Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 2



I hugged Oliver goodbye before getting in Blaine's car. I yelled at him "did you have to honk you could have just yelled? You were literally right near me and I was in the middle of something".

"I don't care about your teenage fucking problems Elle" he replies. He shugs it off, He didn't look at me, he's looking straight at the road like what I said didn't matter to him at all. Like some kind of emotionless robot.

"Jerk, Who put you in a foul mood today?" I chucked He glared at me. I was trying to lighten in the mood. Seemed like he picked me up out of necessity then just wanting to. I stayed quiet I could tell he wasn't in the mood for conversation.

I looked over to him when he wasn't looking. The sun was hitting his face making it look shinny. He had the perfect tan skin, flawless in every way.

Finally he said something as we were driving "do you like him?" He looked over to me. I gasped in shock. I never thought he would say me. Even if he did I didn't think it would be about a boy. It looked like it bothered him but at the same time It could have been just a question. Trying to not read anything into it.

I replied, "I don't know he's nice and sweet. I think I like him but I'm not sure". He stopped at a red light, looking over at me.

"your brother got stuck at practice for talking back to the coach. That's why I came to get you" he says to start a new conversation. I wondered why he asked about Oliver.

"Did he ask you to come get me?" I asked. Trying to work with the conversation because it's too awkward when it's quiet. Not because he hasn't before, it's just odd that he would. He would do it all the time when we were kids. He would walk me home but now that I was older and he wanted to be Mr cool so he never picked me up.

He smirked "No, I came without being asked" he licks his lips and focus his eyes on mine. I thought he wasn't going to stop staring at me for a second. A second It's all I needed to get air back into my lungs. My heart starts beating faster making my breathing quickening. I was anxious being around Blaine. It always happened It was like when I was around him I get all quiet and nervous.

The car beeps behind us warning us of the green light. I looked away outside quickly turning my head, it was normal for Boston really rainy and cold. I asked "so is my brother getting out soon or am I home alone?". I was hoping he wouldn't stay at home with me. He increases my anxiety just being around him.

"Your brother is coming home soon, so I'm going to stay. Your welcome to join us" he says switching his hand on the steering wheel from his right arm to his left. I don't know why I found it kind of hot. It was the way he gripped onto the steering wheel making his veins pop out.

I pull out the book from my bag and start reading it. While I was deep in reading he took the book from my hands. He holds the steering wheel with one hand as he reads from a passage with the other "I put my hand inside of her pushing my fingers in and out. This is what your reading" he chuckles teasing me.

I hit him in the arm "shut up Blaine! And focus on the road" I yell. I snatch the book from his hands. He starts laughing hard. He's such an ass. The car goes silent I realize we're home I wondered for how long and why I didn't notice it. I get out the car before I could he locked the door so I couldn't get out. I crossed my arms together pretending angry.

"I just didn't think you were into that kind of thing" he sits back in his seat and turns his body facing me.

"That kind of thing?" I questioned a smirk pops up on his face. It made me feel butterflies in my stomach. I tried my hardest to not show any feelings towards Blaine. So he wouldn't think I had feelings for him.

"The Romance Novels that explain in detail Sex. I mean I guess I didn't see you that way. Your so" he pauses and then starts again "innocent".

I turned away "Maybe you don't know me at all". I let him ponder what it meant we sat in silence. He sat there thinking for while, a confused look on his face when he couldn't figure out what I meant.

Today was the first day he wasn't a lot of an asshole. He was still Flirty and bad boy Blaine but I saw finally some type of redemption. Knowing he could be saved from this persona gives me hope that one day he might find someone who will change him.

Someone knocked on the window I look over to find my brother looking at both of us I put my window down he said "you picked up my sister from school?" He was obviously as shocked as I was. He he was being over protective I can see the anger in his face masked by the confusion on his face. If you grew up with him you would notice too.

"Yeah I don't want her to stay at school alone until you picked her up so I did" he replied back. He looked at both of us suspiciously like he thought something was going on.

"Unlock the door" I yelled at Blaine and he let me out of the car. They both stayed in the car talking. I looked back at them Anthony is softly giving a talk to Blaine. I can see Blaine roll his eyes before he says something back to Anthony and I went inside.

Today was a crazy day. Full of surprises maybe it could be a good thing? I was never expecting Oliver to come into my life and Blaine today that was a mega surprise. Seems like my life is going to get complicated. I was hoping that tomorrow would be better. I read my book until I fell asleep. I heard yelling that immediately woke me up.

"Is there something going on between you and Arielle?. Is that why you picked her up?" My brother yells.

"No, Anthony there isn't anything going on between me and your sister. I picked her up yes, but I don't care for her. My brother seem to calm down. I wanted to go out there and say something but I couldn't . What could I say?.

"I don't care for her" hit me like a stab to the chest. I wanted to cry, at else now I know there was no chance. I could move on.

