Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 3



I pulled out my book and put my headphones in. My brother didn't say anything I guess since I had my headphones in he didn't want to bother me.

When we got home I went straight into my room. Moments later I heard a knock and Riley was here holding a bag of what I assumed dresses. She handed me a black dress "I went shopping for the Both of us for the party try it on" she left the room and waited outside.

After I put the dress on I noticed the dress was tight around my waist showing off my curves. I was worried about showing too much skin. It was a black dress with a heart shaped neckline and came up to about the top of my knees. I walked out and Riley screamed in excitement, making my brother and Blaine run towards us.

My brother was obviously concerned he screamed "what happened?" but when he realized I wasn't in any trouble he calmed down. Blaine looked at me in shock his eyebrows lift up, his mouth was wide open. Then he smiled and bit his lip slowly looking at me up and down . I started to turn red blushing.

Of course Riley looked impressed she was the fashionable one of us. She always knew how to dress me up.

"Why are you dressing up?" My brother asked another question. He's suspicious, but he also has never caught us doing anything we did.

"my date on Saturday with Oliver remember?" I replied quickly. I was never a good liar so I didn't know if he could see through it.

It was obvious Anthony hated Oliver it was written all over his face but I make my own decision and he needed to respect it. Blaine didn't say anything he stood there looking me up and down with his eyes wide in surprised. There was a long silence then my brother walked away Blaine went with him.

Friday 9/4/20
The week went by fast I told my brother I was going to sleep at Riley's just in case. Riley and I got ready at her house "are you sure that we should go party with a bunch of college students?" I say. I'm kind of nervous and the feeling won't go away.

She replies "I'll be there the whole time. I wouldn't make you go somewhere where you weren't safe" I nod. It was true Riley would never take me anywhere I didn't already want to go to.

We walk out it's chill outside and the wind hits my exposed skin making it shiver. We get in her BMW and head to the party.

The house was bouncing with music you could hear it from the outside. I was kind of nervous it would be my first party. Riley grabbed my hand and lead me inside to the drinks and handed me a drink of red liquid. I drunk it instantly leaving a burning sensation in my mouth.

She handed me another one and we made our way to the dance floor. Everyone was wearing short dresses, skirts or really short shorts. The whole house was light up with different color lights. I was even nervous to be dancing even if it was dark. I never really danced in public before. Riley grabbed my hands and danced with me and I slowly became comfortable. I was dancing with Riley when I felt a body come up behind me swaying our hips together. When I looked back it was a man. Gorgeous and tall. With 2 glasses of alcohol in my system I didn't mind it.

I introduced myself "I'm Arielle" trying to say it loud over the music.
He whispered into my ear "I'm Gabe". He seemed nice and he was sexy. All he wanted to do was dance and I was okay with that.

Riley whispered "I'm going to get more alcohol" I nodded and continued to dance with the Gabe.

Before long my eye were burry and I couldn't feel my legs. I whispered into his ear "I'm going to use the bathroom" he nods and I made my way upstairs to the bathrooms. There was a bunch of girls making out with there boys in the hallway.

I didn't know where the bathroom was and if any of these girls came up for air long enough I would have asked them. They are like Human fish but instead of breathing underwater they can hold their breath. I stumble into a few doors they were filled with drunk girl making out with boys. Imagine how awkward that was.

I found the bathroom I splash water on my face. As I was walking down I accidentally stumbled into a girl making out with her a boy who seemed like her boyfriend.

"Watch where your going bitch" she rolls her eyes. Her hair is long wavy and black she is wearing a red dress that seems too tight for her body. She has piercing on her eye brow and two in her nose.

I try to speak but she caught me off guard and I was never into confrontation "umm... I'm sorry" I shutter.

and went ran right back to Riley. She was dancing with some dude really closely to her. He seemed nice but I would keep an eye on her just in case. I'm drunk so I wouldn't know right what's right.

As I was swaying my hips on Gabe I heard "Arielle" someone calls my name it echos in my head. I turn my squint my eyes to see who's calling me it's Blaine. He stands there feet away from where I am. He's wearing a black leather jacket with a tee shirt, denim jeans and boots. He's hair is freshly style. I already had the biggest headache Blaine being here just made it bigger. I knew he was going to yell at me about this but why? He said he didn't care so he shouldn't care about this.

