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Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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Oneshots concerning different original yanderes with different plots, characters, environments, etc.

Romance / Horror
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M. Extraterrestrial x F. Reader

There was a conqueror of sorts that roamed about the galaxy with the utmost of both confidence and apathy. He was stern in resolve, lacking the idea of mercy, and in such, gaining the respect in some, fear in others. Personally, he didn’t care about such trivial matters, finding them tedious to deal with. So, he simply turned his head to the general masses of all planets alike. They would be his soon enough anyway. It was only a matter of time.

Nonetheless, the entire concept of invading different worlds was purely to sate his unnatural urge for tremendous power. He couldn’t stand the idea of being less than someone, not that he ever expressed it outwardly. With a couple of dozen major galaxies under his belt, the male had inspired fear in every race from human to inhuman. Truth be told, he enjoyed watching the panic unfold when he stepped in to take what he wanted. It was always so amusing, but the result was always the same; boring.

Any resistance was crushed without issue, anyone who spoke against him was eliminated in humiliating and painful ways, and never did he find anything truly interesting. He didn’t know why he continued to invade and take planets for himself. The male simply assumed that he liked the taste of power and couldn’t get enough of it. Thus, he sat without any form of satisfaction in his body, his right leg crossed over his left while he sat in his seat at the front of one of his many ships. He watched the stars go past him, scowling deeply as if a favorite toy had been taken from him.

“Commander,” his main attendant bowed, quivering slightly in fear of speaking without being spoken to, “You seem unhappy. What do you desire?”

The male clicked his tongue in disapproval and frustration, turning his head away in an almost pouting manner, still grimacing menacingly. His assistant trembled, fearing execution for causing the powerful male to be put in a fowler mood. Alas, the commander had no cares for what was to become of a grunt. He simply ignored the mosquito, watching as they floated through the cosmos. It was almost beautiful.

“I am bored,” the male finally spoke, leaning back in his chair and placing his hands on the armrests to stand up, walking on the metal flooring and leaving the command center, “Suggest something for me to do, gnat.”

“Shall I schedule a workout?”

“Do I look weak to you?” the commander snapped, glaring at the smaller figure who cowered below him.

“No, sir! I was attempting to come up with something fun. You seem to enjoy making yourself stronger. Was I mistaken?”

“Obviously, fly. Suggest something more substantial.”

The assistant prattled on about different things that the male could partake in, hoping to find something pleasing to him. He was not easily satisfied, difficult to deal with, and painfully maltempered. That much was true, but as the list went from sparring to painting, the commander had about enough of the proposals, sighing harshly and with a huff in his voice. About to punish the attendant, the male paused when the insect blurted out something somewhat intriguing.

“Then please allow me to suggest finding a lover!” the fly exclaimed, bowing with fear.

The commander paused, gazing out of the window to watch the stars soar by him at extreme speeds. He gave a low hum, tilting his head ever so slightly to the side. It interested him just slightly, but he didn’t particularly know what it would entail. Sure, he had some level of understanding. Still, he wanted the full description. Thus, finding something of a revelation in the idea, he ushered the smaller being to continue explaining.

“Well, some people like to settle down with a person they hold dear to them,” the gnat sputtered, “I find that you have no equal in this entire universe, commander, but a lover would provide care, affection, conversation, and more. There are also intimate actions that can bring about pleasure, as well.”

“I see,” the male nodded, placing his hand to his chin in thought as he continued down the metal hallway to reach his quarters, “And how would I receive one of these?”

“It is up to you, commander. Would you happen to have any requirements for your ideal lover? Some people prefer beauties, others value intelligence, and there are many who wish for talent in a partner.”

“Yes, all of them.”

All?! Sir, there are only a handful of women that would suit those standards.”

“Then I suggest you find them and bring them to me for assessment. You are dismissed.”

