Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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YA: M. Ato x F. Reader

As (Y/n) woke up to a normal day, her eyelashes fluttered open, the warm feeling of another body holding her tightly. She sighed, leaning into the brunette laying beside her, always willing to steal his body heat for her own use. To be honest, she often thought of him as a personal heater. That being said, in winter months, he didn’t seem too fond of her placing her cold as ice hands on his skin. Or perhaps it was the fact that he was too bashful to allow her to touch him carelessly.

The younger woman moved around just slightly in the bed, attempting to rest so she could look at the male. However, his strong arms prohibited movement. A low grumble came from his throat, deeply uncomfortable with her moving away from him. To bring her back to his chest, he tugged her closer, using her as his own personal teddy bear. He hummed when everything was back as he liked it, smiling just slightly.

That being said, the peace they felt was bound not to last. As if to make that fact known, the door slid open, a small weeping figure approaching. A small boy dragged his feet along the floor. His oversized yukata trailing behind him, having been undone when he had rolled around in his bed. He attempted to push the tears welling up in his eyes away, but they wouldn’t leave. The boy just kept crying.

The servants behind him had attempted to shoo him out of the room, knowing he would bother the young master inside. It was well known that he absolutely despised mornings, never having risen early of his own volition. The brunette simply wanted to lay down with (Y/n) until afternoon. As such, interruptions to his sleeping routine were hardly met with kind words and hugs. Normally, anyway.

The small boy rushed to the large bed past the dogs resting happily, attempting to crawl on the bed. His tiny form prevented him from getting up correctly, prompting more tears to flow from his chocolate eyes. He became louder as well, prompting the (h/c) haired woman to turn her head to look at the small boy. Giving a gentle smile, she left the brunette’s arms - met with his great discontent - and picked up the small boy who was quick to hug her tightly.

His tears were still present, but with her presence, they began to subside. Grabby hands latched onto her yukata, his head pressing into her shoulder. She pet him reassuringly, messing up his already unkempt black hair. His yukata was still a mess, but that was something she couldn’t fix so easily. It would have required her placing him down to tie it back into place. That being said, it was obvious he didn’t want to leave her arms.

“Kitten,” the brunette huffed, pulling the younger girl back into his embrace, “Come back to bed.”

“Tatsuya’s crying. I can hardly leave him alone.”

The male once more huffed, opening his eyes and wincing at the light coming through the windows. He sat up in the bed, watching as the small boy latched onto his mother, refusing to let her go. It wasn’t as though he didn’t understand her fascination with her calming presence, but he would have liked to spend his mornings along with his wife. Still, he couldn’t help how his heart melted at the ravenette’s precious face.

“What happened, darling?” the (h/c) haired woman asked, using the brush on the bedside table to smooth out his subtle tangles, “It’s early even for you.”

The small boy clung tighter onto his mother’s yukata, not focused on answering. It may have been due to the fact he didn’t want to share his troubles. After all, he had been far more empathetic than either of his parents would have guessed. The ravenette hated making trouble for others yet his stubbornness to be by their side was resilient. As such, it only made sense he would cling to his mother of all people. He was a momma’s boy through and through.

“You had a nightmare, was that it?”

The boy shook his head at his father’s question, his stubbornness matching the brunette in that regard. Although his mother continued to pet his head reassuringly, it seemed that Tatsuya had trouble getting over his sadness. Nonetheless, it was comforting to the young woman that she was able to act so loving towards something so precious to her. He was her youngest child of two, shy and sweet, always clinging to her like she was the most precious thing in the world. It reminded her of her husband quite often.

Chuckling, the woman kissed the boy’s chubby cheeks, watching as he squeezed his eyes tightly. The action certainly calmed him, the tenseness in his muscles disappearing for the most part. However, the moment the door to the room was slammed open, the bamboo door thumping against the wood, he tensed again. His tears escalated and he hid behind his mother, clinging to her for dear life. However, his father’s brow twitched, grabbing his sheathed katana from the wall.

“Ka-na,” he hummed, approaching the newly appeared younger girl with murderous intent.

The dark brown-haired girl that stood in the entrance of the room held a stern expression. Her yukata was spotless, likely done by her own hands, no sign of imperfection in her features. It was just like her. The girl took after her father both in looks and attitude, holding herself to a higher standard in order to hold their family’s name with elegance. Well, that was what she told most everyone, but it was really because she admired her father more than she did anyone else.

Of course, she was respectful to her mother and allowed some semblance of weakness when the (h/c) haired woman gave her affection. However, it seemed she was more moved by physical rather than emotional strength, taking it upon herself to become one of the many avid followers of her father. Then again, it was mainly due to the influence of a certain someone gawking over every action he ever did.

“What did I tell you about storming in here this early in the morning, dumbass?!” her father shouted, using the sheathed katana to lightly but sternly smack her on the back of the head.

“I heard obnoxious bawling and made up my mind to set Tatsuya straight!”

