Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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M. Prisoner x F. Esteemed General

“Three cheers for the general!”

A large roar erupted in the dining hall, soldiers all over saluting the female that sat on the throne. No, she was not any chief, but due to her prowess in battle, she may as well have been the most well-known person in all of the tribe. Even if they valued strength and intelligence above all, none that saw her form would dare dismiss it as a strength of hers. In fact, she was stunningly beautiful, likely one of the ways that she brought up moral. They could gawk at her as much as they would like. As long as they fought bravely and won, she didn’t mind.

The (h/c) haired woman chugged down whiskey with a sny giggle. She had crossed her legs across one another, receiving purrs from her men. At their expense, she huffed and shifted herself around just slightly more, putting them on the edge of their seats. Sadistic as she was, teasing others was a great hobby of hers. She simply couldn’t get enough of it and her soldiers were the best to try it out on.

The chief stood next to the woman with a pleased look on his face. The man was old but wise he was, and he knew that while the woman was young, she was a genius. Entirely useful to the tribe only increasing in size by the day, she was welcome to sit anywhere she would have liked. He looked on at the celebratory festival happening for her return with her strong and victorious troops.

“Let me call your attention, my people,” the chief called, extending his hand to the younger woman to allow her to stand before everyone, “Our triumphant general has returned and granted us a victory over such fertile land! We feast in her honor! And, with your permission…”

The man drew out his words to motion for a young man to step forward. The woman knew him well. He would be the next chief of the tribe, controlling and making important decisions about more than simply war. The male possessed glimmering brown hair and was dressed in a traditional adornment. He gave a smile as he saw the woman before him, bowing by his father’s feet before lifting himself up.

“I would like to give you my son as an appreciative gift for your many, many talents. Your rule will be filled with prosperity for all.”

The young man held his breath as did everyone else. There was no doubt that (Y/n) was the rarest type of woman to ever exist. Strong and a glorious leader, she was astounding at whatever she strived to do. Although some may have called her cruel for her need to ridicule some of her men, most all agreed on her talents. Anyone would have been thrilled to have her hand.

“I’ll have to decline.”

The chief’s eldest son gave a heartbroken look, still attempting to put on a smile to please her. He then gave a respectful bow to the woman that outranked him and left, leaving her to her drinks. Meanwhile, the chief looked on with confusion. It was normal for a woman of her age to have children, and from her letters, it was clear she did want some of her own. However, to see that she had rejected one of the finest specimens of the tribe was a bit astonishing. One would have expected her to take him up on the offer.

“I’d like a man that will not one day outrank me,” the (h/c) haired woman chuckled, taking another sip, “One with...rare eyes like the jewels kings in faraway lands wear. I want this so when I one day take the head of one of them and their crown topples to the ground, I can always be reminded of my conquests through his eyes.”

“Then, out of my respect for your incredible deeds, I will find a man just like that.”

The woman snickered as she downed her glass of alcohol, wondering if the chief could hold up his end of the bargain. Clearly, she was very picky when it came to men. Even knowing the chief’s son since she had first become a soldier didn’t make it any harder to reject him. She wholeheartedly believed that the man she wanted was never in her tribe. Otherwise, she would have found him already, and that was not the case.

However, a week from the celebration when she was taking a vacation in the castle, she was presented with servants, bowing to her. They escorted her to the courtyard where all kinds of men waited for her to assess them. The chief waited patiently, presenting each and every one of them to her. The men all had beautiful eyes from shades of ruby to amber, but something was missing. Despite the work the chief had put into finding them, she once more denied them all, turning her back on them with a huff.

The more people that were presented to her, the more were rejected, and eventually, the chief couldn’t find any more with “jewel-like” colored eyes in their tribe. As such, the general took the matter into her own hands. After all, the only person that would know what she wanted was her, herself. Thinking to herself in a sparring session with some of her men, she clasped her hands together and gave a sadistic smirk.

Becoming a general had given her access to all kinds of cultures and heritages apart from her homeland. Certainly, she preferred the latter, having been accustomed to it all of her life. That being said, it didn’t mean her men needed to be residents of the tribe. Yes, indeed, it would have been much more satisfying to have a conquered tribe’s resident under her. Presenting such an idea to the chief, the elderly man gave a hesitant nod and set to work on finding any prisoners that matched her previous description.

The day finally came when her wish was granted. Although her request was rather difficult to uphold, the chief came forward with a line of prisoners. With collars and chains around their necks, the woman chuckled, watching as they tried not to look at her. Most feared her, knowing her as the one who was responsible for the downfall of their homes. However, it was greatly enjoyable to feel their hatred, especially if one was going to have the honor of helping her bear children.