He makes his way over to me and I trip into his arms. "Are you fucking kidding me right now. Why are you here?" He yells causing everyone to stare at us. The music stops and silence fills the room.

"Calm down, I'm fine" my words are slur and I can see his trying to make out what I am saying.

He tries to grab my hand to make my leave I push him away "I don't want to go especially not with you. Remember you don't care about me. leave me alone".
I feel him put his hands on my hips and he pulls me onto his shoulders carrying me outside into his car. I started kicking him to try to get him to put me down. but he didn't put me down until he placed me into the car.

A deadly silence fills the car "what were you fucking thinking Elle you could have been hurt or worse" he yells turning only his face towards me. He screams at me like he

He screams at me like he's mad at me. I respond "like you would have cared Blaine" I sass him.

"What makes you think I don't care?" He asked screaming at me. He's angry and I can't figure out why?

"You told my brother that you didn't care about me Blaine and yes I heard you. You guys were screaming at each other right outside my door".

I turned away it was obvious he wasn't going to say anything else. We sat quietly with me I stared off into the house.

"I said I didn't care about you because your brother thought something was going on not because I don't. I have known you for a long time I'm always going to care about you just not in the sense that he was saying".

There's it goes again that stab to the chest. I guess I needed that maybe that is going to be the thing that lets me forget my feelings for Blaine. Finally.

I place one finger on his chest I could feel his heart beating under my finger. I made my hands go down his body. He looks down at it and he shivers underneath my finger. He grabs my wrist roughly holding in between his palm to stop me. He deeply stares into my eyes. My face is close to his "I wouldn't do that if I was you" he challenges.

I wanted to kiss him more than anything. And I should right?. I wouldn't remember any of this in the morning. No one can fault me for something that happened when I was drunk. even though I wasn't that drunk. I lean in and kiss him. His lips were so softly and tasted like strawberry lip balm. When I pulled back he was surprised, I caught him off guard. He stared into my eyes as did I. He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me in towards him again. He looked down at my lips like he's trying so hard to fight against it and eventually he gave in and kissed my lips again.

Blaine POV's

I fought to keep away from her but I fucking can't even though everything is telling me to. What I would do for one more kiss from her. She leaned in so our foreheads are together and I am staring closely into her brown eyes.

She's beautiful and there was nothing I wanted to do more than to rip her clothes from her body and take her to the backseat. Why did she have to wear a dress so short. When I saw that man behind her I almost went blind with rage.

Why do I feel this way about her?. Do I have feelings for her?. I couldn't possibly.

I pull away entirely and stare into in front of me at blank road "I'm going to take you to get some water and some food then take you to your house" I wanted to sound like i didn't care about and I definitely sounded like it.

She stopped me before I could start the car by putting her hand on my arm. Once she realized she let go "I'm sorry, I'm going to get Riley" she hopped out the car and ran inside struggling to run.

I hit the steering wheel hard I yelled "damn it" with anger building up inside. What would it mean if I actual did have feeling for Elle?. She's obviously into me but I can't show the same feeling not for her. I would break her.

She comes back and puts Riley in the backseat laying down I yell "she better not throw up in my car" Elle glared at me and I turn straight ahead. Best not to get into a screaming match.

The car ride to Riley's house was completely silent. The silences said a lot thought neither of us knew what to say. It was just awkward glances at each other. "So we're going to pretend what just happened didn't happen?" She says softly.

"Elle nothing happened you got drunk and you kissed me that's all that happened" I replied quickly. Trying not to make it into a big deal. But it is, isn't it ?

She nod her head agreeing with me and looked out the window not wanting to look at me anymore. She's obviously upset with me. I switch the conversation "So what do you want to eat?" I asked her.

"Can we not pretend we're friends please?. Just take me home my brother probably sleeping" she snaps. She's angry and she's probably has every right to be. But she also doesn't she can't be mad at me because I avoid talking to her about the kiss.