The young girl pointed her wooden katana at the ravenette shivering behind his mother as a declaration of war. If they had been anywhere else, their father might have allowed the rough-housing, but not in his room. Before the small girl could assault her brother, he lifted her over his shoulder and carried her to the dining hall. (Y/n) picked up Tatsuya, carrying the toddler safely in her arms, following after the two.

A large roar echoed through the hall the moment the young family stepped inside. Glasses clinked and there were respectful bows from the large number of people crammed inside. Even if there was seating in other rooms or even outside, no one wanted to go a meal without seeing their beloved young master and mistress, not to mention the small children they had with them.

“Kage!” a male chuckled, waving happily at the brunette.

The brunette set his daughter down at the table, placed directly in front of the rowdy and admiring group of followers. She squirmed for a while, embarrassed with the attention that was directed her way. However, when her father sat down directly beside her, the brown-haired girl simply hid her blushing face in his chest, sitting in his lap like a small dog. He gave her a tap on the head or two, watching as (Y/n) sat down beside him.

It had come to be that way. The Hisaki family sat in front of their followers, enjoying meals with them day after day. It was often that the male’s mother and father joined, being the head of the conglomerate and all. They were overjoyed with the gift of grandchildren, smothering them with attention and gifts with unconditional love. Their comments often did embarrass the male, but he had come to terms with it.

“Yamato, stop eating so many sweets,” the (h/c) haired woman chuckled, attempting to stop Tatsuya from avoiding his fruits, “You’re going to choke.”

“That’s like telling a fish to stop breathing water, mumma,” the small ravenette hummed, receiving a sharp look from his sister.

“Fish don’t breathe water, idiot!”

The children’s father swiftly took his katana and once more whopped the young girl over the head. It was his way of scolding her, not as well versed with words as (Y/n) was. If he was, no doubt he would be telling her the error of her ways. Still, whether it was for the best or not, it was the only method that got through to Kana. She was typically a well-raised child except for the times she picked on her younger brother for being “undisciplined”. The girl could never fathom why he didn’t have much interest in his father’s unparalleled control.

“It’s like watching a cat attack another cat for chasing a red dot,” a male chuckled, earning a sharp glare from Yamato, “Well, it’s true. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.”

Despite the numerous years that passed and the opportunity to leave the main estate, the black-haired male never dared stray from his best friend’s side. He was the most likely reason that Kana idolized her father. Yusei tended to be his biggest fan and most loyal supporter, influencing the young girl as well. When she had learned all of the amazing things her father had accomplished, she determinedly approached him and asked to be his student. It was an odd request, but he regardless accepted it.

“You two are cut from the same cloth, alright,” (Y/n) giggled, watching Tatsuya munch on a pancake with utter joy, “Such pieces of work.”

The brunette’s face flushed a bright shade of red, holding the younger woman’s hand tightly. He hid it under the table, easily embarrassed by showing affection in places others could see. That being said, it didn’t stop Tatsuya from trying to join in holding his mother’s hand. He became quickly frustrated, holding onto her yukata instead, his chocolate eyes staring up at her with fascination.

Breakfast was eventful as it typically was, people raising their glasses to Yamato and his family. Though it was a shame that his parents were still away on their lengthy vacation around the world, they would be back soon enough. That being said, even without their grandparents around, the children were more than content. They never lacked attention, always being surrounded by people that would give up their lives for them.

Kana followed her father to the outdoor sparring ring, eagerly anticipating another valuable lesson from him. For the sake of entertainment, the (h/c) haired woman followed after them, Tatsuya holding onto her hand tightly as he all but waddled around like a duckling. When the brunette began his daughter’s practice, she took the opportunity to fix the small boy’s yukata to better fit him. He was always messing it up one way or another.

Yusei turned to the small boy, offering an equally tiny bow for his form. Compared to the ravenette’s longbow, it seemed like a toy even if it was anything but. Traditional arts were expected to be mastered by children of the Hisaki family. While Kana was content with strictly following her father’s footsteps, Tatsuya shied away from violence. He preferred tea making and flower arranging. That being said, he was especially fond of using a bow, likely because of his mentor.

(Y/n) watched as the small boy followed his “uncle”, chuckling to herself. The look on her son’s face was something she had only seen when he was truly interested in something. He studied Yusei’s actions carefully, peering at him as he elegantly drew the bowstring back. When he fired, Tatsuya’s face lit up like a firework, dazzled by the control he possessed, and excited to do the same.

Meanwhile, Kana appeared to be intently focused on swinging at her father. She was only allowed to have a wooden katana due to her young age. However, due to the fact she was promised a real one when she showed true control and mastery of it, she was focused on all of her lessons. It truly seemed to motivate her. And while she was encouraged to find her own hobbies and not be confined to the brunette’s path, she refused to think about doing anything else. The girl was as stubborn as a tiger.

“Mumma!” Tatsuya suddenly bawled, rushing over to the woman and hugging her tightly.

