Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 6


September,7,2020: Monday

I wake up with a yawn I felt guilty about what happened with Blaine and I was hoping I could avoid him by driving to school with Riley today.

I didn't tell Riley anything that happened with me and Blaine. She kind of assumed we were arguing and I rolled with it. I lied to my best friend for the first, if she ever found, she would kill me.

It's was Monday, the second week of school which meant morning practice so they won't be in the house. I walked out of my room in my Favorite Black bralette and panties with lace on the top.

I froze when I saw Blaine drinking coffee in the kitchen next to the counter "hey Elle, nice panties" his eyes trail down my body examining it.

I tried to cover myself with my hands he chuckles I yell "what are you even doing here it's Monday?".

He lifts his coffee to his mouth and drinks it to hide his smirk when he places it back down he says "I told the coach I was sick to get out of it, your brother told me to bring you to school. Is this outfit Elle after hours?" He teases.

I roll my eyes, "No. I didn't think anyone was in the house especially you". I almost forgot I was half naked, he stares at me as if he is imagining what it looks like off of me.

I take it as a cue to leave and put actual clothes on. I yell from my door "Riley's talking me to school sorry to waste your time. I come out of my room in my uniform walk in front of him but far enough he couldn't do anything and continued "But it wasn't like you would do any productive anyways".

He surprises me by walking towards me it happened in a blink of an eye he wraps his big hands around my throat in his demanding voice he says "You don't talk to me like that".

I stare into his eyes he doesn't even blink, his face serious. I hear a honk outside and he lets go I'm frozen in place once again, my voice is shaky "don't do that Blaine again."

He passes by me touching my arm with his. He whispers into my ear "I don't care about fucking your boyfriend. Tell him we had sex with the ring on"and walks into my brother's room.

I take a breath before walking outside to Riley's. Riley opens the door she's excited more than usual and I'm suspicious of what's she's planning. "what is it now Riley?".

She blurts out "I think we should skip school today". Riley was the one to blow off school anyways. I had to beg her to go to school because otherwise I would be alone.

"And do what Riley?. My brother would murder me if he finds out I skipped school".

"You need to start living on the edge Arielle, you out of anyone knows how short life is" she pleads. Damn it she always knows what to say.

"Fine, I guess we could skip school" I put out my phone "I have to text Oliver and tell him I'm not coming".

"Ooooooooo" she nudges me in the arm. Finally she starts the car and starts driving. I hope it isn't anything too intense. Knowing Riley it's something crazy.

I start blushing " we just started dating Saturday. We spent all of Sunday texting each other. I think I really like him".

She's happy for me. I wish I could be happy right now but my stomach in knots. I felt guilty for what happened between me and Blaine. But yet, I yearned for his touch and I felt guilty for it.

Rome snaps her fingers in my face and I realize we're parked in a place. When I look out the window we were at restaurant. Thank God!.

Riley asks me "are you okay?" She seems concerned. It's not like I can tell her what happened. I know what she would say "I know it's normal to fall for the players. You have a good guy don't ruin it for a fuck boy" and she's right. I just have to let this feeling fade.

As we get out of the car I respond "Yeah Riley, I'm fine you know how I feel about skipping school".

She grabs my arms and starts running to the doors, the cold wind hit my face making me feel relaxed and freed.
We walked into the restaurant I look at the menu that was placed on the table. We are in my favorite place "Olive Garden" I get excited.

A man in a green shirt walks up to the counter "table for two?" We both nod and follow him into the restaurant.

We sit in a both near the window "I can't believe you brought me here. This is like my favorite place on earth" I say I'm smiling today and I thought I would have to fake it.

"Yeah I know, I thought if were going to skip school might as well come here" she's happy too. I wonder what's got her in a good mood.

The waiter comes back he looks between us mostly at Riley. Riley responds "I want a chicken Alfredo with lots of cheese" he nods then looks at me.

"I would like a shrimp scampi Fritta" he bows his head before leaving I look at Riley she's blushing "you like waiter guy?".

She scoffs and hits me in the arm " don't call him waiter guy. He's handsome" it's true he is. He had blue ocean eyes and long blond hair and he was built like a bodybuilder.

"You can like whoever you want that's your choice Riley", she bows her head before going up to the guy.

I watched as Him and Riley talked. He wrote down on a piece of paper and handed it to her. It was probably most likely a phone number.

She walks back to our table and she shows me the paper "I think I like this one". She always says that and ends up breaking up with them months later because she got bored. I hope she's right about this one.

A few minutes later he came back with our food. He was kind of nervous almost tripping and spilling food all over Riley. Thankfully he caught it before it fell. He walked off embarrassed I felt so bad for him.

We talked and ate our food. Riley was talking how her parents are bothering her about her future plans. They want her to take over their business and obviously she doesn't want that. She would complain about it forever if she could.

Today was what I needed to get over what came over me with Blaine. It's done and over, it's never happening again.

Riley connects her phone to her car she hits a playlist and our song comes on "Give you Hell by The All-American rejects" and we sing at the top of our lungs on repeat. I look at the clock it's already 2'clock in the afternoon. We been driving all day and it was the most freeing thing ever.

We pull into school Blaine's car is in front of us in front of the school. When he see's us he gets out and slams the door and he screams "you brother is going to freak out when I finds out you skipped school. Your lucky I was the one who picked up the phone at home".

I got out of the car I yelled back " I don't care I'm almost 18. My brother can't tell me what to do. It's only one day and I needed it. More than you'll ever know". He stared into my eyes still red with anger. I know he understands. I look down to see him wearing a black shirt with the first few buttons undone.

"Listen don't ever do that again" he calms down a little bit but he's still angry. Everyone's staring at us.

I respond in a attitude "so much for not caring right?" I get into the front seat of his car. I wave goodbye to Riley.

He hits the joystick I jump surprised "I will never apologize for yelling at you. You heard me?".

I snap at him "it's not pretend we're friends okay?. Just take me home".

He looks at me and licks his bottom lip then bits it softly "what? Can't trust yourself around me?" He teased.

"Don't make this into something it's not Blaine. I'm with Oliver and I'm happy leave it alone" I look away from him back outside to look at anything else.

"I wonder how he would react if he knew what happened?. Little miss innocent not being so innocent anymore" he threatened. I know exactly what would happen. He would break up with me and the whole school would call me a whore.

"Are you threatening me?" I asked. I looked back over at him surprised he would go that far. I knew Blaine was bad but I didn't think it he was this bad.

He pulls over and puts his hand to my face he answers, "No, I'm not threatening you. I just wonder how he would react to little ms. innocent not being so innocent".

"I'm still innocent. You haven't changed anything" trying to convince even myself. I wasn't sure what I was anymore.

He grabs my throat and brings my face closer to his "you think you haven't. But I think like having my hands around your throat, right? And I think you like what I did Saturday or do you need a refresher?".

"No" I say quickly, "I will not fall into this cycle with you" trying to control my breathing so I don't give him the slightest inch of temptation. It took me everything not to give in. I craved Blaine with my whole being but I won't let him win.

An evil smile lifts from his face he lets go of my throat and starts driving. It's completely silent and I'm grateful he didn't try again. A few minutes later I feel his hands travel into my panties. He sticks his fingers inside of me.

Q: Do you think Arielle going to stop him?. We got more of the Friendship between Arielle and Riley, do you think Arielle is going to tell Riley about Blaine?.
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