"Elle please-" she holds up her hand to silence me.

"I just want to sleep right now".

I pull over and stop the car "Elle it's not like we could be together Elle. Your brother would fucking murder me especially me for even looking at you. Imagine if he finds out we kissed."

She turns her whole body around to look at me "Is this more about my brother or you?" Cus to me this is more about you. I don't even care anymore I'm going on a date tomorrow and you can go back to not giving a fuck "she replied with an attitude. She turned right back around and looked out her side window.

I grab her throat moving it so she would look towards me she smiles like she doesn't realize she's doing it "don't use an attitude with me!" I say demanding her. She smiling like she likes my ink hand around her throat. She look down at my hand. Trying to hide her smile from me "Ah you like this don't you?" I say.

I can't stand the fact she's going out with Blonde boy tomorrow. Yet, I deny any feelings towards her. What's happening?

She avoids the last question "Make me" Arielle says. She's confident right now mostly because she's drunk. Was this underneath her the whole time?

Still holding on to her throat I bring her closer to me. "you like this don't you?" I whisper into her ear again. She doesn't reply. I let go of her and drive again not looking to see her facial expressions.

If I went any further I didn't know if I could control myself. She's smiling now, she's such a tease when she's drunk. I fix my pants so it wouldn't show the boner she gave me.

We made it to Riley's house Elle wrapped Riley around her and walked her into her house. She denied any help from me because "her parents would freak out if they saw you". Her dress trying to go up her leg as she walked into the house. A Few minutes later she walked back down pulling down her dress that was all the way at the top of her knees she was shivering.

I hand her my flannel shirt and she smiles at me and She puts it on I look at her and she blushes "what?" She ask.

"Nothing" I scoff and start the car again. No matter how bad I wanted to I couldn't let myself feel for her . I'm bad for her and I can't change it.

I find my way to a Mc Donald's I sit her down in the chair before ordering her a sandwich and some lemonade to drink. I sit down cross from her so she doesn't pull anymore of her tricks or teases.

She's smiling right now her top of her dress is slipping off her breast and she's not trying to fix it. I lean myself over the table to fix it so no one else sees it. I button the first few buttons on my shirt to hide her chest from the other boys in the restaurant.

"Is this what you like teasing me in a Mc Donald's?" I say in a whisper so no one hears me.

She smiles I can't tell if she's still drunk or not she replies "No Blaine I'm not drunk anymore" before she could finish her sentence they called my name for the food. I could tell she was she still drunk, she's still slurring her words.

I walked over to the counter and made my way back towards Elle I say "maybe you should stay with me for the night" I comment.

She starts laugh hysterically when" if you think my brother would kill you for kissing me. What do you think he's going to do to you if he finds out I was at your house?".

"Nothing" I respond quickly "if we don't tell him, your not going to remember this in the morning remember?"

She smiles at me cheesing she's so beautiful right now even if she is shoving fries into her mouth. She looks back up at me and moves her hair brown from her face "what?".

I respond "nothing" and continued to drink my Coca Cola.

When she was done I helped her into her car as she was swatting me way claiming she wasn't drunk anymore. Everything was quiet again. I put my hand on side thing where I put important papers. She stared down at my hand like she never noticed there was a tattoo on there.

She asks "when did you get that Rose Tattoo?" before I could answer a call came through the phone. It was Anthony.

B: "Hey bro, what's up?"
A: Nothing, just checking in how was the party?"
B: "it was boring I left early I'm on my way home"

Elle was about to protest but I covered her mouth. If Anthony heard her she and I would be in big trouble with Anthony.

A: "okay then Goodnight, I'll see you tomorrow" I hang up the phone.

I yell at her "your brother was on the phone if he heard you we could both be dead"

She rolls her eyes "oh relax Blaine, it's not like we did anything" she mocks. She's so calm and I wonder how. Then I remember the alcohol.

When we got to my house my parents were sleeping already. I laid Elle in my bed and wrapped her in my blanket. Before I could leave she grabbed my hand "please stay with me". She has her puppy pleading eyes. I know I shouldn't but she looks so hurt.
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