I went back to sleep. Anthony was just drunk he said the first thing that was bothering him. When he's drunk and mad he could be the meanest person.

I woke up the next morning, it was quiet in the house. I saw Blaine in the kitchen making coffee I sat at bar counter it had spin chairs I slapped my hand on the table and yelled "Two shots of coffee please" he jumped a little in the air startled.

I laughed " I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you". He poured coffee into a cup and gave it to me. I look at the coffee pot there was only enough for one. I slide it over to him "no, you drink it it's your coffee I'll make my own"

He leans down on the table holding his chest a few feet off the table. So close to my face I could feel his breath in my face "drink it you'll need it for today" he winked and he smiled when I finally grabbed the coffee. I was already dressed for school. I woke up a little early couldn't sleep thinking and sobbing. Yet I pretended everything was normal. Because it was.

"Thank you" I smiled back. He stared into my eyes as I drunk the coffee.

My brother came in and Blaine straighten up. He didn't see anything his eyes were half shut he was having a hangover from Last night. My brother slaps Blaine in the head playing around . I start giggling. He hits Anthony in his face causing a fight to break out. I walked over to him as he was about to punch Anthony I came in between his fist stopped inches from my face I winced and put my hands in my face not moving.

He stopped before he could hit me. I said "it's okay Blaine I know you weren't going to hurt me" I placed my hand on his shoulder and he calmed down smiling.

My brother said "it's time to get you to school" interrupting our moment. I walked out to the car Blaine followed behind me. I looked back to find him staring at my ass. Like I said Outfits made to sexualize us.

I started reading my book it was getting almost addicting. My favorite character was Tessa she seem like a good friend. I know what it's like to have your family want you to be perfect and how hard it is.

We get to school Oliver comes up to me and kisses me. Everyone staring at me in the parking lot including my brother. He gets out of the car and starts walking towards us he screams "who the fuck are you? and why are you kissing my sister?"

He replied "I like your sister I asked her on a date she said yes" he still stood confidently. I was hoping my brother wouldn't cause a scene more than he has.

I stood in between them because I knew my brother wouldn't harm me. He looked down at me I looked completely small compared to the two men standing like towers next to me.

He stares into Oliver eyes ferociously "Be good to my sister or I'll murder you" he walks back into the car.

I let out a breath, I started apologizing "I'm so sorry that happened my brother is over protective".

He hugs me and replies "I have dealt with over protective siblings before there nothing new to me". My brother finally drove off.

Riley came up to me "are you okay both of you?" she's concerned. If I was on the outside looking in I would be too.

"I'm fine we're both fine you know how Anthony is he's over protective and can sometimes take it to the extreme".

She laughs and shakes her head. Of course she knew she has been my best friend since forever If anyone knew it would be her. We walk into school together. Less people were at school today I thought maybe today was ditch day. It was a day where all the students ditch class and went to party and got drunk.

I went to my locker and put my stuff and made sure I grab my books. Oliver asks "so for our date I was thinking Saturday?". He leans against the lockers next to mine.

I blush "yeah, okay Saturday". I almost forgot about it. The bell rings I say goodbye to Riley and walk to Science class with Oliver. I take out my permission form and leave it out on the table for the teacher. I feel Oliver's eyes on me I say "what?" I cheese.

He responds "your just so beautiful, love" I start blushing he puts my hair behind my ears. The teacher calls attention to the front.

"Today we will go over the procedure" he starts talking about what we would do. It all sounds gross to me if I don't do it then that could mean I don't graduate so I need to. Oliver put his hand on me to comfort me after he probably seen my reaction to all this. He made me feel safe like when I was in his arms nothing mattered.

Lunch time came I looked for Riley and Oliver. I could only find Riley she sat by me on our table "guess what?" Before I could answer she continued " we're going to a party Friday night I got us invited to a college party. She's excited, Another one of her schemes that going to get us in trouble But I knew if I didn't go she would have went alone and I couldn't let that happen.

I said "okay" she squealed happily again. I ate my food wondering how I was going to get my brother to let me go to a college party without his supervision. I guess I was going to have to lie and say I was going over Riley's.

"What college is it?" I asked her. I didn't want to not know where I was going that could have been dangerous.

She responded "Boston college". I spit out my drink all over the table. The people besides me looked at me as if I was weird.

" know that Blaine and my brother go there right?" I asked her. Of course she knew they went there she didn't care. She's the live on the wild side person.

"Come on Arielle you need to live your life" she takes my hands. I already know this talk by heart by now. She's going to tell me that I need to light up and take risk and I agree to her shenanigans every time .

"Fine" I give up there was no use in arguing with Riley she was always going to convince you. She's smart like that.

I looked all over the cafeteria to look for Oliver he was no where to be seen. I started to worry he was with me a few minutes ago and now he disappeared into thin air.
Maybe I drove him away with my weirdness or was with the "popular girls".

After school I waited for him but then, I heard my brother honk the car horn and I had to go.
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