Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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M. Common Dragon x F. Reader

The forest just outside the nation of Vuiral was strictly prohibited. It was not only for the sake of commoners and livestock alike but for curious little girls that peeked into places they were not supposed to go. Dangerous beings lurked there, inhuman creatures. While some have kinder viewpoints towards human beings, many would have wanted nothing more than to hunt them down and skin them alive.

That being said, clearly, children wanted to do whatever they were told not to do. As such, (Y/n) snuck away after her chores in the farm to venture just a bit into the wilderness. She’d always been rather apt towards spending time with animals. The younger girl just couldn’t get enough of other beings, shying away from other people in order to spend time with them. Skipping further into the mysterious area, she gave awes of wonder.

Pixies and elves roamed about the flowers, much more peaceful amongst themselves than humans could ever be. Even then, there was a war raging on. It seemed that they could never go long without infighting despite their identity as the same species. Meanwhile, all kinds of magical beings could stay centuries without fights. It truly said something about the volatile nature of human beings.

The more the younger girl ventured into the forest, the darker it became. It wasn’t physically, the glowing mushrooms and light of pixies illuminating the area, but the feeling plaguing the young girl increased. Red eyes rested on her form, and it frightened her, prompting her to hurry along with her steps. Her shoulders caved in on her, an insecure feeling washing over her. At any moment, she could be prey to any number of monsters or creatures.

In fact, a pack of wolves approached her, snarling at her presence as flames danced over their fur. They were far from regular wolves, their appearance terrifyingly morbid. As she sucked in a shaky breath, the younger girl took one step back. Then two. And on the third, she tripped, falling back and becoming vulnerable to the carnivorous beasts. She shook violently, closing her eyes and weeping as they closed in on her.

However, they never bit her. Opening her eyes, she noted the wolves were backing away with whines, almost bowing their heads out of fear. The younger girl turned around to see a regal navy blue form. It possessed a small body, not one would expect from a dragon of all things, but its wings were majestically large, scales coating its body. It was astoundingly filled with pride, holding its head up high.

“H-Hello!” (Y/n) squeaked, covering her mouth when the dragon tilted its head, stepping forward with a curious hum.

The being sniffed at her, pushing her forward as it whined. The younger girl gazed at the dragon, noticing that its wing was damaged. With a concerned look, she stepped forward to lightly touch the damaged appendage. The dragon growled, but when she began to gather some herbs, scooping them up and feeding them to the being. It was apprehensive but continued to munch on them nonetheless.

Feeling the pain fade from his wing, the dragon gave a happy shriek, galloping around as it moved its wings. Although the tear prevented him from fully flying, he was more than relieved that the pain had vanished. Thanking the younger girl, the dragon licked her, and though his tongue was half her size, the gesture was duly noted. She chuckled, petting the male’s snout and nuzzling him.

The small girl was then picked up by the male, placed on his back. He carried her through the forest, letting her pet him or explore his surprisingly smooth - but bumpy - body. The wings on his back were smooth, glowing gently as he came closer to where he was supposed to be. It was a cave, one filled with gold and jewels from all over the world. Laying down on what looked like a nest, the dragon watched as the younger girl explored with astounding joy.

Coming from a village torn apart from war, she had never been able to see immense wealth. Even bread was scarce to come by, but there, in front of here, there was more wealth than a noble had. It made her eyes sparkle with fascination, every little thing she touched magical in its own little way. Picking up a crown, the (h/c) haired girl turned around to show it to the dragon, only to see that a small boy replaced him.

She heard somewhere that dragons could utilize all kinds of magic. Shapeshifting must have been something fairly natural for him, but she couldn’t stop gawking. Gazing at the male, she saw his unkempt navy blue hair and brown eyes. He had peasant-like clothes, something she assumed he must have put on while she was looking away. Strangely enough, though there were countless luxurious clothes, the peasant attire suited him far more.

“Wow!” she gasped, smooshing the male’s cheeks to see if it was real, “You’re amazing!”

“I’m Thero.”

When the male spoke, the younger girl gave another astonished gasp, continuing to survey the being for any more miracles. He blushed, looking at his lap without saying anything more. Instead, he let her do as she pleased, ecstatic to have company. It had been far too long since he’d met anyone he didn’t want to kill. But he thought it would be nice to have the younger girl around for quite some time.

However, he didn’t expect she would stay for years at a time. She became perfectly adapted to living in the forest with him, healing him when he’d been in fights and helping hunt for meals. At that point, she had been more useful to him than he would ever admit. Though he spoke little, he made up for it in actions, always being considerate of (Y/n)’s needs and wants. A bit of a thief though he was, she didn’t understand it was a bad thing to take from others. After all, she had been living in the forest with him since she was a small child.

