Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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M. Child x F. Pixie Reader

There was one mistake that a young pixie made. That was being too curious, but it wasn’t as if she could help it. The young girl had only just figured out to use those wings of hers, and soaring through the air was so very fun. Up until then, she had been unable to traverse the trees in which she and her community resided. The faintly glowing flowers they slept in were comfortable and the branches their markets rested on were wonderful and all, but she had never set foot off of the large tree.

That being said, once she was able to fly, she couldn’t stop, enthusiastic about seeing as much as she could. Warned not to go too far, the younger girl’s community attempted to protect their wellbeing, but she was a troublemaker. Somewhere along the line, she couldn’t resist and ended up gazing at a human city from the top of the tree. It fascinated her to a point where she couldn’t bear to not see it up close.

As such, she snuck away as quietly as she could, flying towards that concrete jungle. She expected it would be as peaceful as her home, but she was wrong. When she first entered the city, she was greeted by the frighteningly loud barking of a wolf-like creature. Panicked, the younger girl bolted away, beginning to hear the mechanical noises of every car, house, and whatever else. Eventually, in her fear, she ran into something large, trembling with tears in her eyes.

There was a large male in front of her, but he looked just barely older than she was, a young human boy. He gave a curious expression before his brown eyes lit up, his golden hair moving just slightly at his surprise. The young pixie cried, wondering if the giant was going to eat her. However, he only gave a concerned look, holding out his hands as she stopped flying, watching her rest on his hands, sitting on her knees as she bawled.

Looking from left to right, the male closed his hands, keeping the young creature trapped. He then rushed towards the park, hiding behind a nearby bush before he opened his cupped hands, gazing at the frightened smaller girl with a wide smile. The male then felt terrible for scaring the small thing so much, panicking over how to cheer her up. He rummaged through his school backpack, pulling out his bento for the day. Food was bound to make her happy, right?

“A-Are you hungry?” he asked, “I ate most of everything at lunch, but you can have the rest if you want.”

The pixie’s eyes lit up, the tears ceasing to flow from her eyes. Her small wings twitched at the sound of a delicious meal and when he handed her a small raspberry, she gratefully accepted it. It wasn’t much smaller than she was, making it a feast of massive proportions of her. She, herself, wasn’t taller than two inches, most likely why the male was so fascinated with her. It wasn’t as if pixies trusted humans enough to intentionally reveal themself to the giants. That being said, hers was a special circumstance.

The male took delight in watching her munch on the small fruit. His cheeks turned pink in fascination, tilting his head to get a look at her. He even reached his finger forward to rub the top of her head, watching as the gentlest of movements move her head around so effectively. Her hair was soft, surprising him greatly, and while he wanted to touch her wings, he figured they must have been like a butterfly’s. He might have hurt her and destroyed them if he did something so selfish.

“What are you doing here?” the blonde questioned, wanting to know if there were more of the girl’s kind.

“I got lost…”

The pixie sniffled, breaking the male’s heart. It was like hearing a kitten whine, the sight adorable but saddening. As the boy looked up at the sky, he noted that it was becoming unseasonably dark. With concern for the pixie not being able to get home in time, he decided on taking her to his home. He didn’t bring it up to her as she was focused on the sweet raspberry, taking it upon himself to keep her safe from any night creatures that wanted to eat her.

The entire time he walked home, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She was very cute and tiny. The smile that was on his face never faded, his curiosity and adoration prevalent in his facial features. Humming, he unlocked the door to his house, making his way to his room. Placing her down on his pillow, he laid down on his stomach, kicking his legs playfully as he watched her.

“My name’s Riku!” he suddenly giggled, “It’s real nice to meet you, miss fairy!”

As if she had snapped out of her obsession with the raspberry, the pixie realized she had been moved. It didn’t bother her too much as her fascination with the large man-made space surpassed her worries. The male had fed her, after all. There didn’t seem to be any concern about someone as generous as him. Raspberries were hard to come by in her community, so she was especially joyful to receive a whole one all to herself even if she couldn’t finish it.

“Fairy?” she asked, tilting her head, “No, fairies are bigger, you know, just like you. I’m (Y/n), and I’m a pixie!”

“Either way, I think you’re super cute, so I wanna be friends, ’kay?”

The smaller being’s wings twitched just slightly at the excitement of being companions with a giant. If he wanted to be friends, that meant he would give her more delicious fruits! She gladly hopped onto his hand and gave a bright smile. He blushed, giggling playfully at the way she began to dance around. It seemed like it was out of excitement, her joyful actions lightening his heart.

“Ah! You know what?” Riku gasped, placing the pixie back on his pillow, “My big sister used to have a dollhouse. I don’t think she needs it anymore. She’s in college now.”

