Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 31

December 14,2020

Blaine's hiding something I can tell, he won't look at me. I wonder what I could be?, was it something with Madeline?, were they still sleeping together? No, I can't let myself think that I'll go crazy.

Anyways I decide to go to school this week. It's been a crazy few days at the Taylor's. Blaine's father continues to hate my existence, he thinks I'm "taking him away from the life he wants" but he doesn't know Blaine the way I do.

Blaine knocks on my door as I am writing in a journal I got during the weekend I thought it would be better if I wrote down my feelings instead of keeping them in. "Are you ready?" He asked excited. I feel like I haven't been to school in weeks. Even though I went almost all the time and if I didn't my assignments where on my computer.

I was ready in my school girl outfit I stand in front of him and he stares longingly into my eyes. He grips my behind in his hands and I stand on my tippy toes and give him a kiss. Then I walked outside before I could get outside Elijah stopped me in the kitchen.

"Have a good day at school" I turned to walk away and he still held onto my arm and continued talking "I know you wonder what he's hiding from you but I'm here to tell you, you don't want to know, so don't try to find it out" he seems sincere but if it's that bad that even he's warning me, did I really want to know?.

What could really be happening in this house? And why is Blaine involved? Blaine walks in distracting me from my thoughts he wraps his arm around me and kisses me on the cheek "are you ready?" he's smiling like every things normal now. Which it isn't I don't know if he was threatening me or trying to help.

"Yes, I'm ready" I walk outside to his car. There's still snow everywhere even though it's sunny out. I get him his car he stares at me like he's waiting for me to ask a question. But if I ask I could never go back this is it so decide not to.

I turn up the radio and he immediately turns it down. He moves my face to look at him "Arielle I-" I stop him.

"My brother kicking me out was not your fault. Well kind of yes was your fault, but I know you didn't mean to, you never know when love is going to come and struck you down" he smiles.

Today he decided on the same flannel shirt but this time it was orange black and grey with black jeans. His hair was spikey like he just got out of the shower. He looked and smelled amazing.

I jumped into his lap, he was taken my surprise "what caused this sudden action?"

"You don't know how many days I have waited for this moment. I used to dream of this when I was kid. It always seemed so out of reach..." I stop when the seat goes back. I start giggling and he starts kissing my neck.

He stops to say "your beautiful inside and out and you have the biggest heart I ever seen on a person. You make my life better by just being you" I start to blushing. For a moment it's quiet and we're starting into each other's eyes.

I get off and sit back in the passenger sit, I can tell he's thinking about something and it's bothering him. Why wouldn't he tell me? Is it really that bad? And if it is did I really want to know?

The rest of the way I decided to do a prank on Blaine while I was holding his hand I was going to let go just to see he's reaction. So while he was popping bopping his head to party in the USA I let go. He put his bottom lip over the top to make a baby sad face yet mad face, it's was adorable.

When I laughed he stopped the car and gave me a kiss as he stared into my eyes he said "don't do it again okay?"

I said in baby talks "okay baybeee" he laughed then started driving again. We reached the school and it was time to say goodbye. It was was lonely good thing it's almost January, only a few more months of school left.

I kiss him goodbye and made my way into the school. Everyone was staring and gossiping about me as I walked in, I guess they heard my brother threw me out. I went right up to my locker and a girl whispers "stank" as she walks by.

I can't let them get to me because if I do they win. They act like they never been in love before. Omg I did I just say that? I just admitted I was in love with him.

Riley comes up me and touches my shoulder "I'm sorry you got kicked out of your home Arielle. She's sympathetic but I can also tell she's worried.

"I'm fine Riley really, it's just a lot right now." She smiles and hugs me tightly. I wonder what brought this on.

"I can't agree with what your doing with Blaine. But I'm still your best Friend you can talk to me Arielle, so please talk to me."

"he's hiding something from me and I don't know what it is. After he talked to Madeline he's behavior was strange like something was bothering him"

She quickly says "do you think they had sex?" Of course she would go straight to sex. I thought about it too I have to trust Blaine enough to not jump to conclusions.

I glare at her "No, because after they talked I heard Blaine yelling at his father in his study"

"Did you hear what they were saying" Riley asked

"No, it was barely audible and I'm not sure I want to know. What if it's this big thing that could blow up our relationship for good?"

"Then don't you think he would have told you, I might not understand it but Blaine loves you I see it every time he's with you. If he thought it was important enough to share with you he would have" finally I smiled. She's completely right, he would never hide something important from me.