Directly after the proposal, the attendant set into effect new protocol for gathering prisoners. On multiple different fronts, the male had his armies fighting for custody of planets. Most of them were already dominated and in the process of being converted to his territory. Thus, soldiers gathered the most promising individuals and sent them through multiple tests on different ships. Only the best of the best were delivered directly to the main ship for assessment by the commander, himself. That wasn’t to say they were very happy about it.

Most cowered in fear when confronted with being killed, so it was easy to herd the promising females into their respective corrals like sheep. There were a few outliers, but it was impossible to overpower the number of soldiers and weapons at the commander’s disposal. No one escaped. Not a single one. So most decided to stay in hiding, hoping never to be caught and sent to a place of certain execution.

Of course, there was a very special girl with sharp (e/c) pupils that defied and rebelled against being taken. She was quick. The younger girl knew it would only be up to time to determine when she was captured, but she did all she could to resist the actions of the commander. One of these included the freeing of other women taken in for assessment. She had done all she could to provide whatever she could, gifted with the ability to make leading decisions in the spur of a moment. The girl could also utilize her athletic ability, able to perform dextrous activities with ease.

She had done much for the sake of others attempting to flee and hide, and many were grateful for her, but she could only last so long. Eventually, she had been caught by a careless mistake. (Y/n) had tried to fight and free herself, but she was thrown in a cage and shipped off to some of the ships used for prisoners. Thrown to the ground, the younger girl grunted in pain, lashing out at the guards around her. One, in particular, held a gun to her head and was seconds away from shooting her to death. That was until a lieutenant stopped the soldier.

“She’s more trouble than she’s worth,” the man argued, “We’d be better off with her dead.”

“You know the new protocol. All females that are pleasing to the eye are to be sent for assessment. She is no different.”

The soldier hissed and threw the younger girl into a messenger ship to be shipped off with the other beautiful girls. Of course, compared to them, she was dirty, used to doing whatever was necessary while they had simply conceded long ago or were too terrified to go on that way. Nonetheless, (Y/n) was tested relentlessly in her intellect, speech, athletic ability, and any special talents she may have harbored. She was one of the few dozen that were sent to the main ship.

Scrubbed relentlessly to remove all dirt, she was forced to bathe, having some kind of maid or female servant do it for her. Along with the others, the (h/c) haired girl was then dressed in an elaborate and matching dress colored red and had her hair done up in a style that most suited her. Then it was time to be assessed, placed on a stage for the commander to look at as he pleased. She would have rather died, still possessing a feisty attitude despite the death threats she received and the fact she was subject to being starved for her foul temper. Still, the powerful male made his arrival, (Y/n) being warned last time to remain quiet.

“Here you are, commander,” the male’s attendant smiled, “I hope these ones are more suited to your taste. This one here is called Estelle. She is above average intelligence, possesses great beauty, and has an aptitude for musical instruments and chess. I dare say she’s my favorite so far.”

“I’ll pass, gnat. It’s not interesting enough.”

The commander and his assistant made their way down the line of perfectly done-up females, the male being disappointed with each one passed. As they arrived at the (h/c) haired girl, she gave the tiniest hint of a smirk. She had managed to knock out one of the guards earlier, earning herself a very useful gun. Although she would die, she would take the commander out with her, hopefully earning peace for many.

“This one is (Y/n). As you can see, she is a stunning female, and she possesses great intellect as well as leadership skills. She’s been responsible for allowing some prisoners to escape, making her nothing more than a pest in our collecting specimens for you, sir. However, she is quite adept at maneuvering and combat. A diamond in the rough, if you will.”

“I find that you are the pest here, Thenhem,” the commander scoffed, dismissing the male so he could further inspect the girl before him, placing his hand on her cheek and humming to himself, “It is pleasing to look at though.”

Without a moment’s notice, the younger girl pinned the male to the ground, pulling the gun from the ribbon on her dress. She aimed it directly to his head, cautionary of anything that may disrupt her legendary attempt. However, as her finger inched to pull the trigger, she felt an aura surround her. It was terrifying, and she found herself stopping as she looked at the disapproving scowl on the male’s face, prompting her to cower and tremble.

