Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 34

December 25,2020

Elle walks back into the room in a red tight dress that hugged every inch of her body like a hug. It was a v-neck dress with her boobs popping out of her dress, the dress was down to her feet with a slit next to her right leg. She looked beautiful.

"What do you think?" She asks me with excitement on her face. She spins around and her dress twirls with her. Her brown hair is curly like she curled it with a wand. She looked beautiful and incredible sexy.

"Elle you look amazing, you always do" I look up at her. Her expression changes into a frown.

"But?" she says. She sits on my lap holding on to the sides of my neck. I lean in to kiss her but she leans back.

"I don't know if you should wear that dress. You look so beautiful in it, amazing, a chefs kiss but my family is a different type of breed."

"I can handle them. What you want me to do change?" She voices goes slightly high likes she's angry but he's trying to hide it behind her words.

"No, I don't want you to change. I wanted to warn you about my family" finally the smile reappears.

She leans in and whispers in my ear "I can feel you getting hard while I sit on your lap. Did I turn you on?" She rubs herself against me teasing me. I know I should stop it but I can't. I want her, every piece.

I start kiss her neck moans fall from her lips and she covers her mouth hiding them. I stop and she bites her lips, I stare down at her lips. I'm trying hard not to give in to them.

I give into them anyways I can't help myself. She pulls away from me "no no no" she teases and I groan.

"Come on don't do me like that" I replied.

"It's almost time for your parents Christmas dinner Blaine. Your parents are going to be mad if your late" I lift her up and she wraps her legs around me.

I starts running to the bathroom I place her on the sink counter I stare deeply into her perfect honey brown eyes "I don't care what my father says" I start to kiss her neck and she giggles like she is ticklish.

I start to undress her and I kiss her once more she grabs onto my face "no measure of time with you will be long enough. I love you Blaine" I start turning red blushing and I never do that.

"I love you too Arielle, forever and always" I kiss her again. Making my way down her body leaving kisses in my wake. When I reach in between her legs I feel it with my hands. She's wet already. I start licking and loud moans falls from her lips.

She covers her mouth instantly I giggle and she hits me with her feet. I continue, I look up at her, her eyes roll into the back of her head she's clings to the corner as moans threaten to fall down her lips.

She looks so damn sexy, what more could I want then this. Is telling Arielle about the child worth losing her? I'm going to have to tell her at one point of course but we're good right now and I don't want to lose this.

I stand up and pull down my pants, she stares down at it and licks her lips. I kiss her again devouring her lips like I couldn't be without them.

A knock on the door stops us "Blaine it's time for dinner" I puts away from her and start dress up again. Elijah knocks on the door again banging on it.

I start walking towards the door I open it to dad dressed in his tux fancy. "It's time for dinner Blaine. I know Arielle in there join us" in his condescending voice.

I roll my eyes and close the door when I get back into the bathroom Arielle's already dressed. She smiles at me and I take her hand and take her into the dinning room.

A little child is in the dining room he looks about 5 years old. I'm hoping and praying it isn't my child, I haven't told Arielle yet. She's going to be pissed.

She starts running up to the child instantly and holding him in her arms. In a baby voice "You are so cute, who's your mother?" Madeline comes and takes the child away from her.

"He's your?" She says shocked. She looks immediately at me and glares at me. She mouths "we're going to talk to this later."

I take Madeline into the living room "what did I say Madeline? Elle is going to kill me." I yelled at her hoping no one was paying attention .

"It's not my fault you didn't tell her , this is your son and you can't ignore it." She says in defense.

"I didn't say I was going to ignore it Madeline, I just wanted to tell her on my own terms." I replied.

She sits down across from me, now she won't look at me. The maids sit the food in front of us but Elle she took the plate right from the maid's hands earning a nasty glare from Elijah. Arielle was always the do it herself person she doesn't really used the maid Angela.

Elijah says "well merry Christmas everyone let's eat."

I watch her as she eats her food sad, I feel extremely bad. I never thought I would be here not only with her but with her mad at me. I don't like this feeling in my stomach I feel.... guilty? I think I'm not sure.

Elijah asks Arielle a question she didn't respond almost like she was lost in thought. He calls on her again "Arielle?"

She raises her head slowly and turns to face "huh?" She asked.

He repeated his questions "Do you have plans after high school?." She thought about for a second before responding "I might go to medical or law. I'm still deciding" he nods his head impressed with her answer.

"Good choices, makes a lot of money" he says proudly. My kid that sounds weird walks up to me.

He's smiling he hands me a Superman action figure like he wants me to play with him. I pick him up and put her onto my lap and he plays with his toy there. It felt weird you know, I feel joy when I look into his eyes it really is the greatest blessing.

Now Arielle won't look at me she only plunges her fork into her food over and over again. Elijah is talking to my mom about work everyone is going there own thing. I hit her leg slightly she looks at me but won't meet my eyes.

I mouth "could we talk? My room in 5" she nods her head and leave my son to my seat and walk into my room Arielle joins me moments later.

I tried to pull her into my arms but she pulls me away. "I hate you!" She yelled I could feel my face turning into sadness and despair. "how could you keep this from me for so long?."

I tried to hold onto her but she shook me off free her. "I-I- I'm sorry Arielle if you told you, you would have hated me"

"I already hate you!", she says quickly. I throw a shirt at her and it land's on her stomach, she grabs it throws it back. The's anger is beginning showing it on her face before I could say anything else. She slaps me in the face and tries to walk away, I grab the sides of her neck and brought her close to me, leaning my forehead on hers.

She has tears in her eyes, but has seems have calm down, I kiss her forehead. But she still refuses to look up at me. I'm scared that if I do say something she'll start yelling at me again or even worse she'll leave.

"I can't-" she starts sobbing hysterically, trying to say words at the same time. I caused her pain once again I said it from the beginning I was only going to be bad for her yet, here we are. It hurts me that she's hurting because of me.

"I'm sorry I kept a secret from you I don't know how you were going to react if I had told you I had a kid." I say. I'm not really good at the whole making people feel better thing.

She pushes me away from me and gives me the nastiest glare "so you were going to lie to me?" She puts her hands to her forehead pacing around the room.

I take a step towards her and she backs up "I didn't lie to you, I kept it from you Arielle. If I would have told you it would destroy our relationship"

"Seems like you did that on your own. What else are you keeping from me? Did you sleep with her too?."

"I said I was sorry Arielle and no, I didn't sleep with her I would never do that to you." I snap. I walk towards her "I did it for you for us there was no way in hell you were going to be okay with me having a child by Madeline, you hate her. So yeah I kept it from you, I was trying to protect you because I love you Arielle."

"This isn't love" I shout. "I don't need you to protect me I'm not a child Blaine. I think I should go." I grab her arm while she tries to leave. She looks down at our hands together then she lets go into the dark halls.

And like that my worse fears came to life. I shouldn't have kept it from her I think I lost her for good.
Q: Do you think Arielle going to forgive Blaine anytime soon, should she?

What do you think Elijah is planning?
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