Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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M. Neko x F. Neko Reader

There was a rare species of neko that many sought after. They were typically found in jungles, and if their stealth abilities didn’t make them difficult to locate, the thick foliage and their camouflage certainly did. Apex predators in the jungles, they possessed gorgeous coats and the fluffiest of tails. While it was common for people to have nekos as pets, these nekos were highly prized, especially for the wealthy. It was a sign of power and money, and many aspired to grab one.

It was only lucky that a very wealthy couple was able to get their hands on one of these nekos. He was wild, but by no means was he unruly. The male was perfectly content as long as he was fed and provided a large room with a comfortable bed. Occasionally he would go outside to hunt something himself and get exercise, but for the most part, he enjoyed freeloading off of the wealthy couple.

He had no jobs he needed to do, no expectations, not even any rules for him to follow. They only wanted to show him off to their fancy friends, and he had no qualms with it. From the constant praise, he knew he was special and highly prized. It only made sense that he had come to act like it, turning from feral and suspicious to demanding and overconfident. He certainly lived a good life.

The neko was sleeping on his bed. His owners had the kindness to extend him a giant two-story room that exhibited the jungle he was born in. As such, he could pounce up on the trees to sleep in his comfortable bed and look over any supposed threats below him. Of course, there were never any wild ones, but sometimes nekos would come with their owners. They would be dropped off there, and while he didn’t mind the females, forcing them into submissiveness, the males were another problem.

He had long since been frustrated at other males. In the wild, they could steal away his food or attempt to kill him to prove their superiority. While it was unlikely they would steal his place in his owner’s hearts, they could and that was what made him wary. Any nekos that came to his room were met with two choices: submit to him and stay out of his way or be torn apart. Of course, guards were there to ensure the fighting couldn’t get too far. His owner’s reputation would be ruined if he were to harm one of their fancy friend’s nekos.

That day, there were no such threats. In fact, it had been a relatively peaceful week for him. As he slept on his high-up bed, the male moved his tail over his face, attempting to shield away from the light in the room. However, he heard a bell coming from the other room and perked his ears up. That meant that his delicious dinner was ready for him. Pouncing down from the fake trees, he rushed into the other room, his tail wagging slowly with pride.

However, as he walked into the dining room, his face fell. His ears pulled back and he fought back the urge to snarl. There was another neko in his house, but one without an owner present. As he looked around the room, there were pink bowls for food and water on the ground, new toys, and the bell collar around her neck had its leash in his owner’s hands. It appeared he was being replaced.

“Meet your new friend, Ryuu,” his owner chuckled, “This is (Y/n). I hope you two will become very close.”

The male growled, swishing his tail in annoyance. Normally he wouldn’t have been intimidated by a female neko, but she was of the same caliber of him. They were both rare, but the fact of the matter was that she was far more pleasing. The way she stood meant she was frightened and submissive. She was by no means a threat to anyone whereas he was constantly attempting to fight off those that encroached on his territory. He wouldn’t have been surprised if she had just been taken from the jungle.

Ryuu’s owner took the leash off of the (h/c) haired neko’s collar, allowing her free-range. The human then left, presumably to give them alone time together. He didn’t see why considering he wanted to rip her guts out. The male didn’t move, taking his time to assess her. Clearly, she was frightened by him, unwilling to move from the stop his owner had left her in. At the very least she knew who was dominant there.

He focused his glare on her, still refusing to acknowledge her as worthy to be in his presence. Walking around her in a predatory manner, he growled, observing as much as he could. Hopefully, he would be able to find some weaknesses to exploit. The younger girl had (h/c) ears and hair that were pointed back in fear with shy (e/c) pupils compared to his almost platinum (h/c) ears and hair as well as brown pupils. Her build was awfully skinny, meaning that while she was in the jungle, she hadn’t caught much food. Clearly, she would have died if left there, but it didn’t mean her life was going to be any easier with him.

When he finished his primary assessment of her, he began to enjoy his dinner. It bothered him that she had been given the same quality and quantity of food that he had. Fresh roasted and seasoned fish suited him more than her. As such, he ate her dinner as well as his to further insinuate where her place was in that mansion. He then left, going back to his room to sleep or entertain himself with toys. That being said, he didn’t expect she would follow him there.

“What do you want?” he hissed, “I’ve got an easy life here so don’t think you can come in here and ruin it! Watch yourself!”

The male moved forward at a rapid pace in preparation for an attack, but she cowered and backed away. Ryuu was pleasantly surprised when she rolled onto her stomach to show him she submitted. He stopped his attack and huffed at her, allowing her to follow after him. She was clearly not going to rise up against him, and while it was a relief, he still didn’t appreciate being replaced.

