Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 5


September 5,2020 Saturday, Day after the party

I look down at him, this is so sweet and I'm completely speechless. "Yes" I scream happily and jump into his arms and kiss him.

A smile rises from his lips "well I thought we could stay here. If you want of course?" His accent is music to my ears.

"In your penthouse?" I questioned trying to make a joke. When he turns nervous I say "I was just joking Oliver" and he smiles again.

"Of course your joking love, I could never tell" he reaches for cheek and stared into my eyes.

Then he looks outside. I turn to look what he's looking at. The sun is setting leaving a purple and red sky "beautiful" I whispered. He wraps his hands around my hips behind me and we stare into the distance. I feels so close but so far away.

"This is perfect" I say still looking out to the sky.
"You are perfect. I'm glad you decided to be my girlfriend" I could feel his grin. He's super excited about us being together.

"I can't stay here though my brother would kill me and you" I turn around to look him in the eyes.

"Good night, good night!, Parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good night till it
be morrow" he holds me in his arms closely like he doesn't want to let me go.

"Your quoting Rome & Juliet ?" I questioned him. Moving my head back a little.

He chuckled "yes I did Arielle. I know girls think that men don't like Romance movies. But I love them".

"Well let's hope we have a better ending then Rome & Juliet" I joke.

After we sat outside on the balcony for a while I had to leave. I gave him a tight hug before making my way to Riley.

I opened the door as soon as I sat down Riley started asking me a bunch of questions "How was it?. Did you guys kiss?. Did he ask you on another date?".

I stopped her before I she could go on "it's was great. He asked me to be his girlfriend with a ring".

I showed her the ring with a big diamond in the middle shining in the light. She shrieked with excitement "I can't believe this. I'm so excited for you".

As she drives I told her everything that happened upstairs and at the restaurant. I almost forgot I didn't have my purse "I have to go to Blaine's" Riley hit the gas pedal hard.

"Wait. Why do we have to go to Blaine's. Was there something you didn't tell me?". I thought you were with Oliver" she's angry and I remembered I forgot to tell her what happened.

"It's not for what you think. The day we went to the party we got drunk. Blaine caught us at the party and dragged me out. He took both of us home. Well one of us home you" she looked at me to continue.

"He took me to Mc Donald's and after I went to his house. When I woke up he was next to me" before she freaked out on me I said "I was clothed of course when I woke up " she nods I look at her to respond or yell at me. Instead she starts driving again. I'm kind of scared of the silence.

Finally she says "Remember Blaine's a playboy. He always has been" I nod. I know she's worried but there was nothing to worry about.

We pull up to the Taylor's house I knock on their door. Ms Taylor opens the door "Hey Arielle, twice in one day" she smiles.

Ms Taylor was always inviting when I came over. She had blonde hair opposite of her son and her daughter. I always thought it was because of there dad. But she still had brown honey colored eyes like Blaine and Anna.

I respond "I left my purse in Blaine's room" she lets me into the house.

Blaine's house was pretty normal except for the part that it was a mansion with like 10 rooms. They called it the "Taylor Mansion". On the outside it looked pretty small but in the inside it was a maze. His mom is a doctor and his dad is a lawyer so they make good money plus the mansion is passed down by family.

It's like an old mansion house when you walk in there's two stairs that connect in the middle. I never understood why rich people do this to their houses.

I knock on Blaine's door he's opens the door shirtless. I push past him trying to avoid looking at his body. I know I'll give in if I do"I came to get my purse. Where did you put it?" I came in with a attitude.

I notice the floors it has gold titles with some kind of different patterns of gold surrounding it and in the middle the family logo a T with a snake on it.

He comes in front of me I almost trip onto him he holds out his arms and I look up at him. He immediately looks at the ring on my finger "engaged already?" He teases.

"No, it's a girlfriend ring Oliver gave it to me a few minute ago" I replied.

He moves a little closer to me "and what do you think he would say if he knew you were here?".

"I don't know. But I know what I would say. I came to get my purse" I almost walk out the door before he pulls me back into him.

I try to avoid his eyes "is that really what you came for though?" He pulls me in closely so I could feel his body behind.

