Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 33


I had to lie to Blaine if he ever found out the truth he would hate me. Now at else I have him wrapped around my finger and he won't tell Arielle about this. If she ever found out she would hate him not only for not telling her but for hiding it from her for so long

I walk into Elijah study he's reading some newspaper but when I walk in he looks up at me "good job Maddy, we have them right were we want them."

"Are you sure this is the right thing? I mean if we do this Blaine would hate me and Arielle is going to hate Blaine for lying"

"And what if Blaine finds out Arielle is dying?" He says I gasp. What does he mean Arielle is dying?

"Like he read my mind he replies "Arielle's mother died of cancer and there's a chance Arielle might have the cancer gene."

"And where did you find this information from?" I ask.

He leans in his chair with a smirk on his face "Let's just say I have friends in very high places"

I don't like they sound of that, I mean knew Blaine's dad was evil but he's literally doing everything in his power to rip apart Arielle's and Blaine's relationship no matter the cost. I should be happy about this but it just leaves a bad feeling in my stomach. All I know is the plan we set but what about the plan he set for himself?

I leave Elijah office and walk into Blaine's room. He's sitting on his bed with his hand crossed together and his head bend down. I ask him "what's wrong Blaine?"

"Nothing that concerns you Madeline" I feel like I want to cry but I hold back my tears Blaine sees this and says "I-I'm sorry Madeline but I have to say this to you. You and I will never be together again I'm with Arielle and that's never going to change"

"What about when she stops forgiving you for all the dumb shit you put her through? If I was her I would have been left but she's not me. She would let you destroy her before she ever leaves you that's how you know she's in deep"

He stands up in front of me he snaps "you don't know anything about our relationship Madeline okay? So might your own business"

"have you told Arielle about Elijah?, the child name is Elijah by the way." I mock him.

"Why would you name our child after the devil incarnate?" He starts to scream.

"The devil incarnate is your father, I thought naming him after him would bring him closer to family" I try to reason with him. I know exactly who his father is but for the same reason I can't defy him.

"You thought wrong Madeline. My dad is evil, he always has some sort of plan of action. If I had a child I would want it as far as it could go away from this family."

"I'm bringing the child so you could meet him maybe Arielle could meet him too" he's angry now his face is as red as a tomato and he's about to explode.

"You bring the child around Arielle before I tell her I'll make sure you life is hell on earth" he walks closely to my ear and whispers "and that's a promise."

"She's going to find out anyways Blaine you can't keep this from her you know."

I grab her neck it's close to my face I scream in her face "you don't think I fucking know that Madeline. I'm scared I'm going to lose her." I never seen him like this before he's literally afraid. He really does love her.

I leaned in to kiss him to my surprise he kissed back. Then suddenly he pulled away he's face was mortified. "Don't you ever do it again!"

"That proves you still love me, I know a part of you" I point to his heart "still holds a spark for me."

"That sparked died when you left 5 years ago. You know when you left me and didn't call or text. I hate you and I always will." I hear the hate in his voice it knocked the breath out of me. He talks to me with such despise.

"You know it wasn't my fault Blaine, you dad had me sent away to Canada I wasn't allowed to contact you in anyway. He must loathe Arielle to bring me back into the mix."

"Yeah, he hates Arielle but that makes no difference to me because guess what? I don't give a fuck what my dad has to say about her." He says.

He walks out and slams the door of his own room. Everyone was basically out of the house except for me and baby Elijah. I know Blaine is going to come around because he loves me he always has and that kiss proved it to me.
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