The younger girl’s ears perked up as he opened the door to his room, reminded of her home. It wasn’t necessarily a good thing, but it was nice to see something familiar in a foreign environment. Backing up into the corner with apprehension, the neko gave a whine, looking for anything that might have wanted to eat her. Ryuu snickered at the sight, climbing up the trees to his bed.

For the next handful of hours, people came in to make more additions to his room. It seemed that he would have to share with the (h/c) haired girl, and he growled once more. She was granted a larger bed than his and the humans even tried to take his bed away. The only reason they backed away was because he fought for it, hissing at them in an intimidating manner. He felt utterly disrespected.

That night, the (h/c) haired girl didn’t even dare to try to go to her bed next to his. It was a good decision on her part because he might have shoved her out of the tree in the middle of the night. That being said, as she laid on the ground all pathetic-like, he felt some sort of pity for her. She was clearly never going to survive in the wild on her own, and that might as well have spelled her death.

Ryuu let out a low growl at the noises her stomach made, his ear twitching in response. She was starving. Huffing, the male once again pounced down from his perch, watching as she tensed. No doubt she thought he would kill her for the fun of it, quivering where she laid. Still, he left the room and didn’t come back for quite some time. As such, she took time to sniff around the room, only smelling the male’s scent. It was a relief to her that there were no other creatures to look out for.

“What are you doing?” the platinum-haired neko asked with a raised eyebrow, carrying a large fish in his hands.

“Sorry!” she yelped, her ears folding back again as her tail lowered.

The male rolled his eyes, placing the fish in front of her. While it wasn’t seasoned or grilled the way he liked it, he figured it was better than starving to death. Besides, in his opinion, perfectly fresh fish was usually better than prepared food made by cooks. He felt offended the more time passed where she didn’t eat, and eventually, he pushed her head towards it with his hand, hoping she would take the hint.

“Eat it,” he growled, nipping at her neck.

Submissively, the younger neko cowered and began to slowly eat the meal presented to her. At first, she was apprehensive, but her eyes quickly lit up and her hunger got to her. She devoured the fish as much as she could, munching with delight. Her tail swished left and right as she purred, the male sitting down beside her to ensure she ate every last morsel. When she did just that - leaving the bones, of course - he grinned in pride, climbing back up to his bed.

In the morning, Ryuu was surprised to find that she had joined him in the treetops. She was staring at him with curious eyes, purring quaintly. The male stretched himself, making eye contact with her. He was again surprised to find that she didn’t look away or act submissively. She just appeared genuinely happy to see he had woken up. Warily, he jumped down from the trees and towards the ringing bell.

(Y/n) followed after him with sparkling eyes, almost a skip in her step. The attitude she possessed was far different from the previous day, and the platinum-haired neko took it into consideration. As their owners greeted them, the younger girl hid behind the male, earning a curious hum from him. He thought he would have been the superior threat to her, but apparently, he was wrong.

“It’s breakfast,” he informed her, pointing to the dish with chicken in it.

The younger girl looked into the bowl with a curious expression on her face. When he moved the bowl closer to her, she jumped back with a puffed tail and whined. He didn’t know whether she thought the meal was alive or if it was poisonous, so he began to eat himself to show her it was safe. She must have thought highly of him because when he started, she did as well, purring at the taste. Her collar jingled as she ate, a pleasing sound to the male.

“If all goes well, we’ll have purebred exotic kittens within the year,” the male’s owner chuckled.

Ryuu’s ears perked up, giving an odd look to the newly arrived neko. He suddenly felt much better about her presence there. She wasn’t there to replace him. She was there to breed with him. Giving a smile, the male’s tail swished. It had been a while since he had been able to see another of his kind, and considering they were expected to become affectionate with one another, he saw no problem with it.

However, it did bother him that the (h/c) haired neko was weak. If he was going to breed with her, he would have preferred she be a bit stronger. For starters, she needed to know how to hunt. While they had just eaten, Ryuu saw no issue with hunting for fun. He dragged her out to the lake. It was positioned near the mansion, the scenic sight a thing he had learned his owners loved. At any rate, it provided plenty of fresh animals to practice hunting on.

“How many animals have you caught?” the male asked, “How big?”

“Not many...probably just small fish.”

The platinum-haired neko gave a low hum, escorting the younger girl to the lake. The two of them peered at the fish swimming below them, the male swatting at one of them and dragging them out of the water. As it flopped around, he bit down harshly on it, presenting his kill to the younger girl. She looked delighted, blush on her features as she leaned forward to have another breakfast. However, the male swatted at her, throwing the fish back into the water.

“Why would you do that?” she whined, tears forming in her eyes, “We might not eat again!”

“We will. See, those humans back in the house are our owners. They make sure we get good food, toys, and plenty of other things all for free. But if something happens to them, we’ll be on our own again. That means you need to practice hunting.”

