Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 4


September 4,2020: Saturday Morning

I woke up in the morning to find Myself laying next to Blaine. I rub my eyes before getting up trying to remember what happened last night. I knew my memories would come back slowly.

He groans as he gets up too "Elle?" He rubs his eyes. I must have woken him up. He was laying right beside with his arms wrapped around me.

I replied "Blaine, what happened last night?" And like that the memories flash into my mind.

I don't know if I am embarrassed I'm too hungover to feel anything. He sits up, he worried and thinks I don't remember what happened. He puts his hand on my cheek, it's warm and soft "you don't remember? His voice low and I thank him for that".

"Yeah I remember. I don't know how but yes I remember I wasn't blacked out drunk." I joke.

It was like I forgot I was Blaine's bed for a second. I tried to rush out but I was caught by Mr and Miss Taylor in the kitchen.

"Heyyy, Are you hungry?" Ms Taylor says while cooking on the stove I'm frozen in place not knowing what to say. Blaine runs behind me into the kitchen.

Blaine says to cover us "Arielle just came over to talk" they smile. But it was like they knew we were lying. I mean I look like I just got out of bed and I am dressed in a dress that barely reaches my knees and I'm wearing Blaine's shirt. They have probably seen girls sneak out of his room all the time.

A girl jumps into my arms "Ellie" she screams. It's Blaine sister Anna she's close my age and goes to my school but we don't talk all that often.

Anna has the same black hair as Blaine but with long curls. Her eyes are brown and she has this glow to her tan skin.

I say back "Hey Anna, how are you?" trying to make it seem not to obvious.

She looks between us. I must looks a mess right now. "What happened between you two?"

We both say in unisons "nothing". She's suspiciously and before she could say anything else.

Blaine turns to his parents and says "I'm going to take Elle home. I'll see you guys in a little bit". They all say "okay". I rush out of the house I'm embarrassed they had to see like that.

We get into the car I pulled down the mirror to see how I looked. I looked a mess my brown hair was messy, my make up was all smudged. I can't believe how messed up things got last night. I'm hoping he doesn't remember anything from last night. Then again he didn't even drink last night. As soon as he came in the door and saw me, he left with me and Riley. The embarrassment sets in and I'm blushing.

He turns to me and says "last night was a fucking crazy night"
I replied "don't worry I'm not going to tell Anthony anything about what happened last night".
"That's not what I was worried about" he replies and smirks.

The car goes silent until he asks me "do you want me to drop you at Riley's or your brother's?"

"My brother, I have to get ready for my date with Oliver" he laughs.

I eye him "what's funny about me going on a date with Oliver?"

He moves his head closer to mine "he's Mr pretty and possibly rich boy Elle. Boys like that are the type to want popular girls"

I get angry I can't believe he's saying this to me "so your saying I have to be popular to get him? Your an asshole".

I realize that we're in front of my house. I ran inside I heard him call out to me "Elle" but I keep running. When I get inside the house I could hear my brother snoring. Good riddance he's a deep sleeper. I went into my room get my clothes for my date. Then Rome called me.

R:"Hey Arielle, are you home?"
Arielle: I'm fine, Blaine took me home. I'll explain later. I have to get ready for my date".
R: okay I'll pick you up after your date so we can talk.

I got one of my red dresses and hurried to the bathroom to get ready. For a moment I let the hot water hit my skin. The embarrassment of what I did yesterday still in head never going away no matter how hard I tried. I let my crush on Blaine control how I acted. It's a moment I'll never let down.

After the shower I got ready, brushed my hair straight. Put some make up on my face.

I got a text From Oliver.
O: I'm outside
A: Okay I'm coming out.

I ran into my room to grab my purse. I tried to look for it but couldn't find it. Damnit I must have left it with Blaine. I grabbed my keys and ran out into the car. It was cold today the wind whistles in the air.

The smell of scented roses filled the car. He reaches into the back of the backseat and hands me roses.