We walked to English class I was almost finished with my book and I was loving it. I just couldn't read it lately with everything going on. We sat next each other and we whispered about the book.

How dumb is it that my life is like a novel, it's the normal girl fall in love with her brother best Friend he's the playboy but she loves him anyways. Yeah, we are like every teenage romance book.

It's the end of the day Blaine gets out of the car to hold my door open. I run into his arms and lifts me up and kiss him. He's lips tasted of watermelon lip balm and I wonder when he got it from. I had a surprise for him tonight, I thought I would do something for him so for at else one night we forget out troubles.

Right when I got home I ran into my room and put on his favorite braelette and lace underwear. Then I went into my bathroom to but on makeup and a robe. I basically took an hour to do all this.

I walk into his room and slowly took my robe off trying to be sexy. Then I realized his friends was in the room, he ran over to cover me with his body. I put my face to his chest.

"What are you doing Princess?" He says softly so he's friends don't hear.
"I wanted to surprise you, you we're having a bad week" I reply with embarrassment in my voice.

He pulls me into the bathroom and whispers into my ears "your sexy body is for my eyes only" he commands.

I'm turned on despite his friends being in the next room. He presses me into the wall pinning my hands up. He starts kissing my neck I start giggling and while explaining to him why this is a bad idea "your friends are right outside."

He stops to look me in the eye "I don't give a fuck, let me hear us. I need to feel you" I nod and he continues. He starts my kissing my neck leaving marks in his wake and continues all the way down to my in between my legs.

He stands up and turns me around to face the wall. He puts his length into me and I moan loudly, I cover my mouth instantly remembering his friends. He laughs evilly as he towers over me "I want to hear you baby" never heard that one before. Did it mean anything?

He strokes in and out of me my skin gets sticky and hot. Every time he touches my skin it sends electric shocks into my body. He holds my body upright so I don't drop to the floor. At this point I have couldn't stand up on my own. I was coming and coming again and again.

He whispers into my ears "I'm going to come" he's almost out of breath almost as sweaty as I was. But yet he's body was beautiful and built like he was working out.

I say "please come from me" and he lets me go and I drop to my knees in front of him. He comes all over my face. I got up and my legs immediately was wobbly he hold me upright and hugged me.

I started walking to the sink and Blaine stopped me "take a shower I'll bring you clothes from your room." I nod my head. He walked out said something to his friends.

I got into the shower a few minutes later I heard a knock on the door thinking it was Blaine "come in" when I realized it wasn't him I tried to cover myself.

Gabe walks into the bathroom I say in a annoyed voice " what do you want Gabe? go away."

He walked closer "for some reason Blaine has some kind of obsession with Virgin Mary and I couldn't quite put why before but now I know why, because Virgin Mary isn't a Virgin anymore. You guys had sex and that's why he's attached you to"

"That's not true Blaine loves me" I state. Of course he isn't going to believe me, Blaine's friends worship him like some kind of playboy god.

He starts laughing nonstop. Blaine walks in immediately hands me a towel "Virgin Mary says you love her, this that true?" Gabe asked Blaine.

I look at him to answer the question. But of course he'll never admit it, then he wondered why I didn't want to go public, it wouldn't matter anyways because he would just deny it.

It's quiet and I can't take this if he doesn't want to admit it, it's his problem and not mine. I started to run out of the bathroom but he grabs my arms "yes I do love her, she's my girlfriend" I smile even though deep down I want to scream at him.

Why did he take so long to answer? I want to scream at him so bad. Gabe has a smirk on his face like he's satisfied with the trouble he caused. Gabe walks out and I get dressed not looking at him.

He starts "Elle please-"

I scream at him "what?!, do you not want me to be mad about?. I knew before we even started dating that something like this was going to happen yet I convinced myself it wasn't. Tell me I don't have a right to be mad?"

He stares at the ground "I'm sorry I really am Elle. You know better than I do those people are not my friends they are just people I hang out with."

"Yet, there opinions means so much more than having a girlfriend" I walks out of bathroom. They all stared at me but I'm too angry to look at them.

I walk into my room to get my coat and gloves to go to my favorite park. It's funny how the last time I went there I convinced myself to get a nose and belly piercing out of spite.

Before I could leave the house Anna comes up to me "could I come too?" I nod. We haven't hung out in a little while.

Q: do you think Blaine's going to tell Arielle about the child ? Why do you think he's hesitated telling his friends he loved Arielle?

I'm so sad a few more chapters until the ending yet I haven't decided the ending yet.

Be safe and remember your loved 🦋.
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