Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 36


I can't take this anymore it's been too long with out, I miss her so much. I decided to go over to her house, I need to see her, I need to feel her in my arms.

I walk up to the door And knock on the door. He opens in with a surprise look on his face. "Arielle not here she went out with Riley" then rolled his eyes at me. I understood he was mad at me I'm sure Elle told him everything.

"You have to let me see her I need to apologize to her." I look inside to see if he was just hiding her from me. Blaine stands in the door way blocking me from coming in.

"She's heart broken right now seeing you will only hurt her more. She's my sister Blaine, my only sister. I'll do whatever it takes to protect her not just physically, emotionally and right now she's out in a good place and if you come in and wait for her." He paused to take a breath but it says more than words ever could.

"Look, she misses you and still wears your necklace around her neck. If you barge in and make her talk to you she's going to have a mental breakdown. She's not ready to talk to you. I know you miss her I could see it in your eyes but you need to give her some space."

"Anthony have you ever dated someone that you never expect to fall in love with in your wildest dreams? I did and I have. I never expected to fall for her but when I let myself fall for her. It was amazing, she's such an amazing person, she makes me what to do better. For her. I can't be without her."

"And that's amazing Blaine it is but you can't expect her to keep coming back to you after drop something big on her. She's a strong person but that doesn't mean, she doesn't have feelings. Like I said give it time and don't talk to her before she's ready."

"And when will she be ready? It could take years to get used to it."

"She loves you, she's be ready when she decides she's ready, she'll come talk to you." Anthony says. I can see the pity in his eyes and I don't need it. I'll drive myself insane waiting for her to talk to me.

What if her loving me was all in my head and I was wrong? What if she never forgives me? No. I can't think like that. I think she loves me more than she thinks she does and that scares her. I walk back to my car to drive home.

Lately, I have been hanging out with my son. Since school is still on vacation until January 4, I had a lot of free time. He's cute and he looks like me but couldn't I believe it was mine, I mean I'm not trying to say she's lying to me. But she's Madeline, she always has something up her sleeves.

I walk into the house and scream for Madeline. Immediately no ones in the house, I search every door in the house expect for the study and no one was here. That was definitely unusual. Then Madeline came out of Elijah's study looking rushed and like she just put up again a hall.

"What were you doing in there?" I sneak up on her.

She screams and holds her chest "I was talking to you father Blaine." She walk to me and puts her hand to my chest. "Now that Arielle" she rolls her eyes when she says her name "broke up with you, do you want to go to my room?"

I pushed her away "I told you we will never be together again. My heart belongs to Arielle and it's always going to"

"She's a whore" she yelled as I was turning away to leave.

"What did you just say about her?" I'm trying to hold off my anger but it doesn't seem to work.

She puts her hand back on my chest and circle me still touching me "I said that she's a whore." I throw her against the wall I moved closer to her and cup index finger to her chin.

"Don't you ever call Arielle a whore" I threatened.

She laughs it off "this girl has you wrapped around her finger and you don't even notice." I walk away to my room ignoring her comments.

I ended up in my bedroom staring up at the ceiling. For some reason I couldn't get this out of my mind. The thought of losing her weighted heavy on my mind, could I live without her?

I woke up to the sound of knocking on my door. I open the door to find Anthony frantically standing at my door. "Where the fuck is Arielle?" He yelled.

"I-I-don't know Anthony you told me to stay away from her" I replied. He seemed surprised that I would listen and honestly I planned to go see her.

"I thought she was here, she seemed so close to cracking and coming to see you." He sat on my bed almost starting to sob. "Sometimes I feel like I don't know her at all, I started wondering why would she choose you or why did you choose her? I guess it was always there I just didn't want to notice it. My best friend and my sister. Together. It felt like a dream or a nightmare.

"I'm sorry, I hurt you but I'm not sorry that I loved her with my whole soul. She's everything to me I never thought I could feel this ever in my life. I have never been so afraid of losing her, I would protect her at all cost against anyone even my own family."

He stands up in front of me for a second I think he's about to hit me but instead he pulls me into a hug "Arielle is lucky to have you brother. I know you will protect her and I know you love her. But I will be protective of her no matter she's my sister I will always want the best for her."

"I know and I know she appreciates it, she loves you Anthony even if she doesn't say it."

Madeline knocks on the door with little Elijah in her hands. Anthony looks at him and takes him from Madeline arms, Anthony starts playing with him. It's seems all but natural like Elijah knew Anthony.
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