Craving him: The beginning of us

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Chapter 7


September,7,2020 Monday

She grabs at my wrist trying to pull me out of her. I don't budge for even a second I start chuckling, she glares at me "this is not funny Blaine.".

Her eyes are pleading with me. I know she wants me and she would let me finger her in my car "it wasn't meant as a joke. You want to give an attitude to me, I'm going to knock that attitude from you" . I start pushing my finger in and out of her. She's sits back and moans.

"Please finger me" she cries out. See I knew, when it came to this she would always choose to fuck. I slide my fingers more into her, she lets out a moan. She closes her eyes and I hold her chin to look at me. She opens her eyes and it rolls into the back of her head as I put my fingers deeper and faster into her.

I feel me getting hard I think she notices me touching the outside of my pants. I look at the clock it's 4 'clock, the sun has gone down completely. Plus I had tinted windows so no one could look through them.

I feel her getting tight around my fingers letting me know she's about to finish. Her moans get louder and her leg starts shaking "you like that don't you?" I say to her.

"Yes" she moans. With one last big push into her she comes undone on my fingers she moans my name "Blaine " I pull my fingers out.

She pulls her pants back up "What happened today will never happen again?" Arielle says. I tease her and she hits my shoulder.

"It will never happen again. I mean it this time, I'm dating someone Blaine I can't be dating someone and fucking you" she says looking out into the street.

"But you like it and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last time" I say. I put my hands on my lap still hard from earlier.

She's looks back at me like she was working up the courage to say something "we can't do this anymore it's wrong. I have a guy who cares about me and likes me and I'm fucking you a guy who has never cared for anyone else in his whole life".

It's true I haven't cared for anything in my life and I probably don't care about her. But something attracts me to Elle and I don't know what it is. It's like I can't help it, I have to be next to her, protecting her always. I move her chin towards me so I could look at her "Oliver is boring, He'll never be enough for you. Yeah, he likes you but he'll never do to you what I do to you".

She seems speechless and surprised I would say something like this. She looks me up and down. When she spots my hand on outside of my pants. She reaches over and moves it off to the side. Elle looks down at it and feels it grabbing it into her small hands. She says "ah your so hard".

I moan at her words and she laughs. She likes to play with me. The biggest smile on her face as she watches my reaction to what she's doing. She unbuttons my pants and I lift a little bit so she would be able to take them off. I grabbed her face and kissed her as if it was a normal thing I did.

She leans to put my dick in her mouth taking it all in. I push her head down more she looks at up at me and a smile grows on her lips. I start moaning and she thrust her mouth deeper and faster into her mouth. Damn is she good at that.

I turned her into this person and there was no way she was going to back. I think she likes the control I have over her like she wanted this along. I never expected Elle to get into a relationship she was always a it's just Riley and I forever. Just us person. When she did it took me by surprise I guess I hoped she wouldn't.

I feel for the buttons on the side of my seat for the lever to the sit so I could put the seat back. There wasn't anything I wanted more than to fuck her. Right here right now. I see through her white shirt the bralette she was wearing this morning. I didn't realize when she took off her jacket.

I come close to coming I grab a hold of her hair. Right now her hair was messy and she still wearing her little prep school uniform. I hear her phone ring I'm wondering who's calling her I feel like I should pick up but Elle eyeing like "don't you think about".

I wonder what Oliver would say if he knew what I was doing to his girlfriend. "I'm close" I moan my eyes rolling into my head.I lifts up my legs and start thrusting harder into her mouth I heard her chuckle a little bit and with that I let my load on her face.

I grab her cheeks squishing them making her lips pucker I say "when Oliver kisses you, you'll know you had my come all over her face but he won't inside joke" I tease.

She looks away from me obvious feeling guilty about what just happened. "Do you want to come to my house to clean up?".

"And run into your parents like this? They are already suspicious and I was going to go over Oliver's house today since I didn't seen him at school" she says.

"My parents aren't home there out of the country. A whole mansion to me and Anna for the month" she looks at me now. She probably feels about bad my parents. I didn't talk about my parents much there wasn't much to talk about my moms a sweet heart and my dads having an affair. But she didn't talk about her parents either. Her mom died and her dad left a few days after she died. I guess Arielle feels guilty like she's the one who made him leave.

"Okay, take me to your house, but your taking me to Oliver's"

I respond " yes ma'am" as I started the car. The car ride was silent, Elle played and texted people on her phone. I watched as she would move her hair back and when she put her bow her head it came right back she got annoyed.

My phone started ringing shit it's Anthony. I tell her "it's Anthony don't say anything". She nods her head and I answer the phone.

A: Is Elle with you or is she with Oliver?"
B: I dropped her off at Oliver's she said she was going to hangout with him today.
A: Yeah I know, I just don't want her to get too attached to him. You know how it is with rich dudes their self involved.
B: Yeah I know, she's fine she can handle herself.
A: Yeah I know, why don't you come over we play video games or get a new tattoo.
B: of course I'll be there I am just going to go home to get some things.

He hangs up I joke "you can talk now" she punches me in the arm.

"I'm definitely rethinking going to your house. I think we need some type of separation from each other. What we're doing isn't right Blaine" it's funny how in a matter of minutes she rethinks everything and panicked.

"I don't think fucking separate is going to fix anything. You think separation is going to fix the fact that you like fucking me?" I say.

She seems taken back by this "separation is the key to stop whatever is going on her. The tension between us is not right. You might be used to all this but I'm not okay?".

"Listen here okay?, separation is not going to stop me from fucking or even being next to you" I turn to look at her. She's shook.

She turns to look out into the window it goes slient again. "Do you want to go to my house or straight to Oliver's?" She looks down at herself. I can tell she's thinking about this hard.

Q: Do you think she's going to go to Blaine's house?. What do you think of Blaine and Arielle as individuals?.
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