Standing up from her seat, (Y/n) scanned past the men until she arrived at one particular person. He was young, as she was, perhaps slightly younger or older; she could not tell. However, as she gripped onto his chin and he gave a growl, she smirked, looking into his sapphire-like eyes. Beaming with satisfaction, she gripped onto his collar and yanked him forward, locking him in a passionate and swift kiss. He was left speechless and slightly terrified when she pulled away.

“I will have this one,” the woman announced, receiving looks of shock from around the room.

After yanking the prisoner after her, she shoved the male onto her bed, tying his chain around the bedpost. Although he struggled, it allowed her to get a better look at him. His sapphire eyes were just the beginning. She needed to survey more of him. The male had raven black hair and a baby-like face that appeared to be stricken with hunger. No doubt he was kept from it due to his time in imprisonment.

“This won’t do,” she hummed, slapping the male’s cheek playfully, “Bring in a meal!”

The male kept himself silent for fear of what she was planning to do to him. That evil look in her eyes had been passed down through the tribes and nations alike. They said she was a witch in a woman’s body, and he believed it. That being said, he was stubborn enough to keep himself from being taken in by her looks. Keeping his guard up, even as servants brought in a luxurious meal, he furrowed his eyebrows, unwilling to give in.

“Is it truly alright to give a war prisoner more food than others? His special treatment may bring unwelcome protests.”

“Yes, he will receive special treatment,” (Y/n) chuckled mischievously, setting herself in the male’s lap, “and he will need his...strength.”

. . .

In the morning, the male sat, drained of everything he was. His face was pale as he laid on his back next to the stunning woman beside him. A general she was, through and through. The male stared up at the ceiling, completely conquered. His eyes were wide and his cheeks pink, having been both thoroughly embarrassed and completely explored. The male had not expected he would be tortured in such a pleasurable way.

The woman rolled over and began to trail her hands over her body again, chuckling with delight. He sucked in his breath as she did so, but was unable to stop a whine from escaping his lips. The male was writhing around after having his virginity taken in such an alluring manner, and his mind was spinning. He had thought she would have killed him, but there she was, staring into his eyes with an adoring manner.

“I may have been too hasty last night,” the (h/c) haired girl giggled, placing her bare chest on his and kissing his lips with delight, “It would have been far more productive to have asked my lover’s name first. So? Out with it.”


The male shied away from the woman’s teasing of him. He attempted to remain strong, wondering what kind of new torture she was conniving. Humming at the ring of his name, the woman allowed him free range. Obviously, there would be something in place to prevent him from running. After all, until he provided her with at least one child, she still needed him. In fact, it would have been nice to have him for as long as possible.

In a perfectly good mood, the soldiers stared at their general. It was unlike her to be so joyful nor to have little need for sadistic tendencies. Most strayed from her in favor of staring at her from afar. However, they did close in on the male that had chosen to accompany her. The ravenette did attempt to keep an eye on the woman, knowing she might have given away what she wanted to do with him sooner or later.

Still, having been given too much alcohol for him to take, he became drunk, unable to keep his mouth from running and his tongue from wagging. Near the end of the day, he was seated by a group of servants, listing his grievances with the woman. After all, she did have a habit of rambling on about things that should have been kept in silence. It thoroughly embarrassed him to know he was gawked at by the soldiers with both envy and ridicule.

“S-She went around telling everyone she saw h-how...endowed I was!” he shivered, blushing nonetheless, “ ‘My lover is well apt to pleasing me with h-his large - ’ No, I can’t even say this and it’s my...y-you know! What kind of a woman says things like that?”

Becoming a blushing mess, the male continued to speak of other things (Y/n) did. It was certainly not the order or things where he had come from, but the more he spoke, the more he began to realize that she was an extraordinary specimen. The ravenette saw the prowess she possessed and came to respect her for it. However, Tal’an was stubborn, more so than he typically was. He would not bend over and let her control his mind.

Still, he did not have the same stubbornness when he found himself beside her. At that point, he became weak. She treated him as if he were a child, and still, he couldn’t bring himself to leave her. Even when she insisted on hand feeding him, he let it happen, his cheeks pink and his heart filled with embarrassment. The male contemplated whether or not he was a masochist for feeling elated at such humiliation.

“I feel the need for small talk,” the (h/c) haired woman chuckled, caressing the space just under his sapphire eyes, “So tell me of yourself. I’d like to think you impressive from what you have shown me thus far.”

“W-Why do you talk like that?! Don’t you feel any shame?”

(Y/n) gave a confused expression, letting her robe slide off of her to reveal her toned body. His eyes rested on her form with burning red cheeks, struggling to take his eyes off of her. She then slid onto his lap, pushing him to lay down. Letting her hands trail his chest, she adored his very form, never taking her eyes off of his. She even kissed them, showing great passion for those beautiful features he possessed.