"Omg that's so sweet, thank you" I say excited. I was never given flowers. So even the effort made me excited.

He asks me "So how are you feeling today?".

"I'm fine Oliver, not excited to cut open frogs on Monday" he laughs with me.

He's the sweetest guy I think I ever met. When we get to the restaurant he holds the door open for me.

He's wearing a black suit and tie with his hair slick back hair like he's in a James Bond movie.

Oliver said "Table under Salvatore ". The waiter looked for it on the list of names. found it then showed us to our table. I tried to look for his name tags. Everyone in the restaurant wore a suit and tie especially the waiters. But no name tags. Oliver saw me.

Oliver whispered "his name is Richard" I wondered if he came here a lot. I nodded.

Richard said "what would you like to eat?" Looking between the both of us. He didn't look like he didn't want to be here more of a blank expression like he was serious.

Oliver responds before I could say anything "she would like ribs with mashed potatoes and some soda and for me, some French fries with Steak, Medium Rare" Richard bows and leaves.

I ask him " do you come here often?" To start a conversation.

He reaches out for my hand that I left on the table "my father owns the restaurant".

I almost spit out my drink on the table. I was taken by surprise I mean it was kind of obvious he was rich so how did I miss it?".

I start choking on my drink Oliver gets up alarmed to come to my side "I'm fine, I just wasn't expecting this all to be yours".

"Yeah I'm really proud of it. But this isn't about me it's about me learning more about you" he smiles. In my head I was freaking out I never dated a guy who didn't talk about themselves the whole date.

Well I start "I'm Arielle as you know. I like watching Netflix. I have a best friend Riley who loves getting in trouble and taking me with her. I think I want to be a social worker but I'm not sure yet. I'm passionate about a lot of things".

He chuckles " like what?"

"Well I like writing stories and reading books. Sometimes I feel like I should be a doctor. I love doing arts and crafts" he lights up as I am talking to him about my favorite things. His eyes shining like stars,his smile making me weak in the legs.

I question him "what about you?, do you have anything your passionate about?"

"well, my dad wants me to go into business so I can take over his restaurant and other business of his".

"is that really what you want to do though?" I questioned. It doesn't seem like he's passionate about it. More like it's forces on him.

"I don't really have a choice" his smile fades.

I smile to try to get the smile back "what would you do if you didn't have to take over your dads businesses?".

He responded quickly "I want to be a painter. I think painting could be a career for me but my dad would never allow it".

I hold his hand as he places it on the table "you can do whatever you want to do. Never let anyone tell you what you can't do" I replied. His smile brightens.

"You know your amazing right?" He gushes. My face turns red I'm blushing uncomfortably.

In the car it was completely silent I tried to turn music on but. He turned it down. I get a phone call it's Blaine.

A: What do you want?"
B : you left your purse at my house.
A: I'll get it later. I'm in the middle of something.
B: Yeah,okay but don't forget to come get it.

Oliver looked over at me like he wanted to now who it was "It was Blaine. He has my purse that I thought I lost" I lied.

If I had told him I slept at Blaine's he would get angry at me with good reason. I couldn't lose Oliver because I was drunk plus nothing happened.

He brought to me to a penthouse. A guy in a suit came to the car and opened the door "do you own this too?" I joked.

He answered "actually I do". Of course he owned it why would I joke about that. I followed him into the penthouse. I looked up at the place the whole place was colored a Crystal white and black. We walked right into the elevator.

In the elevator he stared at me like he was excited to see my reaction. He pulled me in closely around my hips and kissed my lips. It taste of watermelon. He kept kissing me until the elevator came to its stop.

He took my hand and lead me into his apartment. The door way was filled with roses leading all the way to the Balcony. I followed the roses outside and when I turned around he was on one knee.

"I think it's too early for a proposal" I joke.

He chuckles "actually it's a will you be my girlfriend ring. I know we just met but I feel like I known you Forever. This week I learned not only things about you but things about myself. So please be my girlfriend?" He says.
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