(Y/n)’s ears once again fell back, her tail falling to the ground. Ryuu blushed at the expression. It wasn’t as if he wouldn’t provide for her. He just wanted to make sure she could handle herself. The male hardly wanted her to be in the position she was in when she arrived; starving and terrified. Thus, she needed a dose of tough love, and he was going to give it to her. He nipped at her neck to make her focus, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Even if you only catch something small today, I’ll give you a reward.”

The younger neko’s cheeks turned red, brushing against the male with thanks. Again, he blushed, resisting the urge to lick her ears. They were out of sorts, in need of care. He figured once they were done, he could assist her there, but doing it then would have just invited more unkempt hair. Still, a purr escaped him. Clearly, the news of why she was there with him made him much more manageable and far less aggressive. She wasn’t a threat anymore, just someone he had to take care of.

They remained at the lake for hours, the younger girl hardly catching a thing. She truly was terrible at hunting, always giving away her presence. That being said, the bell on her collar likely didn’t help, but it was also due to her clumsiness. At the end of their training, she had her hands over her face with great disappointment in herself. She couldn’t even look him in the eyes, her tail laying on the ground limp.

“I’m sorry,” she sighed, “You tried so hard to help me….”

“You can make it up to me.”

(Y/n)’s ears perked up again, a hopeful expression on her face. She followed after the male back to the mansion with a joyful purr. When they arrived back, the male jumped up the trees in their room, laying down in the large bed. With a grunt, he figured out that his owners weren’t planning on giving her the giant bed while taking away his. They had wanted to give them a bed together. Sighing, he began to clean the younger neko’s ears, licking at them.

She purred with glee, her cheeks pink. It was fairly obvious to him that she was attached to him, likely because she recognized his capabilities. He would have been the ideal mate in the jungle, able to provide not only for her but their potential children as well. Ryuu figured it was a compliment to him, his chest swelling with pride. His tail swished around as he cleaned her, eventually becoming tired and taking a nap beside her.

When the male woke up, he found himself already aggravated. He smelled something unpleasant. His eyes open to find that the (h/c) haired neko was no longer sleeping with him, having left. As such, he felt it was his duty to search for her and ensure her safety. Lazily, he meandered through the mansion, tracking her via her smell. He eventually found her laying on the sofa with another neko. Ryuu growled.

The moment she heard his voice, (Y/n)’s ears perked up and she rushed to him, tackling him to the ground and licking his ears. Her attachment to him made him feel more at ease, but he didn’t appreciate her spending time with another male. In fact, he felt jealous. He would have imagined he would be preferable to an ordinary neko, especially as the male across from him likely hadn’t hunted his entire life.

“Good morning!” the (h/c) haired neko squeaked, hugging the male tightly.

Ryuu scrunched his nose as he glared at the male across from them, daring him to fight him for the right to court her. He was incredibly surprised when the male still crept towards the younger neko. A low growl escaped his throat the more he approached. He didn’t care about the reason that he approached them. Whether he was protecting his territory or his future mother to his children, he wouldn’t back down or lose for that matter.

The moment the rival male crossed Ryuu’s boundaries, he pounced at him, throwing (Y/n) aside to engage him in an intense fight. He used his claws to weaken his opponent, hoping that the flashier he made the fight, the more the younger neko would view him as an attractive partner. And indeed, he was correct. She watched his every move with fascination, and though she was quite scared at the noises made, her ears drawn back, the fact that he was winning made her feel secure.

It wasn’t long before a few of their owners’ servants rushed into the room to stop the fight, pulling the two males apart. After that, Ryuu rushed back to the (h/c) haired neko’s side, hugged her tightly as he glared at the male. Perhaps he didn’t actually intend on killing the male, but if it meant she would be drawn closer to him, he wouldn’t have minded getting scolded. As if it were his victory prize, the male nipped playfully at the younger girl’s ears, receiving a mewl from her.

“Hungry?” the male asked, “You still need to practice. If you were in that fight, you would have been killed. Do good and I’ll grab you some chicken from the kitchen.”

The younger neko perked up, following eagerly after the stronger specimen. She knew she had much to learn, but with him helping her, she felt optimistic. Even if they weren’t granted the safety and comfort of the mansion they resided in, she had faith in the male’s ability to provide for her. With blushing cheeks, she pounced on his tail, watching as a playful attitude came over him.

Ryuu chased her to the lake and munched on her tail as a punishment. She purred at his affection, nuzzling him before he proceeded to teach her. While she would take a lot of work, he was ready for it, especially if it meant his future kittens would be protected. Of course, he liked the idea of having a family of his own and of possessing a lovely partner to spend his life with.

He may not have ever been friendlier to males when protecting her - and, in fact, he would likely become wary of any gender or species around her - but it only showed his dedication to her. Now that she possessed a steady diet and a great amount of comfort along with his protection, he desperately wanted kittens…

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