“Is it wrong to feel pride in one’s partner?” the woman asked, making marks on the male’s neck to claim her for himself in lieu of a collar, “I happen to rather enjoy your company however brief it has been. But worry not, Tal’an, we will have plenty of time to acquaint ourselves.”

The ravenette’s face lit up bright pink, puffing out his cheeks as the woman laid down next to him, holding him close to her. Despite that proper speech she possessed, she looked like a lovesick little puppy. Those eyes of his truly made her fall for him, and strangely enough, as she faded into sleep next to him after conversation, he felt his heart pounding quickly. The woman was better at torture than he ever imagined.

. . .

Sitting once again next to the soldiers taking their break, Tal’an watched as (Y/n) brutally trained her troops. It made him shiver, letting a groan escape his lips as he once more remembered the events of the previous night. The more the days with her increased, the more and more often he found himself becoming milked dry. His cheeks turned red at the thought, groaning again as he let his head fall on the table with a rumble.

Still, he could not take his eyes off of his supposed lover’s form. She shook men to their core. Whether or out of fear, respect, desire, or something completely different, one knew she was born for great things. The adoration he had was beyond him, but it was there, influencing his actions even if just barely. It was one of the reasons he kept stealing glimpses of her, staying by her side when he could have roamed anywhere else.

Watching her train a brown-haired male made something stir in him uncomfortably. The male was one he had seen before. He came often to the training grounds, but he was obviously not a warrior or soldier. The look of joy on his face when sparring with her made the ravenette pout, resting with a slouch in his posture. Why was it that he didn’t like seeing the (h/c) haired woman with anyone else?

“Who is that?” Tal’an asked with a scowl, turning to one of the men resting beside him on the bench, “He’s drooling.”

“Anyone would over the general, but I guess he’s a special case. The chief’s son. He’s tried so many ways to try and marry her, but she’s just not interested.”

“Believe you me, buddy boy,” another commented with a sarcastic quip in his speech, “You better watch yourself. Any one of us would kill to be with her. Ya lucky bastard.”

The ravenette growled again, huffing and pouting like a scolded child throwing a temper tantrum. He couldn’t take his eyes off of the two sparring, wondering why he was letting another be so close to (Y/n). Surely, if she wanted him to give him children, as she had stated to him, she shouldn’t be so near other men. Unable to sit down, the ravenette slammed his fists down before he began marching over to them both, snatching the sword from the (h/c) haired woman. He received a blow to the head for that, wincing at the force she could deliver.

“Don’t interrupt,” she snapped, watching as his eyes traveled to hers and pausing with admiration, “If you’ve a sword in your hand, use it. Else, leave with your tail between your legs and wait on the bed for me to fuck you.”

Both males blushed, looking away and attempting to forget what the woman had said. Certainly, her tongue went unchecked by her mind, but that was one of her many charms. Tal’an looked up after coughing and shaking his head, gripping tighter onto the sword. He gave a stern gaze to the chief’s son, placing himself into, what he assumed, was a proper fighting stance. The male had never been much of a fighter, but he would become one if he needed to.

“This should be interesting,” (Y/n) chuckled, “By all means, go to the death.”

The two gave a strange look at the other due to her suggestion. It hadn’t been Tal’an’s intention to harm the chief’s son, but he had it coming. After all, he had been encroaching on what it was supposed to be his. She chose him over her, didn’t she? That had to mean that the ravenette was more valuable to her. As if to prove it to himself, the male began fighting with the intention to win.

The (h/c) haired woman watched his every move, and it made his skin tingle with ecstasy. Pride swelled within him and allowed him to exert more of himself to defeating his enemy. Every swung he made gave him more and more of a need to win. That being said, the chief’s son possessed more skill than he had. However, Tal’an had more to lose, and that was exactly what allowed him to push through the barrier of skill. His will was more powerful, letting him breakthrough to victory.

Watching the chief’s son bleed out, Tal’an felt great satisfaction. He had a thirst for more blood, wanting to put people in their place. Quickly turning to look at (Y/n), he noted a look of pride on her face. It was completely unexpected, especially because the brunette was supposed to be a close companion of hers. That being said, it seemed as though she was pleased to see a death had actually occurred.

The woman hummed and gave a smirk, stepping in front of the male. She gave an adoring embrace to the male, his sapphire eyes sparkling with joy. Quickly throwing his arms around her as well, the ravenette allowed the victory to simmer in him as if it were sweet honey. Killing a man had never felt so good, so right, so...perfect.

“My,” the (h/c) haired woman chuckled, taking another look at the male, “a man able to stomach senseless killing will be good for children. I must have you at more of these training sessions.”

“I’m at your service, general.”

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