The blonde left the younger girl with the raspberry she was beginning to get full of. He rummaged around in the garage, bringing back a large dollhouse. It was a little big for her, but it just meant it would make her comfortable. As he placed it on the ground of his room, he opened it up, noting that everything was plastic. That didn’t appear very nice to rest on. Humming, he began to assemble some cotton from torn stuffed animals and fabric. The male was delighted when he made a nice bed for the smaller girl, placing it in the dollhouse.

“Here! You should sleep here for the night, okay?”

The small pixie had not anticipated she would need to be away from her home for so long, but she didn’t mind the incredibly human abode she was given. Exploring around it, she gave excited little squeaks, the young boy watching on in fascination. He appeared even more interested than she was, peeking through the dollhouse windows to watch her hop into the bed he made. A smile formed on his lips, a thrilled feeling coming over him.

Even when they slept through the night, he kept looking over at the younger girl to see if she was comfortable. For whatever reason, he was constantly worried about what could harm her. She was so small, after all. Any number of things could have hurt her, but he wanted her to be safe under his care. The thought of having a pixie visit him every day was exciting. Maybe he could brag about her to his friends.

In the morning, Riku woke up with a pep in his step, getting ready for school with delight. He brushed his teeth and put on his school uniform, only checking on (Y/n) when he was finished. She was sleeping happily much to the male’s delight, but when his mother told him it was time to go to school, he panicked. Taking apart his pencil box, he placed her and her bed inside as well as a strawberry and a few things for comfort.

Riku then attempted to carefully hold the pencil box on his way to school. His bright grin attracted the attention of his classmates, the different students attempting to figure out what he had inside. Some thought it was a snack, others thought it was a toy, but he wouldn’t give them the luxury of knowing. He was awfully confident about being the only one who knew what was inside.

During class, the male opened the box just slightly, seeing the (h/c) haired pixie munch on the strawberry. She didn’t seem to be too worried about why she was in something different than where she fell asleep. (Y/n) did have a giant snack and a comfy bed, after all. She smiled up at the blonde, giving a shy wave. His cheeks heated up at the greeting, petting her head with his pinkie finger.

“Good morning!” he giggled, watching as she went back to munching on the strawberry, “Did you sleep okay?”

“Mhm! This is yummy! How do you get so many berries?!”

“The supermarket. My mom made me my favorite lunch. Do you want some?”

The smaller being gave a look of awe, stretching her hands up as she flew to rest on his nose. It felt like a butterfly. Although it was ticklish, it wasn’t why he was smiling. The boy seemed to note that she enjoyed foods that would be considered exotic to her. That probably meant anything she couldn’t eat off of a specific tree. Luckily, he had access to all kinds of treats, and he was looking forward to spoiling her.

Throughout the class, he had chatted with her about her home, fascinated about what kind of place it was. He had assumed she would live in a mushroom circle or some kind of flower, but when she told him it was a large tree, he wanted to see it for himself. Somehow, Riku had managed to avoid being scolded by his teacher, carrying the pixie with him to a secluded spot to eat lunch.

“You’re really cute!” he giggled, watching as she sat on his lunchbox’s lid while he fed her singular grains of rice with his chopsticks, “I just want to feed you all day long!”

“Ah, please do!”

The pixie’s eyes sparkled, her attachment to the boy increasing with every piece of food he gave her. She seemed to truly enjoy the luxurious meals he had every day, and absolutely adored his generosity. If it were her, she didn’t know if she could have shared such amazing food, but then again, he could carry more, and from what she had learned, those supermarkets provided such delicacies.

“We should have a feast!” the small being squealed, jumping on the male’s head, “You should bring this yummy food to my home and we can all eat!”

“That sounds wonderful!”

Riku was incredibly excited about seeing (Y/n)’s home. The moment that the school bell rang, he held the pixie in his hands and ran, following her directions into the forest. He had never been before, but he wasn’t scared, just incredibly curious about what he would see. With the small pixie guiding him, he held onto his backpack straps, wide eyes gazing all around. It wasn’t near as magical as he thought it would be, but he was still astonished, especially when he laid eyes on the giant tree she had been enthusing about.

There was much commotion about her return, other pixies flying to hug her in relief. She gave an embarrassed blush at all of the affectionate scoldings she received, but by the time they focused on the giant behind her, they began to scatter, hiding wherever they could. Riku frowned, kicking at the ground as though he felt guilty. Even if it wasn’t his intention, he had frightened them and perhaps even made trouble for the (h/c) pixie.

However, she didn’t feel as though he’d done anything wrong. The small adorable being flew over to him and rested on his nose again, giving a bright smile. Sooner or later, others began to peek out at the way the two of them got along. He didn’t seem so scary when he was blushing quaintly at the conversation she had with the young girl. The blonde realized that the other came out to look at him. As such, in the spirit of niceties, he pulled out a large lunchbox to share for them.

The pixies were cautious of the food they offered to him, but when (Y/n) began munching on the food, they couldn’t resist. The beings adored delicacies, especially ones they hadn’t ever had the pleasure of eating. When they dug in, they concluded that Riku was a welcome human in their community. As long as he had food to share, that is. It was like a gift from a fairy.