Blaine's POV

I pulled her in closely her so she couldn't avoid me like she's trying to. Arielle says "Yes I came for my purse Bellamy, what are you doing?". She's trying to sound annoyed with me.

I tease "because I don't think you came here for your purse" I run my index finger along my arm. She shivers underneath my fingers. She thinks she's the only one who know how to tease.

She says choking on her words "I just came for my purse. I don't know what your thinking I came for".

I turn her around her around and press her into my body. She gasps and I whisper into her ear "I think you came here for me. You want a little adventure, maybe even a little danger. You want something that consume you whole. You are not so innocent as you pretend to be".

She doesn't say anything, I kiss at her neck and she lets out a moan instantly covering her mouth "see, I bet that's what you wanted all along".

She shakes her head she removed her hand to say "No. Nooo ahhh mmmm" she moans and covers it again.

I turn her to face me she looks up at me innocently. I kiss her lips devouring her lips into mine. I bite her lip a little.

She pulls away "this is wrong. Oliver is going to be so mad" I kiss her again shutting her up.

I pull way from her lips and put my ink hands around her throat "I don't want to hear anything about Oliver. You heard me" I command.

She nods her head in agreement. Her phone rings she takes it out. I snatch it away from her and throw it on the bed. "Riley's waiting for me outside" she says making an excuse.

I slam her into the wall, her body hits the wall with a thump. I made sure not do it too hard because of my parents but rough enough . She gasps I hold her by neck, she's staring at me waiting for me to continue.

"You do what I say" I demands her. She nods her head in agreement.

I let go of her neck and I hold her arms above her head with my left hand and undress her. Which was kind of easy she decided to wear a dress.
I ask her "do you want me to continue?" She nods her head yes. See not as innocent as she pretends to be. I slipped my fingers into her pushing them in and out of her.

She moans loudly I tease her "I knew your liked it. You act all innocent but in reality you like this".

She moans her words "Yes. Keep....Going!". She moves her hips as I keep pushing my fingers inside I feel her tightening inside and push inside my fingers faster. She's close to climax and I wanted to be the one do it.

I pull my fingers out she's shaking and her eyes are rolling back into her head. She hits her lips to cover her moans from my parents. "

"should I stop?" I said to play with her
She shakes her head furiously "No. Nooo" and I put my hands back inside. Her body starts shaking letting me know she's close. I look up at her while she comes undone.

I let her go and she drops to her knees. She looks up at me trying to catch her breath. I drop my pants. She didn't seem surprised by this more like she expected it.

She looks up at me penis staring at her right in face. She puts it in her mouth. I place my hand on her head moving so it goes deep and faster into her mouth. I'm close to climax and I know she can feel it too by the look on her face.

Her phone rings every 5 second and I really wanted to yell at whoever the fuck is ruining our moment. I should have answered and showed what we're doing to shut them up. I decided against it.

Elle tried to pull it out of my her mouth as I was coming making a big mess on her face and body.

She gets up and she yells "this is never happening again Blaine, I'm with Oliver now".

I grab her chin "He will never have you the way I have you. Like tomorrow he will touch your face and kiss you but he won't know that a few hours earlier she had my cock in her mouth and my cum all over her face and body".

She's taken back not knowing what to say. She looks me in the eyes serious "this is never going to happen again. You heard me?".

"Whatever you say Elle" I wink at her.

She walks into the bathroom to clean herself up and get dressed again. But she's never look the way she did when she first walked in. Her make up is messed up on her face. I stand in the door way as she puts water on her face to take off her smudged makeup.

I walk behind her "if you going to make a comment about your make up and how I messed it up. Don't act like you didn't want to".

She pushes me away "I don't know why I did this. Your still the same playboy guy, you think everyone is a challenge and when you finally get them to have sex with you it's like a trophy. It's never happening again. Take your fucking trophy and shove it up-" before she could finish her sentence there was a knock on the door.

"Open the door Arielle Now!" Elle started hurrying up and get dress before she open the door. She take her purse and take Riley's hand and leaves not looking back.

________________________________Q: Do you think she's going to tell Riley what happened between her and Blaine?. Do you think it's going to happen again?.

Poor Oliver he has no idea 🥺. Let me know what you think. Be safe & Remember you loved🦋.
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