Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 37

I can't take this anymore, I miss Arielle so much it hurts. I walk into Elijah office, Elijah is sitting at his desk reading a book. I knock down all the stuff on his desk. The alcohol on the corner crashes and breaks as it hits the floor. "what are you hiding from me?" I'm hysterical. Anthony and Madeline run into the room watching me like I finally lost it.

"Calm down Blaine" he pleads. I don't think he had any right to tell me to calm down.

"Calm down?" I start pacing around the room "you have been trying to break me and Arielle up for months and you know that I care about her."

He screams back "I'm trying to protect you Blaine she's not right for you. You were always the type not to stay with one girl."

"Me being a playboy ended the day that Arielle kissed the first time. Because she's not your ideal girlfriend for me you want me to marry into a rich family and not Arielle who by the way I am in love with. But fuck my feelings right?"

"Of course I care about your feelings Blaine all I want is for you to be well taken care of. Arielle is not the girl for you."

"Why do you get to tell me she's not right for me? You haven't seen anything she's done for me. I started going back to school, I quit football that I hate and I stopped trying to please you because no one can please you,"

A second later Someone bust into the room. I see Arielle standing at the door in a sun in a black tee shirt that says rock in roll and jeans with stars on them. She surprised to see me like this. Almost looks afraid of what I might do. "Blaine what's going on?" She asks.

"Arielle?" She runs into my arms putting her arms around me. I held Arielle arms and I turn to my father Arielle squeezed my hand like she was telling it's okay. "Tell me what you were hiding from me?".

"Who says I was hiding something from you?"

"Cut the crap" I interrupted.

"Okay...but you can get mad at me for telling you the truth....

The End...

Let me know what if you want me to continue with a series !
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