That being said, when ten years old, she had run into another dragon. It was a volatile one that snapped at her in its attempt to kill her. Much larger than Thero was, the being appeared full-sized, able to eat her in one bite. At first, she shivered, but when she reached her hand out to it, the dragon stopped snapping, lowering its head and letting her pet it. When she became better acquainted with it, it let her lay down on its stomach, shielding her from any threats with its wings and tail.

It was then that the younger girl had discovered a latent talent she had gotten from spending time with Thero. Whenever she went with him out to villages or near the edge of the forest, people stared at her from where they hid, gossiping amongst themselves. Eventually, she became known as a dragon tamer, having become a wonder to the rest of the world. However, it was not a positive thing, coming with numerous consequences she wasn’t aware of.

The young girl had grown six years since she had met Thero. In that time, she had become very comfortable in the forest, sleeping next to the dragon through cold nights. It wasn’t that she chose to sleep with him, but when noting the lonely way he huffed when she wasn’t near him made her change her mind. Of course, there were other benefits. He was surprisingly warm no matter what form he decided to take. Though, out of concern, he typically chose to be human in appearance when together with her.

One day, with sudden fear, the younger girl had been captured during her daily gathering for medicinal plants. With little regard to her protests, she was dragged away by soldiers from a strange and foreign kingdom. She was taken across the land, far away from Thero, who she knew must have been heartbroken without her. He might have been self-sufficient, but it didn’t guarantee he would have continued life as normal. The male did have a habit of getting into countless fights, after all. If she wasn’t there to treat his wounds, he might have gotten an infection and died.

When she was brought before the ruler of the foreign nation, she was told that she would be turning captured dragons into war weapons. Her ability to tame the beings allowed for a great advantage, but being reluctant to help, she was whipped for disobedience. It carried on and on, and for years, she was used as a tool, treated like a monster. And though she was feared, there was no chance of escape for her.

(Y/n) became a young woman, but she might as well have been a rat that could do tricks. However, after the war ended, the kingdom she was imprisoned by being victorious, she became useless. They planned her execution, wanting to rid themselves of the supposed freak. It was only lucky for her that one of the princesses had taken her in as a pet. An exotic one that the girl showed off to any suitors that came by her, her social standing increased while the (h/c) haired girl’s lowered greatly. She wasn’t thought of as human any longer.

“I...want to go home,” she sobbed, sitting on a dirt floor with tears streaming down her cheeks.

A rumble then shook the very foundation of the castle, a low growl emitting from an unknown creature. The (h/c) haired girl wasn’t even able to move her head out of the stone window to see what it was. The roars continued, sounds of screams echoing through the empty chamber. She could only resign herself to the fact that she would finally die. Although, being away from Thero when it happened made her heart heavy. It had been so long since she had seen him. It was painful.

Crying, the younger girl curled up on her side, her disgusting tangled hair ridden with dust and all kinds of filth. She couldn’t have been worth any less. That being said, the moment her tear-glossed eyes looked to the window, she heard a low whine, soon feeling arms around her sore body. She winced, the blood from her lashes flowing freely, but the aura near her was so familiar. She couldn’t help but pull away and stare at the young man in front of her. He possessed stunning navy blue hair going down to the nape of his neck and beautiful brown eyes.

Immediately, the younger girl cried tears of joy, clinging onto Thero as though she would lose him again. He had no qualms with it, only with her appearance. She looked as though she had been dragged through the mud and the countless untreated wounds she possessed made him growl lowly. The younger girl had been mistreated. He didn’t like that at all, but as he didn’t know who was responsible, he felt the need to take it out on everyone.

“I’ll be right back,” he growled, breaking the chain on her leg.

As always, speaking few words, the male placed a kiss on the younger girl’s head before jumping out of the window. She then watched as he soared back into the sky, but she didn’t look any longer when she heard screams of horror. Turning away, she tried to feel empathy for the people, but they never did for her. She couldn’t find it in her heart to forgive the subjects or rulers of the kingdom. In a way, though it was cruel to murder them, she was grateful that Thero cared so deeply for her that he would enact revenge.

True to his words, the male returned to the younger girl’s side as quickly as he possibly could. Breaking open the stone wall and letting her see the fiery inferno below her, the male allowed (Y/n) to ride on his back. She clung tightly to him, smiling gently at the fleeting castle they were putting behind them. Every now and then, Thero would look back to ensure she was comfortable and perfectly fine.

The younger girl soon found herself back safe in the forest she spent with the male all those years ago. Years passed by with terribly harmful experiences, without him to protect her or vice versa. They were alone, but as they were once more reunited, they seemed to put it all behind them. It was time to make new and happy memories, after all. After she healed, it would have been nice to walk around the forest with the male. Perhaps the village was still there even after the toll war no doubt took on it.

The moment Thero landed on the ground, he turned back into a human, holding onto the younger girl tightly. He said nothing, carrying her to the large stream that ran past their cave. Setting her down in it, the navy-haired male continued to wash her from the filth that was on her body. He scrunched his nose at it, wondering how someone could be so cruel to keep a perfectly good woman unattended to.

