Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 29


December 12,2019, Saturday

I woke up the next morning, feeling anxious. Riley yelled at me after Blaine kissed me she told me I need to "figure shit out". It's true I did. But I don't know how?.

I can't believe I did this to myself but would I do again? Absolutely, Maybe. I don't know if he actually cared about me the same way. But then it was just drunk words now he told me he loved me. Even if he didn't notice he was saying it. I woke up to a box on my desk.

There was a note on it.

Dear Elle,
I know I'm not the easiest person to get along with and I make things really difficult. I do care about you Elle and I might to not express in the right ways. This is different for me, But what do know is in the short months that you came into my life you ended up changing it completely. With your smile and your laughter, you make me a completely different person.

I am who I am now because of you and maybe that's what I had to cut you off when I started high school. I knew you would be able to bring me out of the dark and I didn't want that. You mean more to me then you know. I did some really fuck up shit in high school things that if you heard about it you would hate me. I didn't want you to see me that way, I want you to see me for who I really am.

I once said that you wanted a love that consumed you, a little danger, an adventure. This was that and more I got more than I wanted. I hope you did too Elle. I care about you so much it hurts. I love you Arielle Marie King, Please let us continue to be together.


I opened the box it was a necklace of a butterfly like the one Blaine has on his shoulder. It has shiny diamond outlining the wings with a pendant with a B on it. It's beautiful and look extremely expensive. I looked at it for a while thinking about the letter he wrote. I called him

A: I got the letter you wrote Blaine I wanted to say that. I did feel those things too. You were everything I wanted and more. Then reality set in, We're in a tough position Blaine.

B: I feel like this has nothing to do with how everyone else feels about our relationship and all everything to do with how about you feel about us. Your scared I'm going to hurt you so you use every excuse in the book to excuse yourself from having having to be with me.

A: Says the guy who never commits. You never had a serious girlfriend.

B: but yet I'm asked you to be mine. Just get out of your head, what does your heart say?

A: I don't know Blaine. My heart is not rational right now. Especially when I'm talking to you,I want you Blaine I do.

A burst into my room causes me to hang up quickly "what are you doing with Blaine?" My brother asks.

"What are you talking about?" I say. I try to act dumb in case he's just asking and doesn't actually know.

"I just found out my best friend and my sister are sleeping with each other" he says staring at me trying to get an expression out of me.

He looks at my desk and finds my necklace "he gave this to you didn't he?" He runs up to my desk and holds my necklace in his hands. I nod my head silently. I didn't want to set him off even more. He screams "your not allowed to fucking see him anymore Elle. You do and I'll throw you out."

He walks out and I call Blaine.
B: what happened?, I'm on my way to your house.
A: don't come here he found out and I'm afraid of what he might do I think he went to go find you. He threatened to throw me out if I didn't stop talking to you.

B: Elle please don't say goodbye,he begs

I hang up. I heard something happening outside, I ran outside to see what happened. It's Blaine and Anthony voices. Anthony screams "how dare you fucking sleep with my sister? Your supposed to be my best friend. We literally talked about this before" He screams. His face is red he looks like he's trying to hold back his anger towards Blaine.

"I'm not fucking her she's my girlfriend Anthony and It happened and I can't change that." Trying to calm him down but it doesn't seem to be working. Seemed like the more he talked the more angry Anthony became.

"I mean you could change the fact that your were fucking my sister. We were friends Blaine, best Friends now your telling me your were fucking my sister?".

"It just happened Anthony there's no right explanation I do care about-" he starts and gets interrupted by Anthony.

"Don't you dare say her name" he snaps "I have known you forever Blaine. Your just going to break her heart, to you she's just another trophy on your trophy case of girls you slept with"

He mumbles something under his breath and Anthony says "say it louder so she could hear you".

"She's not a trophy to me I have known her for as long as I known you. You know she means more to me than that" Anthony rolls his eyes. He lifts up his fist.


Anthony raises his fist to punch me and Arielle comes in the middle to stop it. She holds her hand up between us but it's too late and I push her out of the way. He hits me in the jaw hard but I'm worried about Elle she's lays on the snow in pajamas shorts and a tee shirt practically in shock.

I knee in front of her trying to get her up. She shivers and I give her my jacket. She's turning blue and has frost bite. Anthony watches us together as I get inside he says to Elle "if you continue to with him you have to leave . Pack your things and go. I don't want to hear it when he eventually leaves or cheats on you" and runs past her in the house.

Arielle gives me a worried look, I have never seen him so angry at her. I lifted her up and brought her inside wedding day style. I placed her on her bed, she staring down at the bed sheets never looking up like she's frozen in place. She finally speaks after a long while "do you think he meant it?" Her voice is soft and quiet.