Out of surprise, (Y/n) pet his head, knowing it was always something reassuring for him. It had become somewhat of a habit of hers when it came to him, but it wasn’t as if either minded it. On the contrary, it made them both feel great love for and from the other. It was no wonder the boy was so attached to his mother, especially considering how possessive his father was of her. Neither wanted to leave her side.

“What is it this time?” the (h/c) haired woman questioned, placing a small kiss on the boy’s forehead.

The ravenette didn’t even have it in him to answer, tears flooding his eyes. Instead of answering, he pressed his head into his mother’s stomach, grabbing onto her yukata again. Certainly emotional, the boy couldn’t go a day without suddenly bursting into tears and rushing to his parents. That being said, it was a relief that he didn’t keep his emotions locked away. It was not the best trait to inherit from his father.

Chuckling as she noticed the littered arrows very far away from the target, (Y/n) picked up the small boy, bouncing him up and down to relieve his insecurities. It must have been damaging for his little heart to be paired against an incredible marksman. She didn’t blame him for feeling upset about such a thing at all, especially when she had never been able to hold a longbow like he could. It took far too much muscle.

“Don’t worry your little head about it,” she giggled, pressing kisses all over the boy’s head, “I’m sure you’ll grow into it.”


The woman nodded assuringly, earning a relieved and bashful smile from the small boy. He leaned into his mother’s arms, letting her bounce him up and down as she took a small walk around the estate. Whenever anyone saw her and the youngest member of the Hisaki family, they bowed respectfully and wished her well. Tatsuya was too shy to talk to them, resigning himself to hiding in the crook of his mother’s neck.

Somewhere along the line, the small ravenette fell asleep, dozing off with small sighs. He might have pretended to be as grown-up as his older sister, but he was hardly able to do it without falling asleep. The bow must have taken all of his energy. Still, there was nothing that good food couldn’t cure. Even if he was still sleepy, when she handed him a cookie, he munched on it adoringly, offering his mother some as well.

When she said it was his to eat, the boy gave a disappointed hum and continued to munch on the treat. Due to the fact their father and “uncle” were avid lovers of sweets, the (h/c) haired woman had the job of setting a better example for the children. As such, she practically wrestled away the sugar from the brunette. He got her back eventually, but he was often sulky without a constant intake of sweets.

Despite all that, however, Tatsuya preferred more savory treats. He did enjoy the occasional lemon cookie or fruit tart, but if there was a western breakfast in front of him, he’d reach for the bacon instead of the pancakes. It came as quite a surprise to everyone. Still, it was a relief not to have the entire household clamoring for sweets. After all, when there was one more sweet on the table, Yamato and Yusei would often wrestle the other for it. She would be nervous for the little brunette if he got mixed up in their fighting.

The day passed by before the (h/c) haired woman’s eyes, and Yamato joined her as well as a sleeping Tatsuya in their room. While the time had seemingly flown, there would no doubt be many more hectic and lively days posed to them. There was never any shortage of conflict, but no matter what happened, there was still love and loyalty in that estate. The brunette made it entirely too clear he would be willing to do anything for the sake of his family.

As Tatsuya rested in between his parents - the brunette wrapping his arms around both his beloved and youngest child - he held onto his mother’s kimono tightly. She smiled gently, cradling the back of his head as if he could break it on even a feather pillow. Yamato seemed proud of the sight, chuckling to himself with delight. It caused a pink hue to rise on the younger woman’s cheeks, but she paid it no mind.

“I hate kids,” the brunette commented, closing his eyes as he became lost in thought with a wide smile, “but these ones aren’t bad.”

“Mm, I’d wager they think the same about you.”

The male laughed as quietly as he could manage, blushing greatly at the sight before him. His very own child, given to him by (Y/n), herself. He even had another little one sleeping in her own room. For one reason or another, it filled him with pride to have something so cherished to him in his arms. Even if one day his children might leave the nest, he would still have her, and that brought him great comfort in times of uncertainty.

Resting his eyes in the presence of his family, the male allowed himself to become vulnerable, drifting off to more dreams he wanted to make come true. When he fell asleep, the (h/c) haired woman stared at him with an adoring expression on her face, caressing his jaw before turning to the light entering the room. There, Yusei stood with a proud look, holding a black and white cat with him, the small thing having fallen asleep on his shoulder as if it were a parrot.

Pressing her finger to her lips, (Y/n) winked at the ravenette, the male doing it right back in some not-so-secret code. He closed the door, sliding it carefully shut before walking past Kana’s room, checking up on her. The small girl was fully passed out, holding onto her bamboo sword like it was a teddy bear. Smiling, he turned his head to see his small runt of a cat lifting its head, its ears twitching at the sound of a noise.

The ravenette’s mouth was covered by one pair of hands while another’s arms wrapped around his hips. Yusei shook his head at the notice of dark grey hair, small bells jingling with their sudden appearance. He rolled his eyes playfully and pet both of his would-be assailants on the head, earning pleased grins from the both of them. They continued to follow the ravenette around, no doubt scheming with silent cues.

“I think it’s become a lot more lively around here,” Yusei whispered, petting his small cat on the head, “don’t you think, Mochi?”

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