The male didn’t stop cleaning the younger girl until she was perfectly clean. He then wrapped a blanket around her to help with the cold, and took her back to the cave, lighting a fire for her to warm up by. As if he didn’t trust her to, Thero also placed her in a silk nightgown and combed her hair gently with a gold hairbrush adorned with jewels. Focused on the activity, he didn’t notice her gazing at the luxury that surrounded him.

When they were both young, he had a habit of being a thief to nearby kingdoms, stealing gold and jewels alike. From the time they met, it was clear he had a great fondness for beautiful objects and beings. However, it appeared as though he had looted numerous wealths from all over the world, the cave being filled with things he had little to no use for. That being said, when she saw him looking at her with heartbroken eyes, she knew the reason. He tried to fill her absence with meaningless but beautiful trinkets. It clearly didn’t work.

Putting aside the brush, the navy-haired male pulled (Y/n) into his lap, giving a whine. He had a comfortable bed fit for a king, making her almost melt into it. It had been so long since she got to sleep on a bed whether noble-like or not. She was grateful, turning around to hold onto the male tightly. He pet her head as she laid on his lap, attempting to calm her down. While all of his sadness was lifted away with one look at her, he realized she must not have been able to put it aside so easily.

“They won’t hurt you ever again,” he growled, leaning down to nuzzle her.

The younger girl sighed at his gentle touch, making his cheeks turn pink. A smile spread on his lips, and laying down beside her, he let her go into a nervous sleep. Even throughout her nightmares and tears, he embraced her lovingly, wanting to turn her suffering into relief. Knowing he enjoyed it when she pet him or washed his scales for him, he believed it would be helpful for her. Although awkward in moving with his human form, if she found it more useful, he didn’t mind using it for her.

In the morning, he was still like that, laying down as a human and petting her with delight. His stomach rumbled, making him give a huff, but when her eyes opened, a bright smile appeared on his features. She blushed at his joy with her presence, stretching her arms behind her back with a yawn. The two then went out into the forest to grab themselves something to eat. As the navy-haired male knew she preferred a particular kind of berries, he guided her to the area they grew at.

“Shouldn’t you be hunting?” the (h/c) haired girl asked, “That’s how we used to do things.”

“Things change.”

The truth of the matter was that he refused to leave her again. If he did, she may have been taken and tortured, coming out of the situation worse than she had entered. The truth of the matter became entirely clear to the younger girl when he became more attached to her side. He wouldn’t do things on his own and he wouldn’t let her do things on her own either. Always ensuring that she was under his watchful eye, it made both feel more secure.

While enjoying berries in the cave, (Y/n) was presented with an armful of treasures. Thero was enthusiastic about handing her such luxuries, a glistening look in his eyes. She took them apprehensively, wondering if he would snap at her for taking his hard-earned - or, rather, stolen - gold and silver precious objects. However, it only made him smile wider, snuggling into her side as if he was a cat.

“I gathered as much as I could while you were gone,” the navy-blue-haired male hummed, closing his eyes with relief, “I thought maybe when I found you, I could make you feel like a princess.”

“You’re a little thief,” she chuckled, running her hands through the male’s thick hair, “always stealing beautiful things like this.”

“Mm, I stole you as well. You’re very beautiful, too. The most beautiful.”

The younger girl blushed at the male’s declaration, knowing what it meant. It was clear he had thought of her as more valuable than any golden crown. Even when he was little, he loved her dearly, but that love must have only grown stronger in her absence. If he was still looking for her after all that time, he must have truly adored her. It was only fair. After all, they had been a pair ever since they were small, relying on one another in tough times.

“I’m glad you think so.”

Thero lifted his head from the (h/c) haired girl’s lap, kissing her lips without an ounce of hesitation. That being said, he still gave a bashful look masked under his self-confidence. While slightly scared of her reaction, he enjoyed what pleasure it gave him. He had waited so long to do something so simple as hugging her, but to be reunited with her and kiss her was like a dream. The male had the urge to fly around with the bliss he felt.

“I would prefer you not let yourself be taken again,” he sighed, laying back in her lap, “It was lonely without you. I got into fights, but you weren’t there to heal me, and I gathered your favorite berries, but without you to eat them with, they tasted bitter.”

“If you don’t want me to be taken, I guess you’ll have to stay by my side, won’t you?”

The male’s eyes sparkled once more, hugging the younger girl with such force that she was pushed onto the floor. He smiled greatly, nuzzling her like dragons tended to do with their loved ones. It was not at all a bad proposition for either of them. Seeing as they both needed and wanted to be with one another, there was no reason to separate themselves. Thero kissed her once more on the cheek before beginning to cover them with appreciative pecks all over her face and neck.

“Sounds perfect!”

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