Even so, she attempted to pull the trigger, resulting in her failure. The male was more adept than her, it seemed, and he moved his leg under hers, prompting her to trip. In that short amount of time, he stood up and held on tightly to the younger girl’s wrist, placing an excruciating amount of pain on her arm socket as her body draped to the ground. The gun had long since been kicked away, and she was in utter shock of her defeat. It would have paved the way for a brighter future…

“Commander!” the male’s assistant cried, rushing to see if he was harmed only to be shrugged off with the highest level of annoyance, “We will dispose of her immediately! I apologize greatly for ever letting such a being touch your form!”

“No,” the male spoke, his deep voice prompting the younger girl to tremble, her eyes wide, “I will keep this one.”

“A-Are you certain, sir?”

The male pulled up the younger girl and pulled her so that she was facing him, her chest on his. She attempted to avoid his intimidating gaze, shivering slightly as her eyes stared down at the ground. The (h/c) haired girl had never imagined she would be subject to such horror, but she could not deny the fear he invoked in others. It was not without its reasoning, she decided, and suddenly, she was afraid to die.

On the other hand, the bigger male gave a curious hum and tilted his head as the girl was tucked against him. His heart stirred at the exciting and somewhat tense actions that had been conducted not five minutes previously. It pounded in his chest, and he found himself smirking victoriously. The younger girl had stirred something in him, and he liked it. He liked that feistiness. With a low chuckle, he pushed the girl to his assistant and grinned wider.

“Have her changed into something more suitable and bring her to my chambers within the hour.”

(Y/n) was quickly pushed into a room, dressed with a fine outfit that showed off her features, decorated with numerous jewels. She was then ushered to the commander’s room, left alone. The male was in the process of having a drink on his bed, and let out a satisfied sigh when she was shown. Her legs quivered as she stood, threatening to leave her without an exit strategy. He frowned at that.

“Welcome, butterfly,” the male stated, standing up from his bed and placing his hands on her waist, “I am told that having a meal with someone can show their nature. Accompany me.”

The younger girl felt him place her hand on his arm awkwardly. He gave a curious hum before taking her to a dining area expressly for him. The male sat her down in the chair on the end closer to the southern wall while he took his place on the end before the northern wall. There were four guards in the room, sternly looking ahead with discipline. A five-course meal was then brought out for both the younger girl and the commander. She didn’t eat.

“I do not intend on poisoning you,” the male spoke suddenly, taking a sip of some kind of dark blue liquid before commanding, “Eat.”

(Y/n) believed that she would have been disposed of before being treated to a meal, and dying by eating wasn’t the worst way to go. She hadn’t eaten in over a week, so she threw away all precognition of manners, and dove right in, using her hands. The way she ate, the male raised an eyebrow, giving an amused and yet concerned chuckle. He had found himself greatly amused by her.

“You are an interesting being,” he commented, “Does the meal suit your tastes?”

The younger girl refused to respond, glaring at the male across from her. He chuckled at her feisty nature, biting down slightly on his lips. At that point, he had found her presence to be beneficial to him. Even if she refused to participate in conversation, his heart was satisfied, and he wasn’t bored. He believed he would enjoy spending more time with the strange beauty.

“I shall assume it does with the amount you are inhaling,” he smirked, chuckling softly, “By all means, enjoy yourself. I wish for you to feel at home. It shall become it either way, but I’d prefer you to be comfortable. Ah, you may refer to me as Ugo. May I have your name, butterfly?”

“Your little dickweed told you, didn’t he?” the girl snapped, “You don’t need to hear it from me.”

“Mmm, such a lovely voice,” the male sighed, gaining his true objective in asking her the question, “Is this that intimate pleasure Thenhem spoke of? I feel great satisfaction.”

