep from everyone.

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Chapter 1


September 1,2020

I woke up in the morning to my brother yelling from my door "get up you are going to be late". He bangs on the door one more time before I hear his footsteps heading away from the door. Ugh, I wish I could be late to my stupid prep school. Why did I have to go to prep school with snobby rich kids?.

I yell back, "I'm up already" I groan while getting up from my bed. My room was a small office space with a fireplace. I chose this room because I didn't really need a lot of space. A another voice comes from the kitchen, it echos in my head. Making me wonder if I would want to face him.

I grab my uniform already laid out for me in my drawer. I walk pass the kitchen to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was all the way on the other side of the house. Blaine is leaning on the wall next to the fridge playing on his phone he barely noticed me. Did I want him to notice me?

I take my clothes to the shower with me. I wash my hair and clean my body. I let the water come down on me like it could wash away the feelings in my stomach. After, I put on my school girl outfit. It was basically a white, navy blue and yellow pleated skirt with a blue jacket with the schools logo on it and a white shirt button up under. The price of being in prep school is wearing a short skirt so guys could sexualize us more than they do.

I walked out into the kitchen to my find me brother looking down at my feet " I can't find my white knee-" I stop talking when I look over to see Blaine. I looked over at him he still was leaning on the wall behind him Blaine was my brother's best friend. They have been friends since grade school, and I had a crush on him ever since then.

He looks back up at me slowly with a smirk on his face. My anxiety rises and I feel a knot in my stomach.

He smiles at me and in his deep voice he says, "Hey Elle" his eyes look me up down. I roll my eyes at him. Nervousness hit me making me unable to speak correctly. He was the only one who called me Elle, and that annoyed me and he knew it too.

Blaine was about like 6"3 tall, his hair was short black and curly. He dressed like he was from the 90's with his flannel shirt opened exposing his graphic tee shirts. On the left side of his nose was a piercing but he liked to moving it from left to right at times. He has a tattoo of a hummingbird on his neck that he just got this summer.

My brother interrupts our staring at each other and I turned my attention to him avoiding Blaine eyes on me. I could tell he was trying to be protective he turned from a smile to protective mood quickly "No. Check in the drier, hurry up your going to be late for your first day".

I ran into the into the laundry room luckily the laundry room was right next near the fridge in the kitchen. I opened the door and looked through a pile of clothes on the floor. I found my socks put them on while walking to my room to get my purse. I almost stumbled onto the floor in front of both of them. I could hear Blaine chuckling from my room.

My brother and I didn't have much in common we barely talked and stayed out of each other's way. Its been like that ever since our mom died. Anthony made it his mission to take care of me and keep me safe. Even if it makes him an asshole.

I make my way to the in the backseat of my brother's car. My brother was the only one of us that got a car because our dad gave it to him before he left. Sometimes I wonder why he keeps it, all the bad memories this car brings. I think it's because our mom would have wanted him to keep it.

I grab a book from my bag and start reading it. I put my headphones in to avoid having to hear their conversation which consist of "isn't that girl hot?" Anthony shows him a picture And then Blaine says "yeah she was hot when I had her in bed" they both laugh like it's some kind of accomplishment.

My brother interrupts my reading by snapping his fingers in the air. I take out my headphones to hear what he going to say "are you excited for your senior year?" He tries to get up pumped up in the morning when what I needed was some strong coffee. I hated my school and that was never going to change it was filled with rich snobs expect for Riley, my best Friend.

"Yes, I'm excited" I pretend to be excited. He didn't seem to notice I was lying. Was I becoming to good at lying?

As soon as I get out of the car Riley starts running up to me twirling me in the air making my skirt fly up luckily I was wearing shorts underneath luckily "I missed you so much, don't ever let me go on a trip with my family again".

Riley so dramatic, her family goes to her family's resort they own and she acts like on hell on earth. Maybe it is because she because she can't do anything illegal and get caught for it. She is the luckiest person in the world and doesn't know it.

I turned to my brother's car he was still here. Probably wanted to say goodbye. I wave goodbye and that's when he leaves.

Riley snaps her fingers in my face "Arielle are you listening?"I turn my attention to her. I always had a tendency to space out when she talks.

"I'm here, what were you saying" she slaps her forehead annoyed.
"I was saying" she cuffs our arms together and we walk into the school "we have a new student today in our grade. It's a boy this time" she was excited it was written all over her face. I wish I could be this excited for school this early in the morning it's literally 7 am.

Riley and I have been best friends since freshman year. As I said her mom and dad own a resort in the Dominican Republic. Riley has long blonde hair and grey eyes that I am completely jealous of. She's the rebel against everything type of person.

I made my way into school it was pretty much the same. The walls were decorated with Blue yellow and white like our uniforms. The school was like a castle on the outside, as soon as you walk in the trophy case was right against the main entrance next to the office. I walked to my locker with Riley telling me ideas about her trip. She stopped mid sentence and I looked up from my locker to see what she was looking at.

A man he had a slick back blond hair he confidently struts through the hall. He passes us and winks. Riley sinks back into the lockers dramatically says "I would love a piece of that". Riley always spoke her mind even if it was extremely inappropriate.

I chuckled and grabbed my things for class. When he turned the corner Riley turned back her attention to me "that guy is the most handsome guy I ever seen. I bet he's British".