"Honestly... I don't know I haven't seen him this angry" I says. Sitting on her bed against her feet. She gets up and turns around and lays her head on my body. She's shivering and cold, I grabbed her blanket and put it over her. She doesn't say anything almost lays there like she's lifeless.

Anthony walks in and sees us she doesn't move an inch. Almost like she didn't see him or hear him. "Pack your things Elle, I want you out of here" he yells at her.

I take his arm and take him into the living room "you can be mad at me all you want, but don't take it out on Elle".

"You guys both did this together. You guys lied to me and hid this from me. I told you I didn't want you dating her and you still went behind my back" he screams.

I scream back "I love her" he's eyes go wide in shock. I'm shocked myself I said that. He just stares at me like he thinks I'm going to say just kidding next.

"Elle is my only sister, there are literally millions and billions of girls out there and you choose my sister really? What type of best friend are you?" He walks away.

I walk back into the room, I was going to take Elle to my house and let Blaine calm down. I walked back into her room she sit up as soon as I got in the room "is he still making me leave?".

I couldn't look at her and say it so I look away "yes, but he'll calm down he's feeling betrayed. Things will get better".

She looks at the ground for a while lost in thought then she looked up at me "can I get dressed?". I walked out and waited outside her door. The necklace I gave her still sits on her drawer. She didn't put it on and I wondered why?.

I look around this would probably be the last time I'll ever be in the house. But did I really matter if I had Elle in my arms. She looks broken barely audible right now and I hate this.

She walks out with a suitcase and my necklace around her neck. I pick up the necklace in between my fingers "things will work out Arielle, he's not going to be mad at you forever" I kiss her forehead.

She finally smiles. I take her suitcase from her hand and walk her into the car. I take her to the Taylor mansion, I knew my mom would let her stay it was my dad I needed to convince.

She stares out the window as we past the houses I reach over and touch her arm. She looks at me "Do you think?" She starts but never finish's her sentence.

Before she could finish "yeah, I do think my parents are going to let you stay maybe in separate rooms" she laughs a bright smile on her face. But I knew that's not what she was asking. I missed that smile it seemed to barely make an appearance.

I stopped at the red light to look at her, she was staring at me the whole way. Maybe she's trying to figure out why?. I'm not the same person I was in high school. I would still protect Elle but that was without an emotional attachment. Now that feeling are involved it's more complicated. Just makes me protect her 10x harder. I just realize that was the first time I actually admitted feeling for Arielle. I told her brother that I loved Her yet he still doubts it.

The last time I let someone in, my dad sent them away and what if? No, I couldn't let myself think like that. I realize I'm gripping her hand and she's has a worried expression on her face.

I let her hand go and move my hand to her face "Elle I want you to know..." she interrupts before I could answer.

"I know Blaine. I just wish you would express yourself to me."

"I'm trying, I'm not really in touch with my feelings"I say to her. I get what she's saying I do but I'm not really the type of person to express myself especially to her. I'm afraid I'll say or do the wrong thing to her.

"Yeah I know" she jokes.

I kiss her it seemed to surprise her. I moved her chin to look at me. "I want to be the type of man that is worthy of you".

I started driving again she smiled the whole way. It seemed to get her mind off of what happened. She started playing music and screaming at the top of lungs and dancing like a crazy person. She looked happy and if she was happy I was too.

We reach the house nobody was there I took Elle into my room. She looked all around like she was recalling the memories here I joke "do you want to get in the shower?".

She walk over to me before putting her things on the bed. She wraps her arms around my neck and stands in between my legs "does everything have to be about sex?. Can't we just hanging out like regular people".

I comment "we are not regular people" I stand up I and turn her over she presses into my body. I wrapped my hands against her waist, she moves her own hair from her neck. Then, I let her go she sucks her teeth like she's disappointed "I thought everything wasn't about sex?".

"Everything isn't about sex, you can't just do that and expect me not to want to" she says. She became someone I never expected her to be.

She holds me by my shirt taking me into the bathroom. She turns on the shower than undresses me. I wrapped my hands around her neck and slam her into the wall. A moan falls from her lips, she smiles and licks her lips.

I start undressing her and pin her against the wall. I slip myself inside her and already her eyes are rolling into her head. I start stroking into her, moans and swears words fall from her lips. Every touch of her skin sent electric shock into my body.

A knock on my door stops us someone calls from the door "Blaine, are you home?".

Q: Arielle in trouble, do you think her brother going to forgive her?. She's living at the Taylor major drama. What do you thinks going to happen in the Taylor house?.

Be safe and remember your loved 🦋.
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