The younger girl felt like gagging, but she refused to allow him to see it. She only continued eating, hoping she would take away some rations for his terrible soldiers. Hopefully, a few would drop dead. Still, as she scarfed down as much as her starving stomach could take, she felt it all bubble up. After a week without eating, her stomach couldn’t take it all at that point, and she got on her knees, rejecting the large amounts of food. As she threw up, the commander rushed to her side in concern.

“What is this?!” he growled, pointing to one of the guards, “You, get a doctor!”

After the diagnosis, Ugo felt great rage. The younger girl was out of commission, and he was unable to have the conversation with her that he wanted. It was a nuisance, and the worrying he was doing was not any better. Perhaps it had not been long, but he found her a wondrous companion and one that inspired much-needed excitement in his life. If not for that, she filled a bit of loneliness in him, and he appreciated it. Thus, the idea that someone could do her harm was upsetting to him.

The commander discovered the cause of her illness, finding she had been starved. Infuriated, the male turned to the staff responsible for her. Their guardianship had obviously been defective, and she was harmed in the process. He knew he had to punish them for it. As they kneeled before him, begging for their life, he grimaced. Ugo had no desire to spare them after the great error they committed.

“How am I supposed to gain my butterfly’s trust when you starved her?!” he shouted.

Even with all their pleading and apologies, the commander found he was not satisfied. It wouldn’t erase her fear of him or place her at ease in his home. Without mercy, he beat them to death, preferring to make them suffer instead of giving them an easy death of a gun. When he was covered with their blood, he showered, wanting to be more pleasing for the younger girl.

It had been tiresome to wait for her to wake up, but when her eyes finally opened, the male couldn’t resist a smile. Ugo placed his hand on her cheek and tilted it to himself, pressing an awkward and poorly rehearsed kiss on her forehead with the utmost of affection. Even when she attempted to reject him and pull away, he held her tightly on her chin, refusing to let her look away from him. He wanted her pretty eyes solely on him. It was his right as the ruler of so many galaxies, planets, and species, including her.

“You poisoned me,” she growled, tugging away from his strong hands to no avail, held in place submissively, “I should have known.”

“Incorrect, butterfly. Your stomach couldn’t handle the food after having been starved, but don’t worry, I’ve taken care of the problem. It will not happen again,” he said lowly before his tone lightened up, “You’ve been given medicine, so you will be better soon, I assure you.”

“Shouldn’t you be invading my home?” the (h/c) haired girl scoffed.

The male seemed taken aback for but a moment. Placing his hand to his chin, he observed the younger girl’s scowl at him. Truth be told, he preferred to see a smile on her gorgeous face, but he knew he required her trust in order to see it for himself. As an idea came into his mind, he released her chin and grabbed a tablet from the deskside, scrolling along all the territories he held.

“Do you care for your home?” Ugo asked, oblivious to her frustrations.


“Then, I suppose I shall gift it to you. Yes, that sounds appropriate. You shall be in control of your territory, and I will order my soldiers to retreat. Would that please you, butterfly?”

The female paused, uncertain if he was telling the truth. However, when he pressed her fingerprint against the tablet and made the call in front of her, she was astonished. The male then turned off the tablet and placed it down on the bedside desk and laid down beside the younger girl. He was not aware of what his body wanted, but his hand found its way to her waist, resting on it almost fumblingly. The commander then let out a surprised gasp at the warm feeling it invoked in him. It was pleasant, truly.

“Are you satisfied?” he asked curiously, stroking his thumb along her waist with immense fascination, “I would be content if you were.”

“Why?” (Y/n) asked, baffled.

“You are what I’ve been looking for, and I would like to enjoy you far more. I shall offer you the opportunity to become my lover.”


The commander staggered for a moment, in disbelief of the younger girl’s words. He had not expected she would say anything besides “yes”. Ugo narrowed his eyes. Perhaps he needed to earn more trust from her. Then again, he didn’t wish to leave anything to chance. The male sat up in the bed and once again grasped onto the (h/c) haired girl’s chin, holding it sternly with aggravation in him at her answer.

“I’m afraid you don’t have a choice, butterfly. You belong to me now.”

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