I grabbed her hand and took her into class not saying a word. I wasn't going to fuel whatever fantasy she was going with next. She always chased after a boy, got him and got bored after a couple weeks. She was never the stay with one boy type.

First class Mr Yang, he taught English class. It was hard to understand him because had a accent and no one asked for help because he would spit everywhere. He passed out a book to read. This is why English is my favorite class. I got my book and read the Title "After" it said. I wondered what the book was about?. I was excited to read it when I got home. I looked over at Riley she looked at the book like it left a foul taste in her mouth.

She never liked reading I always have to force her or we read it together. She turned the book over and read the back and smiled. Her face turns to excitement I never seen her this excited over a book.

After class she says "have you read the back?. It's one of those books Rated R Romance books". So why is our school reading it for class?. Isn't that inappropriate for school?.

Riley walked me to my science class. It was the only class we didn't have together. She pretended to be sad and to cry tears and waved goodbye I sat in the back. I took the book and started reading it before class.

Until I heard a voice "good book?" The voice questioned. It had an accent like it was "British" I said out loud on accident. I slam my hand over my mouth covered like I said a bad word.

I looked up to find the blond haired guy from the hall sitting next to me he chuckled and said "yeah, I am British but my name is Oliver" he holds out his hand "it's nice to meet you love". He's so polite and sweet I never met a guy like him.

I shake his hand "I'm Arielle. It's nice to meet you too. I'm sorry I wasn't trying to be rude". I stared into his eyes one of his eyes were a light blue almost grey color and the other was brownish red. I'm such an idiot.

"it's fine. What book are you reading" he looks down at my book and picks it up "After?" He questioned. He picked it up and flipped to the back.

"It's about a girl who her mom has her whole life planned out for her until she meets a boy and her life turns into a crazy mess" he seems interested he isn't slumping down like he's bored.

"Ah so your into Romance books?" he seems to want to know things about me. He doesn't take his eyes off me.

"Yes sometimes fantasy is better than Reality" he laughs and looks down. Finally the bell rings and the teacher starts talking.

"This year we will be dissecting frogs. The people next to you will be your partners for this project. I will be needing permission forms" I look over at Oliver he immediately turns away. I caught him staring at me. That has never happened to me.

The teacher passes the paper forms out. We sit quietly I turn to Oliver "what about you? Do you like to read?"

He smiles, his smile is perfect I swear I seen his teeth flash I'm hoping he doesn't notice that I'm freaking out "Yes, I read sometimes I read Romance and Mystery" he responds. Moving closer so we don't get in trouble for talking. I'm still having major aniexty sitting next to him. He's literally perfect.

We asked each other questions back and forth I really got to know him. He's from the uk, he likes dogs, he likes reading and he loves watching movies no matter the genre. The anxiety kind of washed away little by little. The bell ringed he gave me a hug before walking away.

Riley saw this and came running up to me she screamed loudly"how did you talk to Mr handsome?". I knew she wasn't trying to be rude I was shy and didn't talk to anyone if I didn't know them.

I blushed a little before I shh her "He sat down next to me. We had a normal conversation that was it" trying to convince her it was nothing. But Riley always takes things to the extreme so there was no hope. She squeals jumping up and down I roll my eyes at her. "it wasn't anything special calm down".

"Are you kidding Arielle? You just talked to a boy for the first time" she excited. I get why but it wasn't like he asked me out we just had a normal conversation.

Lunch time rolled around I made my way to my usual seat with Riley. It was just us two on our table. It wasn't one of those long table these were circular but there was still room for other people. Everyone had there people and I had Riley. As I was talking to Riley about how much I like the book I was reading.

I felt someone put there hands on my shoulder when I turned around it was Oliver. I put my hand on my chest in relief . He's face turned worried he says "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scary you love".

I reassured him "no, it's okay sit" I point to Riley "this is Riley, she's my best friend" he smiles at her and holds out his hand and she shakes it.

Riley asks him "so why did you move here?" I spit out my food. It goes everywhere and I am extremely embarrassed. I glare at Riley. She's unfazed by it she still looks at him for an answer. She went from crushing on him to protective best Friend quickly.

"No, it's okay" he reassured me by putting us hand on mine. "well my parents divorced and my mom wanted to move as far away from my dad as possible" he said then ate his salad I could tell he didn't want to talk about it anymore and I was hoping Riley wouldn't ask about it more.

He turned to me his eyes lit up like Christmas lights he asked "would you go on a date with me?" Riley started coughing uncontrollably we both turned to her concerned. When she stopped, I made sure she was okay then I turned back to him.

He turned shy in a matter of minutes I finally replied "Yes, I would love to go on a date with you" he started blushing his whole face turning red like a tomato. I was trying to sound too excited didn't want to scare him away.

Riley squeals with excitement. If she wasn't sitting down she would be jumping up and down. Riley asked him a bunch of questions back to back he didn't seem to mind it. We all ate our lunch together becoming the best of friends.

The day went over fast Riley teased me any time she could about Oliver. Oliver and I only had two classes together science and math we tried to hangout as much as we could in those classes. Riley and I had basically all our classes together except for science this year.

I walked outside Riley gave me a big hug before leaving in her car and leaving me alone with Oliver . He stared deep into my eyes, he lifts his hand to put it on my cheek. His hand was warm and soft. There was a honk from a car right next to us. We both jumped back. I looked over to see who was interrupting this moment to find Blaine.

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