“Riku, Riku!” the (h/c) haired pixie giggled, holding up a raspberry, “Say ‘ahhh’!”

The blonde blushed, opening his mouth shyly. Although the small being was hardly able to fly with the giant berry in her arms, she threw it in regardless. She then placed a kiss on the male’s nose, thanking him for the treats he shared with everyone. It was generous to provide such a bountiful feast and she was grateful for it. Her family and friends could all enjoy something so lovely because of him.

“That’s embarrassing,” he blushed, looking over at the small pixie that rested on his shoulder, kicking her legs playfully.

The pixie giggled, playing with the male’s blonde hair and braiding it. He didn’t mind it at all, his cheeks red as she gave him attention. It was incredible to have met such a magical being, and he found himself thinking that he must have been the luckiest person in the world. Riku certainly wondered if there were more things like her such as fairies, which she insisted were much different than pixies. Yet the male was more than content with just having one magical creature in his life.

(Y/n) had been visiting him every day. She went with him to school as long as he provided some juicy fruits for her and kept him company from time to time at night. The dollhouse kept receiving upgrades, becoming a palace for a pixie like her. The male had even used his allowance to buy doll clothing for her, enthusing about the cute outfits she wore. Placing ribbons in her hair and giving her accessories like umbrellas was his favorite hobby with her. His mother must have thought he was a little bizarre for his obsession with doll accessories and outfits, but not the dolls themselves.

While Riku was excited to spend every day with her, he began to get jealous and frighteningly overprotective of her. She was such a small thing, not able to defend herself from even the smallest of animals or even insects. When she disappeared from his sight, he could only worry, wondering if she would even make it to him the next day. It made him lose his energy, all of his worries taking away his will to do anything productive.

The blonde gave a deep sigh, furrowing his eyebrows at the desolation he felt. It seemed so empty without her melodic voice and energetic squeals. He could only rest in his room, staring at the dollhouse and perusing through all of her outfits. The male had even gotten in the habit of sewing in an attempt to make custom-made dresses for hers, but she hadn’t come by in the past week.

Upon hearing the younger girl make her entrance, he wasn’t instantly cheered up as he usually was. On the contrary, he was frustrated that she had shown up as if nothing had happened at all when he had suffered loneliness in her long absence. He frowned when she flew in front of him, refusing to make eye contact with her. Even when she placed a playful kiss on his nose, he huffed and turned away with a pout.

“Riku,” the pixie gasped, pulling on his hair to attract his attention, “I want to play with you.”

“But you didn’t want to play me earlier this week...It was like you forgot about me!”

“Ah, no! That’s not it, I promise! We just got to meet a fairy! Now we can serve her! Isn’t that wonderful?!”

The blonde frowned deeper, feeling jealousy stir in his chest. However, it wasn’t just a feeling of envy that he experienced. It was the realization that serving a fairy would take away her time for him. She would no longer spend every day with him and keep him company in school when class was boring nor would he be able to dress her up or feed her delicious food. He didn’t want her to leave him.

“That’s not fair,” he mumbled, “I thought we were supposed to be together.”

“We will, but this is a big deal, you know. Us pixies were meant to be with fairies! I promise I’ll still visit!”

“That’s not good enough!”

The blonde had tears in his eyes as he considered the possibility of losing her. He cried, tears flowing down his cheeks as he attempted to wipe them away. It might have been a childish fit, but he absolutely adored the pixie. She brought life to his ordinary life and gave him a sense of companionship that no one else could. He couldn’t bear being without her, his tears only escalating.

“(Y/n), I want you to stay with me!” he bawled, “I want to dress you up and give you yummy things! I don’t want you to leave!”

The (h/c) haired pixie gave a somber look for the tears that she made him shed. She hadn’t meant to make him upset, wanting only to share the wonderful news her community had received. However, as she placed her hand on his cheek, giving a frown, the male held her in his hands, unable to control his emotions. While he knew it would only trap her, he couldn’t help but put her in the dollhouse with a conflicted and yet determined look on his face. Riku closed it so that she couldn’t escape without his help and locked it despite her protests.

“You won’t leave if you’re in here!” he pouted, frustrated with her want to leave him.

The pixie attempted to make her way out of the trap he had placed her in, but with such a weak and fragile body, she was unable to make a difference. She flew around, attempting to find an escape route, but the plastic prevented her from leaving. Frustrated, she began to cry just a bit, but it didn’t matter to the male. Riku wouldn’t let her leave him and that was final. However, he didn’t wish to make her miserable. Rather, he wished her the opposite.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take perfect care of you,” he mumbled, placing a grape in the house and watching her reluctantly munch on it, “You’ll have yummy food and pretty clothes and you’ll never ever have to worry about being hurt. I promise with all my heart!”

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